Hatta Kayaking in Gorgeous Hatta Water Dam

Looking for the combo of a fun-filled and adventurous Dubai day trip? If Yes, then Hatta kayaking in the lovely Hatta water dam is a must-try thing. Hatta Kayak is a perfect place to escape from the hectic routine of city life. In short, you can say it is one of the best outdoor adventures in Dubai.

The special thing about the Hatta water dam is the natural green water that instantly delights photography and nature enthusiast. Where the weather condition is beautiful and many tourists spend a long weekend. If we talk about the activities, there will be many docks, all you can do just paddle hard between single VS dual kayaks. Besides, in the venue, there is nothing needed to carry. If you’re planning for kayaking, you will be provided lockers, a life jacket, and a changing room facility, etc.

In the Hatta water dam, you will find a massive crowd of people. Such as tourists young couples and nearby village families across the Middle East. The evening of summer is the best time to visit that place. Where you will get to experience a constant breeze, will surely bring a smile to relief to your face. On the other hand, the dam is huge and there are many directions to explore. In which, there are some peaceful corners as well. All the nature enthusiast needs to do just lay down their oars and enjoy the relaxing view of nature. The high-rated thing among them is the satisfying sound of water waves crashing against the mountains. There are also many options besides kayaking, which are swimming, snorkeling, and enjoying the banana boat ride.

Enjoy this Awesome Budgeted Trip

The beauty of Hatta Kayak is such a win for nature and photography lovers. As well, it satisfies adventurous seekers too. Where the cost of this trip is way flexible and reasonable. From where you can do kayaking + camping. But for this trip, you need to bring your food from home and camped for free. Moreover, if you like to camp, this journey is way inexpensive for you. When you will also have a chance to hike and relish more views of this trip. But before going on the trip you must know the following rules of the place.

Not Allowed Things:

  • Exchanging boats with another person
  • Infants on any ride.
  • Kids under 16 years old are not recommended for single Kayaking.
  • Removing/cutting plants are not allowed.
  • Hunting is not allowed.
Enjoy this Awesome Budgeted Trip