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Desert Safari Dubai Extensive & Attractive Deals 2022

Desert Safari Dubai is a 6-hours adventurous tour that is filled with limitless excitement and entertainment. This tour includes top desert safari guide activities, like Dune bashing, Camel riding, Sandboarding, Quad biking, Falcon photography, and Horse riding. Also, enjoy a delicious BBQ buffet while enjoying live entertainment performances. like Belly dance show, Tanoura show, Fire show, and Zumba dance. Being a government-licensed and most-reliable tour operating company in Dubai, we offer the best-customized extensive deals and packages with premium quality of hospitality at flexible and discounted prices.

Happy Desert Safari Dubai provides exception packages with high-quality services for small to large groups, ranging in various types of outings. We also arrange customized events and packages for any special occasions or surprise parties that you desire to arrange along with your tour. All you have to just give us a chance to make your journey with ultra SMILE AT EVERY MILE


Desert Safari Deals Crafted for Exceptional Experience

Happy Desert Safari Deals are designed to provide the finest tour experience that meets the expectation of every travel enthusiast. There are countless travellers fascinated by traveller-quality desert safari tour services throughout the journey. We provide these deals at flexible and discounted prices, which meets the goals of every visitor. Through our premium quality services, we let explore the pure beauty of Arabian tradition and culture stylishly. Being authorized travel operators, we ensure the safety and security of our Happy guests at every mile of the trip. Where our owned vehicles come with complete safety features to discover the real taste of thrill without any hassle.

Dubai Desert Safari is Most Experienced in UAE

Dubai Desert Safari is an ideal combo of modern and classical components of adventure and entertainment. It is one of the famous attractions of the middle-east and each individual who wishes or visits the UAE would have this tour on the rundown hassle-free. Also, to make this experience exciting and extraordinary in the shimmering sand of Dubai city. Happy Desert Safari is your definitive stop in the name of adventure and entertainment in the Bedouin camp. Moreover, the exceptional quality BBQ buffet dinner and refreshing beverages let our beloved guests enjoy their time in the Arabian city.

Desert Safari in Dubai is Safe to Experience

Desert safari in Dubai gives the best tour experience if is experienced as per the safety guidelines. Happy Adventures Tourism provides the best and safe tour of desert safari throughout the journey. Where this adventurous sand activity will be provided by our licenced and professional driver in Dubai. However, the 4X4 vehicles are comprehensively insured and perfectly loaded with roll cages and safety features to let people enjoy the thrill without any problem. Besides, our travellers are also covered under insurance.

Must-Do Things at Desert Safari Trip

As Desert Safari Dubai is a famous tour across the United Arab Emirates and the most experienced tour around the world. There are some highlighted must do things that make your trip lifetime memorable. If you’re experiencing a desert safari in Dubai for the first time make sure to bring a good quality Camera. So you could capture the beautiful moments of your life in the Middle East. Wear light-weighted clothing and comfortable shoes, because it is hard to walk or run on the sand. Avoid bringing expensive things with you on the journey like watches or jewellery. Must try the traditional beverage of the Middle East “Arabian Coffee” and admire the Classical Arabian culture in the face of Live entertainment shows.

Avail an Exclusive Discount on Desert Safari Offer

Happy Desert Safari Offers are made to save and value every single Dirham. Where we offer the best discount on our desert safari packages. We offer a good discount to all our Happy customers on their second tour. So they maintain a budget and enjoy our high-quality services at the same time. Moreover, Happy Tourism offers special discounts to the cooperate groups and families. You can also purchase a voucher and can redeem it anytime in a year. However, you’re eligible to give that voucher to anyone you desire.

Happy VIP Desert Safari With Special Events

Happy Adventures Tourism also provides the finest arrangement of VIP desert safari and special events such as surprise, success and birthday parties. However, you will get to admire a completely private environment with premium quality hospitality. Where a great discount will be provided. This is a perfect option to make your private parties successful with great memories. Book your tour online and our friendly representative will assist in picking the ideal package.



We provide air-conditioned 4×4 Land Cruisers for your pick & drop anywhere in Dubai & Sharjah.

