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Dubai, called the city of Gold’, has perfectly made it on the peak of the top attractions of the world. To tell the truth, it is not merely the lavish lifestyle of the city which attracts people; it’s Dubai’s general attitude that captures people’s interest.

As a matter of fact, there are some activities in Dubai which will provide you an adventure of life. Drive into the JBR shore early in the morning and enjoy the parasailing adventure there.

Magic Wonder Parasailing in Dubai Marina

Dubai is a marvel of perfect architectural preparation and sheer will. As you climb 150 meters over the pristine ocean, you see the shores give way to the real magic wonder.

Breathtaking Views

Witness a breathtaking view of Dubai’s horizon from the Gulf beach. Additionally, see the luxury waterfront homes in Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence buildings and the iconic Burj al Arab!

Sight Dubai City from an Impressive Perspective

Sight the city from an unusual perspective of exciting parasailing experience. That being the case, the operator will provide safety gear and necessary equipment.

Why Choose Dubai Parasailing Deals?

There are multiple reasons for you to get hooked up with Parasailing Dubai.

A Scary Start
It is just the start that is somewhat scary, but when you’re up in the atmosphere, it is possible to unwind and enjoy the magnificent view.

A Thrilling Adventure of Parasailing in Dubai Marina
Parasailing is among the thrilling adventure sports on earth. A harness brings you supporting it since you hang on to some specially designed canopy wing or a parachute. At a specific rate, the canopy requires a height of approximately 100-200 meters, thereby assisting you to acquire a unique perspective of your environment.

The Wonderful Ride
At the first place, start your experience with the briefing on important Dubai parasailing procedures and safety instructions from your coach. Next, let them strap you into the harness tied from a boat. Afterward, the powered-up boat will lift you in the air, and you will feel your heart racing. On the whole, enjoy the bird’s eye view of Dubai horizon and fade into the sun rays as you go high.

Safe Parasailing Dubai Trip
As this parasailing action might appear a little risky, we follow appropriate instructions to make sure your security is perfect.

Parasailing came to be as a training practice for parachutists and astronauts. This action was aimed at assisting the researchers in perfecting their water and landing survival. For this reason, it took nearly another 30 years to get the action to emerge as a recreational activity. Ever since that time, guidelines and security measures are set up to guarantee the pleasure from the action remains intact without causing any harm.

Moreover, the very best set of equipment is going to be utilized for the task. To put it briefly, you’ll be educated to use appropriate hand signals and landing places.

Witness the Beautiful Dubai Shores
Parasailing is an adventure mainly performed on the shore of Dubai. Even though Parasailing in Dubai you’re towed behind a ship while connected using a specially designed parachute from the air. Meanwhile, you lift into the atmosphere gradually when ship pushes.

Stunning Views From Sky Peaks
You straight take-off of the flight deck board with the boat and gear. Throughout your Dubai Beach Parasailing adventure, you will get a chance to catch the stunning views of the endless sea from the peaks of the sky.

Explanation of Procedures
Tour begins with an explanation of procedures, then launch to the fundamental of parasailing Safety Briefing. Our skipper will answer and clear all of your queries. Then it is hands-on parasailing for everybody taking turns behind the wheel, steering the ship. Moreover, you may opt to have an active role in the sailing or sit in the well-protected cockpit.

No Training Needed
The expert coach will guide you and give you safety measures before you dig in.

Worth the Money
It’s always fine to spend some penny if it’s about your own self- satisfaction.

Single or Duo Experience
If you’re not confident to do it alone, you can always have someone to back you up and enjoy together.

Health Wise
The salty sea breeze helps in the wellness of the body; the adrenaline rush stimulates the system of your body and the air pressure from above the sea releases stress.

Fly High
Since technology is up to date nowadays; flying seems to be possible too.

Peace Maker
Out from the hustle and bustle of the city, the feeling of serenity and mind being empty of pressures is what parasailing in UAE does.

Bird’s View
Wondering how the birds view the horizon as they soar up in the sky, parasailing is the way to know it.

Notably, trying something different while you’re in Dubai is always possible. An experience like the birds eye view and see the city on a different perspective. A unique designed canopy and brand-new boat connecting to both sides will take you to soar up high while you are on a safety harness. On the whole, marvel the beautiful landscape of Dubai through parasailing Dubai activity.

Highly Recommended Dubai Parasailing Trip
Similar to Dubai tour packages such as Desert Safari, Dhow Cruise, City Tours, Theme Parks, Cruise Dinner; Parasailing in Dubai Marina is highly recommended to be part of your bucket list of adventure. To summarize, with great value for money, service, activities, and safety, it will be of great regret not to tick it done from your list bucket list.

Unlimited Fun
Parasailing provides fun to push and see new places. Moreover, it offers an exceptional experience for each traveler.
A harness exerts speed over the water since your parasail into a ship potent enough to accommodate two or three people parasailing in precisely the same moment.

The Experience is Unforgettable

Altogether, parasailing in Dubai is a beautiful journey on earth which allows you to enjoy a lot of Dubai tourism.

Parasailing Highlights

  • At the first place, security briefing and guided safety procedures directions by professionals.
  • Secondly, all gear and equipment necessary for the whole experience
  • 10- 15-minute Parasailing adventure
  • Speedboat trip into the beginning point after the action
  • Moreover, view the skyline of Dubai Jumeirah Beach Residence
  • Additionally, soar the Arabian Gulf and view Palm Island and Marina
  • Experience a one of a kind thrilling adventure above the clouds
  • All in all, parasail with your friends and create splendid moments


Q1. Are there any age restrictions for parasailing?
A. The minimum age requirement is six years.

Q2. Is it allowed to go for parasailing in a group of 2 or 3 people?
A. Yes, you can go in groups too. Under those circumstances, there are some restrictions on the total weight as it should not exceed 450 lbs.

Q3. Is there any proper dress for parasailing?
A. It is better to wear a bathing suit for this ride if you intend to get wet.

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