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Revitalizing Your Energy at Jet Ski Mamzar

Jet Ski at Mamzar Ticket 30 mins TICKET @ 30 min 75 AED

Jet Ski at Mamzar Ticket 60 mins TICKET @ 60 min 125 AED

Happy Adventures delightfully presents an adventure that will revitalize and uplift your mood once again. Water sports and fun in one with Jet Ski Mamzar. Hop on to a powerful jet ski motor and enjoy the splash and adrenaline rush of the Mamzar beach. A thrilling adventure that will bring back your energy. Feel the warm breeze of the air and flash splash of the sea water waves.

Jet Ski in Mamzar is equipped with powerful jet ski, professional lifeguards and safety precautions all over the beach to ensure your safety first while enjoying at the same time.

The tour guide will provide you with protocols and instructions before you indulge in an endless water fun activity.

Take off and Drive Jet Ski

Feel the adrenaline rush all over your body as you start to drive and ski on the waters. Enjoy the sea with your friends and family. Ride on the jet ski on your own or with another. Do not worry about drowning if you miss a turn while driving, you are geared with life jacket and lifeguards around the beach are always alert.

Jet Ski is for all gender and ages that is above 19 years of age. You might need to present your identification card to ensure the safety of all adventurers. If you love the beach then Jet Ski in Mamzar is something you do not let to pass without experiencing.

Jet Ski


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Important note / Cancellation / Amendment / Refund policy:
  • Booking should be made at least 48 hours in advance or subject to availability.
  • Trip cancellation / amendment should be informed within 24 hours otherwise 100% Cancellation Charges may apply.
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