Entertainment Shows:

Hold your breath for a terrific live fire show, 2 belly dances, Tanoura show, fire Tanura show, and Egyptian show.

Dune Bashing:

Enjoy a thrilling dune bashing on high red dunes.

Camel Riding:

Sit on the camel’s back and enjoy camel riding in the Arabian sand with friends and family.

Henna Designing:

Get the best designs by our henna experts on your one hand.

Sand Boarding:

Enjoy your holidays by grabbing your sandboard and climb the highest dune.

Water, Tea, and Soft Drink:

Quench your thirst with unlimited free water, soft drinks, and hot tea/coffee.

Photography Session:

This includes sunset photography and Arabic dress photography.

Dinner Buffet:

A delicious dinner with both veg and non-veg items are served. Jain food is also available on request.


Quad Biking, VIP Service, Fresh Juice & Photography with the falcon.


Happy Adventures Tourism LLC has been in service since the year 2000 and has successfully managed to host thousands of visitors coming from around the world with the best possible desert safari tours in the United Arab Emirates.

Camel ride in desert safari dubai

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari tour is a safe choice for travellers who are tight on the schedule yet that doesn't make the surfing around the sand any lesser of significant worth. Or maybe morning time is an ideal time on the off chance that you are not an enthusiast of sweltering and glazing rides.

Morning Desert Safari UAE Tour Beginning:

The morning tour towards the beginning of the day will be packed with a hypnotizing perspective of sunbeams. it resembles a sparkling gold ground to ride upon with a mitigating and quiet climate.

Addition of Other Eye-Catching Activities:

To make your morning tour more exciting, Happy Adventures has added hummers to the trip to hike your UAE tour experience to the next level. Other than that you can enjoy some other sand activities like camelback rides, sandboarding, Quad bike rides, Falcon photography, dressing up in the UAE traditional attire to completely immerse into an Arabic soul for the moment, and many others that are mentioned in detail on the morning deals

Evening Desert Safari

Evening desert safari tour is nonetheless of awe gazing at the great Arabian Dune Bashing into the sands of UAE right when the sun is setting to its place, crafting the environment to be equally glowing and just perfect to ride on the hummers, the evening experience is incomparable.

Evening Deals with electrifying Activities:

This tour experience is also at the next level. Moreover, you will never forget the unique experience of a breathtaking tour in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, and Ajman as it offers wonderful activities along with non-stop entertainment and a scrumptious buffet dinner. The deal also includes various sand activities like camel rides, sandboarding, photography, and Quad bike rides.

Couple enjoying dubai desert safari
Overnight desert safari with Happy Adventures

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Overnight desert safari offer is a broadly opted choice from Dubai safari among travellers as the boundless sand ridges are a treat to steer around under a brilliant sky with sparkling twilight over all the Arabian sand. Overnight camping accompanies a peaceful experience of camping and enjoying the life of the middle-east locals.

Overnight Camping Inclusions:

The deal includes a great comfortable stay under starlight tents and a worth drooling buffet. Apart from that, the deal could be customized and other activities such as an amazing Fire Show and Belly dance show, and a lot more. In short, it is one of the best UAE tour experiences.

Our Lifetime Promise:

We promise to bring the best service for you to make sure you bring a great smile every mile with us. If you are a nature-friendly person, this overnight deal is an excellent choice.

Dhow Cruise - Creek and Marina

This Tourism is not all about the squeaky rugged adventures of the UAE but also top in having a serene and soothing quiet time away from the hustle-bustle of the busy city.

Dhow Cruise Dubai - Sightseeing

Dhow Cruise is a traditional side of the Arabian beachfront and is widely popular for families or couples escaping their busy schedules on the look for a peaceful getaway. Dhow Cruise offers cost travellers and a cool ambience to relax in and observe the twinkling sky and the well-lit city of skyscrapers from out on the shores.

Dhow Cruise Deals - Dinner and Other Activities:

Happy Adventures offers deals on Deira Creek Cruise Dinner that not only gives you a golden chance to witness the stunning view of the city from a different angle but you can also enjoy live music and entertaining performances on the cruise.

Moreover, Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina provides you with an opportunity to see the spectacular skyline and modern side of Dubai.

