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7 Shocking Revelations of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi city offers its visitor a rich experience of life through entertainment and adventure which you can enjoy to the fullest with your family and friends. The free things in life are the best ones, but the cheaper ones aren’t that bad too. Happy Adventures allows you to enjoy the best Ferrari world visit in just 260AED per person. Discover a new world while making new friends and breaking top records with the most exquisite cars ever made at Ferrari world. The world of Ferrari fueled fun comprises more than 37 incredible rides. You can even get your astonishing Ferrari from the impressive collectibles. The elegance of the Ferrari brand coming to life will amaze you, and the exciting shows will surely entertain you.

Essential Things to know about Ferrari World

Ferrari world is a surprising place with tacky and scary rides that offers something enjoyable for people of all ages.

1. Buy Tickets

Hold your horses and get the Ferrari World Park from the best tour company Happy Adventures Tourism. You can buy the tickets online from our site. After payment confirmation, we will email you the tickets, and then you can easily print them in pdf form. Recommended Read: Dubai Tour – Places to Visit in Dubai

2. Scan Tickets

Amaze yourself by getting ready quickly after oversleeping and head out to the Ferrari World at the earliest time. Reach the place with bells on and feel the enjoyment in the atmosphere. On arriving at the Ferrari world, you need to proceed towards the turnstiles and then scan your tickets there for the entry.

3. Silver Pass

You can enjoy the brilliant rides with this silver pass. So don't wait anymore and grab one soon and don't miss this great chance as the day after tomorrow is the third day for the rest of your life. Be like an idealist who doesn’t know where he is going but is on his way. Similarly, take the entertainment to the top level by enjoying all the pretty stuff here.

4. Gold Pass

Avoid others destroying the illusion that you are a nice person in front of the slowest lines of rides by grabbing the golden pass. The golden pass also allows you to enjoy the excellent rides, but the main benefit of this pass is that with this pass you are given priority and you don't have to wait in line for the rides. You will live the life of Riley by having the golden pass as it won’t hinder your amusement by making you wait for the exciting rides in the queue.


5. Tickets Validity

Let your hairs down, and don’t worry about the validity of the tickets once you have got them. All entry tickets to the Ferrari world except the early birds' tickets have validation of one entry within six months after the purchase date while the validation of early bird tickets is only the day which is selected to visit. Recommended Read: Enjoy Abu Dhabi City Tour @ 100AED Only

7. Eatables in Park


You aren't allowed to take the eatables in the park, and you won't miss it here. There is no need to have your heart in your mouth by thinking about the tasty lunch, as the park offers a wide range of delicious dishes to satisfy you. Ferrari world offers five amazing restaurants located in the Ferrari park where you can refuel yourself to have more fun. These restaurants serve the best international and Italian cuisines. You can carve there a quick bit or go on a leisurely lunch to get the best dining experience.

6. Shop

It is necessary to carry a knife in your purse as it will be of much help for you in case you get any cheesecake or something of the sort, but you won't need it here as this theme park has got all that you desire. There is a brilliant Ferrari store from where you can get the stuff of your entertainment quite easily.


Life is too short to be serious. So chill out by laughing all the time and if you can’t do so, then call out your friends as they won’t mind in laughing at you. Behave like a happy go person in the best park of UAE which offers all that you could ever imagine of. Have endless fun and challenge the best lap time in the state-of-art simulator. This theme park celebrates the legendary spirit of racing with its iconic structure and high adrenaline rides.

7 Impressive Things You Need to Know About the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi