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5 Best Places For Camping in Dubai

In the winter nights, overnight stay under starlit can be a lot of fun, especially on sandy beaches and the amidst desert. People being among the hustle-bustle of the city or town life, dealing with anxiety and stress every day, we all feel the desire to give a day in isolation. There are numerous areas for camping and spending a night in Dubai under the open sky in safe mode.

The calmness of all these areas is sure to live you mesmerized, electrified, and lost in an array of imaginations. We have five Dubai Tourist Places where camping would resemble heaven.

Happy Tour Desert Meeting Point

If you are planning to spend a night in a desert then this spot is perfect for you, the amount of peace that you will have by spending a night at Happy Tour Desert Meeting Point, where you will have everything you need. The Happy Desert safari’s guide will assist you in Dubai Desert Safari at every step from pick and drop on 4X4 Safari Vehicle to other entertaining activities.such as dune bashing, quad biking, dune buggy, dirt bike and also will give you many photography opportunities like sunset/sunrise photography, falcon photography, wedding photography, Arabic Costume photography and a mouth-watering buffet dinner with an extensive variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and 7 live entertainment shows.

At this camp, you will get everything you need for overnight camping like sleeping bags, tents, overnight unlimited refreshments tea/coffee and snacks, and also a special delicious breakfast.

Some Informative Details

Q1. What is the location of the Happy Tour Desert Meeting point?

Happy Tour Desert Meeting Point

Q2. What is the best time to camp in Happy Tour Desert Meeting point?

Anytime whether for evening camping or overnight camping

Q3. Are there any required accessories for the Happy Tour Desert Meeting point campsite?

No, you will get everything you need.

Al Qudra Lakes Dubai

Al Qudra Lakes Dubai

Since we have introduced many Dubai city tour places but when we discuss the camping spots Al Qudra lakes are very famous for tourists and visitors in Dubai and the shore of these lakes are the best spot to camp with friends, family, and loved ones. This place can also present a much-needed getaway from the bustling Dubai city life. The banks of the Al Qudra lakes are ideally suited for rest and meditation. Their many kinds of wildlife are found in which 360 kinds of birds and 26 named species of reptiles, where 158 are seasonal. These sweet chirps of birds will wake you up in the morning.

The lakes are also renowned for “Photographer’s Paradise” due to dazzling scenery which is available from dawn to dusk. If we talk about safety, these lakes are safe because they are marked by friendly police patrols.

Some Informative Details:

Q1. What is the location of Al Qudra Lakes?

Al Qudra Lakes in Dubai

Q2. What is the best time to camp in Al Qudra Lakes?

October to April

Q3. Are there any required accessories for the Al Qudra Lakes campsite?

Offline Maps and Owned BarBQ Firebox

Q4. Any important notice about Al Qudra Lakes camping?

Camping with BarBQ inside a firebox is allowed but Bonfires on the ground are not allowed

Umm Al Quwain Beach

Umm Al Quwain Beach

Umm Al Quwain shore is one of the ideal camping places in Dubai for locals and tourists. Its area provides numerous opportunities which are differing from relaxing to fun activities, where bold activities are included in them. You also have access to visit the old fishing villages after completing the overnight desert Dubai camping arrangements. The village of this shore is nested by numerous wild birds and flamingos. There are small branches at both ends of forests and enjoy the scenes such as watching regional or migrated birds or others enjoying the view which is quite away from city life.

The Dream Land Aqua Park is also another great opportunity, is famous for having fun activities with friends and family, and also you can visit Quwain beaches which is another finest spot for camping in Dubai.

Some Informative Details:

Q1. What is the location of Umm Al Quwain Beach?

Umm Al Quwain Camping Beach

Q2. What is the best time to camp in Umm Al Quwain Beach?

After Sunset

Q3. What are the necessary accessories for the Umm Al Quwain Beach Campsite?

Blankets, Fishing equipment, Mosquito Repellants, Battery Powered lamp or torch, and Power Bank

Q4. Is it safe to camp on the Umm Al Quwain Beach?

It is safe to camp but away from the ocean but if you are planning to camp towards the ocean then before setting up the tent watch out or get some information about high tides.

Bedouin Camping

Bedouin Camping

Bedouin camp provides the most comfortable and secure Overnight Desert camping in the experiences of Dubai and the entire zone. This campsite is an extreme combination of rich Arabic culture, where you can sit, relax, and enjoy the amazing view of the shimmering stars, and absorb the excellence of this spot. There you don’t need to bring any required things, you will get everything such as cushions, coolers, grills, bonfires, barbeques, sleeping bags, mattresses, and walkie talkie plus shishas (hookahs) at the campsite.

The premium tour operators take you to an informative desert tour to give insights into Arab history, where you will get to enjoy 4X4 Vehicle Safari and many photo opportunities such as falcon photography and travel photography. You will be also provided refreshments, soft drinks, and a delicious buffet dinner at the campsite. The desert guides are so professional that they know their job very well so they are always ready to instruct you and make your experience special. Hence, this place is ideal for camping due to peace of mind and calmness all around.

Some Informative Details:

Q1. What is the location for the Bedouin camping?

Happy Desert Camp

Q2. Are there any necessary things to bring for the Bedouin camping?

Torch and Offline maps.

Fujairah Sandy Beach

Fujairah Sandy Beach

This sandy beach gets completely packed on weekends because it is an amazing and ideal option if you are planning for a weekday camping trip, it is the best fit for amateur campers. The camping conditions are not so demanding or harsh. The hotels and resorts are located at a close distance to the beach, where you can enjoy lavish breakfast. You are also allowed to use the hotel’s facilities. If we talk about the pool, you can swim in the morning where the temperature is cool and the water is less salty.

Some Informative Details about Fujairah Sandy Beach:

Q1. What is the location of Fujairah Sandy Beach?

Fujairah Beach Camping,UAE

Q2. What is the best time to camp in Fujairah Sandy Beach?

In the summer session, overnight camping is ideal.

Q3. Any required things that should be brought?

Mosquito Repellants, Swimsuits, shawls, blankets, and tents.

Q4. Any important notice about Fujairah Sandy Beach?

Bonfires and BarBQ should be set up at an away of the seashore to block it from being washed out because sometimes the ride comes more than usual.