Dhow cruise dinner with desert safari company
Musandam Tour by Happy Desert Safari

Hatta Mountain Tour - Dubai Tourism:

The Hatta mountain tour brings great joy to visit. Happy Tours will let you visit the Hatta Wadis, Hatta Fort Hotel, Heritage Village, Fresh Water pools, Hatta Hill Park, Hatta Water Dam, and other picturesque places. This Tour is fit for both the daring explorer as well as laid-back vacationers.

Musandam Tour - Dubai Tourism:

On the other hand, Musandam Dibba is a rocky scenic spot situated at Musandam Governorate in Oman. It is a total awestruck beauty to the sight with a clean and calm fjord which is home to many dolphins and coral reefs.

The Dibba consists of a great landscape view and multiple caves that act as great tourist attractions so if you want to dive into the pleasure of nature in the middle-east then Musandam is your perfect escape and one of the key light features of Dubai tourism.


The best time to visit is in the Winters, like from November to April and you will also experience heavy tourist traffic in January and February due to the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Pickup & Drop-OFF service, Dune Bashing on roll-caged 4X4 vehicle, Camel riding, Sandboarding, Sunset photography, Arabic Costume Photography, Falcon photography, 7 Live performances, Horse riding, Quad biking, a well-organized Bedouin camp, Henna Designing, Buffet dinner (veg & non-veg dishes) with VIP table service, Unlimited refreshments & beverages, and the separate toilet facility for men & women are included.

Yes, photography is allowed, you can strike a pose and click tons of pictures while enjoying sunset/sunrise, holding a falcon, wearing an Arabic costume, and many more.

Yes, it is safe and secure for getting good entertainment.

Dune Bashing is a crazy activity, where the 4X4 roll-caged vehicle drives over the dunes at varying speeds. No tour in UAE is completed without dune bashing.

There is no age limit, this is applicable for all gender and age groups, but pregnant women and people with heart and back problems are not preferable for Dune bashing.

There is no limit, you can travel alone or travel in a group to enjoy every moment of your tour.

It is a 4X4 vehicle ride in the Arabian sand of the UAE also known as the Dune bashing, it is a 6-hour tour where other activities like Sandboarding, Camel riding, Horse riding, and Quad biking near the camp are included. Happy Adventures Tourism LLC should be your ultimate choice for availing of the best offers.

For Dubai: Day 2 Day Center, Lulu Hypermarket, Spinneys Supermarket, and Dragon Mart

For Sharjah: Nesto Supermarket, Sahara Center, Mega Mall, and City Center

For Abu Dhabi:Al Wahda Mall, Mazyad Mall, and Safeer Center.

Abu Dhabi - Saih As Sidirah - Al 'Ajban, Dubai- United Arab Emirates

Activities in Morning, evening, and overnight tours like Quad biking, Dune Bashing, Camel Riding, Live entertainment shows, Henna Designing, Buffet Dinner, Unlimited refreshments & Beverages, Photography(Sunset/sunrise, Falcon, Arabic costume), Horse riding, and many more!!

Guide 1: Licensed Desert Safari UAE operators

Unlike other tour companies in the UAE, our tour company is registered and licensed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We do not act as an agent or third-party operators.

Guide 2: Own Desert Camp

We have our own Bedouin Camp and are not acting as a freelancer or sub-agent of any Tour Company.

Guide 3: Registered 4×4 cars & Land cruisers

Our 4×4 cars are owned and registered by Happy Adventures which makes your Dubai tourism safe and hassle-free along with pick and drop services and dune bashing on high red dunes.

Desert Safari Guide
Guide 4: Packages & Prices

We provide all kinds of UAE tours at the best budget-friendly rates that are competitive yet with quality service so you get both worlds in one. Get the best pocket-friendly and affordable UAE tours.

Guide 5: Discounts & Rewards

Avail of discounts and loyalty rewards on your next adventure with us.

Guide 6: Reviews & Feedbacks

Real-time testimonies of our valued customers are proof of our promise in giving the best UAE tour packages and services among tourism companies in the United Arab Emirates. Our happy customers are generous and proud to share their worthwhile experience of Dubai tourism with us.