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Jebel Hafeet - Visit Amazing Mountains of Al Ain

Posted On: 31-03-2021

Jebel Hafeet is the beautiful mountains in Al Ain. It is one of the tops and the visitor’s favourite attractions. Jebel Hafeet is located in the region of Tawam and one of the highest mountains in the whole UAE. Where the height is 1200 meters, with this height you are eligible to witness the nature and the beauty of the city while enjoying a relaxing evening.

Besides, this place is ideal to hang out with your friends and family in the cold climate.

The stopovers are something where you could explore the Jebel Hafeet peacefully. If you are looking for an indoor stopover you can go to the hotel’s option. Or if you are looking for an outdoor view then visit the boating lake to enjoy a breathtaking view or rent a boat to enjoy a paddle ride. Make sure you wear comfortable footwear. Besides, you will also get to explore the beautiful scenery of multiple viewpoints.

Jebel Hafeet - Things To do


Jebel Hafeet is the third most elevated top in Abu Dhabi and the third most noteworthy in the UAE. It is likewise home to the absolute most delightful streets in the country. The highest point of this mountain is 1200 meters (4000 feet) above ocean level. It forms a part of the Al Hajar Mountains, where the major region lies in Oman.

The region half lies between Oman and UAE. But you will get to explore a higher portion of the mountains in Abu Dhabi. Beneath them, the winding road is engaged by tourists and locals for many decades. On top of the mountain, there is a perspective with an immense parking garage. At the point when you are in Al ain, you can see the powerful mountain diagram not too far off from anyplace. Camping enthusiasts enjoy overnight camping. But one sad news for the campers is barbecuing in the mountain area is not allowed. This is because of the risk of littering but no worry there is a specific area assigned for BBQ.

Jebel Hafeet Tombs

On the eastern side of the mountain exists the most established archaeological site in Abu Dhabi city. There are a few old entombment locales of individuals who are accepted to have possessed the desert garden. These burial chambers were fabricated 5000 years before the start of the bronze age. The antiquities uncovered from here demonstrate the exchange joins they had with Mesopotamia and India.

Jebel Hafeet - Visit Amazing Mountains of Al Ain

Attractions Near Jebel Hafeet

Mercure Hotel

Mercure hotel lets you enjoy the magical view of the valley. Along with comfort, this hotel has three rooftop swimming pools with wonderful views. This should be your primary choice if you’re considering a hotel near Jebel Hafeet.

Al-Ain Zoo

Al-Ain Zoo is historical and founded by ruler Sheikh Zayed in 1968. This large zoo covers 4000 animals and 400 houses and hectares. This zoo is a must-explore thing for kids and the artificial hectares are:

  • Hippo and Crocodile Exhibit
  • Bird House
  • Sahara Habitat
  • Big Cat Oasis
  • African Habitat
  • Asian Habitat
  • Arabian Habitat