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Dubai Aquarium & Under Water Zoo

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Dubai Aquarium

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Aquarium Tank in Dubai Aquarium is one of the largest hanged water tanks in the world. Dubai Aquarium tank has 10 Million liters of water located in Dubai Mall ground level. Consisting thousand of aquatic animals, over 140 kinds of species, 300 different kind of sharks and rays and having the largest number of Sand Tiger sharks.

Enter the aquatic world as you purchase Dubai aquarium tickets. Explore the 51 L x 20 W x 11 H meters aquarium and discover unknown sea water animals. The Dubai mall aquarium tickets are very affordable and worth every penny you spend.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Deep Ocean Exploration

Dubai mall aquarium takes you inside the 48-meter walk tunnel with a view of 270 degrees. Take photographs of the sea animals or snapshot yourself with a stunning background of thousands of aquatic animals. Stay as much as you want under the tunnel. However, make sure to spend all your time discovering Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo before you exit since your ticket is only valid for one time. So spend the most out of it!

Dubai aquarium ticket price available here but subject to change without prior notice. You can avail discounts and offers for combo packages and bookings by bulk.

Dubai aquarium timings daily are from 10:00 am to 12:00 midnight.

Dubai underwater zoo is a great tour for schooling kids and can be used as a venue for birthday celebration too. Dubai mall underwater zoo is habituating the largest crocodile on the planet. You have to see it believe that King Croc has arrived in Dubai. Most powerful and feared reptile weighing 750 kg and 5 meters in length. Meet the night creatures of UAE too like Fruit Bats, Arabian Toads, Scorpions and Hedgehogs, Giant Camel Spiders, Veiled Chameleons, Frog Eye Geckos, Cheesmans Gerbils and Ornate Spiny Tail Lizards.

Experience everything in Dubai aquarium deals. Endless attractions and activities to do with your purchased Dubai mall aquarium tickets.

Try the VRZ00, a virtual interaction with the wildest sea creatures in the world. Have a close encounter and feel like you are under the water. Experience a close meeting with gorillas, elephants, and sharks.

Experience face to face encounter with the predators of the sea. Dive and feed the sharks, snorkel for a closer encounter under the deep blue water of the aquarium. Take a virtual tour of the largest water tank with 33,000 aquatic species.

Witness the ray feeding, shark feeding, animal presentations, king Croc feeding that is done daily as part of presentation and entertainment for all guests. A breath-taking glass boat ride is a great experience of a birds-eye view of the aquatic animals.

Make use and take the chance of the Dubai mall aquarium timings accessible for one full day to learn a different kind of sea water creatures, explore the nature’s gift, discover a haven of the reptiles, have a close encounter with the beautiful and mesmerizing underwater animals.


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