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Jet Ski Dubai

Jet Ski Dubai is a thrilling water ride and one of the best plans to make your holidays. It is considered one of the fun-filled water activities. You can ride this amazing water activity with your friends or loved ones. Experience this adventurous water ride with our licensed and professional staff in Dubai & Sharjah area. Enjoy a jet ski ride with us through the waves of the Arabian Sea.

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Jet Ski - Mamzar (Morning)

Timing : 9am to 2pm
Splash the water in an incredible watrer ride in Al Mamzar Beach and enjoy a breathtaking adventure in the most affordable rates. Experience the thrill and adventure in morning.


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Jet Ski - Mamzar (Evening)

Timing : 3pm to 7pm
Splash the water in an thrilling water ride at Al Mamzar Beach and relish a breathtaking adventure in the most reasonable rates. Experience the thrill and adventure in evening.


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Jet Ski Dubai Jumeirah Area

Hit the water waves in an exciting water ride at Jumeirah Area and relish a stunning experience in the most reasonable rates. Experience the rush and experience in the evening, where the accidental insurance is included.


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Jet Ski Dubai Jumeirah Covered Area

Jet Ski 30 Mins
Jet Ski 30 Mins
Jet Ski 30 Mins

Jet Ski - Get Ready For Fun!

A jet ski ride is an amazing idea, if you are craving for a thrilling and energizing adventure. Happy Adventures delightfully presents an adventure that will uplift your mood and get you gushing to bash the waves of the Mamzar beach. Hop on to a dazzling jet ski ride and explore the shores of the Mamzar with an adrenaline rush.

Feel the adrenaline rush all over your body as you start to drive and ski on the waters. Enjoy the sea with your friends and family. Ride on your own or with another. On the whole, do not worry about drowning if you miss a turn while driving; you are geared with a life jacket, and lifeguards around the beach are always alert.

Jet Ski in Dubai- Endless Enjoyment:

Jet Ski in Dubai is endless enjoyment in zipping around the bay, dodging from waves, and speeding around the several spectacular sights. All in all, you will have a thrilling jet ski Dubai experience at Mamzar Beach, spectacular views, and also witness the lovely seacoast. No experience required for this beautiful ride: full instruction provided.

A Ride Through Waves For Everyone

Be it beginners or a sports expert, we have the assistance that is nature friendly with all. Our rides are ensured with maximum safety along with the proper guidelines, lifeguards, and emergency kits such as life jackets and first aid.

Under Experts Supervision:

Feel the beach breeze caressing your face and a flash splash of the seawater waves. Furthermore, in the water activities Sharjah, this exciting trip is equipped with a powerful ride, professional lifeguards, and safety precautions all over the beach to ensure your safety first while enjoying at the same time.

Jet Ski Sharjah - Highlights

Jet ski Sharjah ride is for all gender and ages that are above 18 years of age. You might need to present your identification card to ensure the safety of all adventurers. All in all, if you love the beach, then this is something you do not let pass without experiencing. These are the following highlights of Jet ski Sharjah To begin with, experts with thorough information on water activities in Dubai or water activities in Sharjah will make sure you get the best of your ride. Secondly, we use the newest generation of this water bike with steering assist and automatic system for forward-reverse gear. Additionally, this amazing bike tour begins in the most spectacular location of Dubai-Sharjah. Next, experience the cozy water of the Sharjah, a high-powered water ride tour with us! The 30-60 minutes of activity is fun for each professional and beginner. Furthermore, explore the gorgeous views of sunshine and coastal water here in the urban center and let your fantastic journey start with this exciting ride.

Jet Ski Dubai - Why Should You Go For This Ride?

In our sports service, we offer you the most recent and safest rides out there. So, check out these facts are given below:

The Value of Safety:

In the first place, the service offers you refreshing water expertise and thrill. This trip is a safe and fun experience for a group of friends, family, and colleagues. Moreover, these rides are fashionable, comfy, and quiet, supplied with life jackets and safety instrumentality. Once you’ve got an entire understanding of the “dos and don’ts” of water safety provided by our trained professionals you’ll be able to enjoy this brilliant ride on your own. Happy Adventure provides you the most reliable rides. The protection and satisfaction of our customers is our ideal priority. Furthermore, we examine and repair them regularly.

Jet Ski Dubai Price - Fun-Filled Activities:

The Jet Ski Dubai price starts from 80 AED in the morning and 90 AED in the evening. Happy Adventure caters to our prestigious customers a chance to fancy their vacations to the fullest. Given these points, the exciting and fun-filled activities of jet ski Dubai and Sharjah can make your vacation unforgettable and cherished at an affordable price. Enjoy the engaging sports activities of the UAE. Chasing your friends. No doubt, this ride is pure fun! This ride is conducted on the far-famed Al Mamzar Beach in Sharjah with 1100cc.

Jet Ski Rental Dubai - Water Sports Safety Guide:

For riding jet ski rental Dubai, our skilled water sports guide briefs the guests about safety measures and rules before they are going ahead for an exciting, speedy rental jet ski Dubai ride in Dubai. We take the utmost care, and a focus is making sure of your safety with life jackets and excellent water sports guides across the riding route.

An Unforgettable Water Journey:

Relish the coolness at Mamzar Beach during an impressive ride. Contact us now and allow us to give you the best entertainment with the fastest and safest rides. Begin your memorable and unforgettable journey soon!

Jet Ski Mamzar - Have a Cheerful Day:

Notably, in this jet ski Mamzar, we provide plenty of seating area, advanced controls, and unimaginable power and maneuverability. If you’re on vacation, then relish it! In short, this jet ski ride at Mamzar beach is utter fun thanks to paying for your day, and you’ll be able to enjoy it with a cheerful water sport.

Jet Ski

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The age limit for this activity is 18 years and above

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