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Hot Air Balloon Dubai – A Must Have Experience!

One of the best things to do in Dubai, hot air balloon ride sounds really exciting and thrilling, and to make it more fun and enjoyable, Happy Adventures has decided to take it to the next level. The hot air ballooning experience is a must for everyone visiting Dubai for the first time. To enhance your experience, we have incorporated some really amazing features to the hot air balloon package that you can’t find anywhere else. With the spectacular and world’s exclusive falconry performance from the sky and riding in vintage jeeps through the desert, we bring a great experience to you with a big smile.

Magical Morning in the Desert

Hot air Balloon Dubai is a definitive desert adventure in which you will enjoy an extravagant breakfast spread in a Bedouin camp which is settled in a beautiful desert landscape. We assure to make your morning just as magical and amazing as the adventure itself.

An Unforgettable Hot Air Balloon Ride

To begin your hot air balloon journey, we will pick you up from designated pick-up areas or from your residence/hotel in Dubai before the sun rises and head out to the take-off point in the desert. Once you reach the spot, you will find the ground crew setting up the inflatable balloon envelopes and bushels. Further, one of the guides will give you the quick safety instructions, after which you will get inside the basket while your Pilot starts the exciting procedure of inflation. Before you know it, you will start to gently glide off the ground and fly up into the sky.

Spot the Beautiful Sunrise in the Desert

Once you are up in the air gliding in the Hot Air Balloon, you will notice the beautiful tones along the skyline start to change into lovely shades of orange and honey. Following the same, you will see the Arabian sun ascending behind the Hajar Mountains over the desert ridges. For an awesome experience, 4,000ft above the land in the sky is a standout to witness the charm and the breathtaking magnificence of sunrise. Up above in the sky, pay special attention to Arabian Oryx, camels and other desert animals wandering in the sandhills beneath. Point to remember, each hot air balloon ride is approximately one-hour long so that you can enjoy this lifetime experience to the fullest.

Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride for Couples

For the celebrations of special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or any other special moment, we offer special arrangements to turn your experience into an unforgettable memory. A hot air balloon ride is ideal for couples and newlyweds and also to propose your beloved one in a unique style.

We offer complimentary flower bouquet, red carpet with rose pedals balloon boarding for a romantic experience. Also, there is a live acoustic violinist during the flight to bring great joy to the ride.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai Inclusions:

Hot Air Balloon is a one-of-a-kind experience which you must have while on your vacations. In order to give an awesome experience to our guests, we have included some of the best things in the package that will keep you entertained throughout the ballooning experience.

  1. Pickup and Drop-off
  2. Depending on your package, pick up and drop off service will be provided from your hotel or residence in Dubai. Otherwise, you will need to reach out to the meeting point 30 minutes before the sunrise.

  3. Safety Briefing at Take-Off Site
  4. Once you reach the spot and the balloon is ready to take off, one of our guides will give you the safety briefing to ensure you have a safe experience with us.

  5. Tea/Coffee/Soft Drinks
  6. Get a refreshing tea/coffee or some soft drinks before you take off and enjoy the spectacular surrounding of the desert landscape.

  7. Wi-Fi Facility
  8. Take some awesome shots and post them directly on social media with the free Wi-Fi facility available in the hot air balloon.

  9. One-Hour Hot Air Balloon Ride
  10. For an unforgettable experience, hot air balloon ride lasts approximately one hour.

  11. Aerial View of the Dunes
  12. From the height of 4000fts, you can have the panoramic views of the desert and enjoy the spectacular sunrise. Moreover, see the high and low sand dunes in the red and honey-colored sands.

  13. Spot Arabian Wildlife
  14. Additionally, Hot air ballooning experience is an awesome opportunity to spot native Arabian wildlife from above which includes camels, oryx, tahr, sand cat, gazelles and falcons.

  15. Sunrise Over The Hajar Mountains
  16. Your hot air balloon ride will become an unforgettable memory when you will witness the breathtaking sunrise over the Hajar Mountains. Similarly, the beautiful mountains give a stunning look in the morning which is also a center of attention to the visitors.

  17. Flight Certificate
  18. Receive a flight certificate signed by the pilot to mark the experience of hot air ballooning.

  19. Photography Session
  20. Take the memorable group photographs of your hot air ballooning experience with the pilot and your loved ones after landing.

  21. Breakfast (additional Cost)
  22. Enjoy a scrumptious breakfast in Bedouin camp and relish some Arabic delicacies while enjoying the magical ambience of the desert.

  23. Flight Video (Additional Cost)
  24. To keep the memory of your experience alive forever, you can request to have an outstanding full flight video session at an additional cost.

  25. Falcon Photography (Additional Cost)
  26. Take some impressive photographs holding a falcon on your hand like a professional falconer.

  27. Live Music (Additional Cost)
  28. For a romantic experience with your loved one, enjoy live music with the female violinist in the air.

  29. Corporate/Private Banner Hanging (Additional Cost)
  30. For the corporate/private hot air balloon ride in Dubai, the banner hanging facility is also available.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. It hot air balloon ride available all year round?

Generally, hot air balloon flights are from September to May with yearly variations. However, depending on the weather conditions of Dubai, the winter season is ideal for a hot air balloon ride.

Q2. Do I need to carry any documents for the flight?

Passengers need to bring photo identity (passport copy/Emirates ID) for security purposes.

Q3. How long does a flight last and where do we land?

Approximately, a hot air balloon flying time is one-hour. Additionally, lading of the balloon depends on the wind direction but our ground crew keeps following the balloon and once you land, they will bring you back to the campsite in Skydive Margham Desert.

Q4. How many passengers can fly in a balloon at a time?

We currently use two types of balloons to provide an exceptional experience to small or large groups of people – one with the capacity of carrying ten-passengers and second with the capacity of twenty-passengers.


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