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How To Explore Best Desert Safari Dubai On Budget

Posted On: 22-06-2021

What is the best desert safari in Dubai? This question arises in everyone’s mind. Those planning to explore that tour. No matter if they are locals or international visitors. So make sure before experiencing you should know which desert safari is best in Dubai. There are many amazing local tour operators in the UAE, such as Happy Adventures Tourism. So make sure you do online research before experiencing it. However, if you don't have to go through the details just check the user reviews. As well as the tour’s price which comes under your budget. Because there is no better tour than to explore the stunning views of the Arabian desert. With the complete thrill and pure entertainment.

What is the best desert safari operator in Dubai? But before planning a tour, this is a more complicated thing to find than finding the tour within budget. But the answer is those operators are best, who know the desires of their guests very well. As desert safari has become the biggest attraction in Dubai. For this many international visitors visit this golden city to experience that tour in the vacation. Where they are looking for the best tour operator and budget-friendly tour at the same time. Because nowadays the quality is Lil pricey especially when you’re an international visitor. Where you’re supposed to pay the rent for your residence. In that time, go for the packages or deals, which are offered by many companies. Especially at the time of summer/ winter vacations or other occasions.From where you will get the best-discounted deals from the best tour operators in Dubai.

Where most companies offer desert safari Dubai with BBQ dinner deals in just 35 AED. Wherewith adventurous rides and the BBQ buffet dinner, enjoy the traditional live entertainment shows. To relish these facilities, first, you need to confirm your decision plan about your best desert safari in Dubai and then discussed it with the operators. Whom you want to take the services with. Plan your adventure and make it great and budget-friendly by checking these highlights. So, without any further ado let’s get started.

An Exclusive Highlights of Best Desert Safari Dubai

An Arabian desert is the best way to explore the beauty of the UAE. With the lavish 4X4 vehicles the off-road dune drives on high red dunes. Since this tour is way affordable where you will get to enjoy thrilling rides, photography opportunities, pure entertainment and a buffet dinner for just 35 AED. With picks & drop service it costs 55 AED only. You will get the best desert experience if you trust Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. But before that let's check the exclusive highlights.

How To Explore Best Desert Safari Dubai On Budget

Avail Pick up & Drop Off Service:

The first thing to explore best desert safari Dubai on a budget is to make sure you will get pick and drop service as the package inclusion. Especially when you’re a tourist it will save the high fare of a taxi or rented vehicle. If you avail of that opportunity, you can save more than half fair of the taxi. You are also eligible to choose whether you will be picked up by Bus from designated location points or by lavish 4X4 Vehicle from the doorstep. Besides, if you’re a local and go for the self-drive package (without pick & drop), then you will also be provided with a free parking slot near the desert safari campsite.

Dune Bashing:

Dune Bashing

The main reason behind the best desert safari Dubai is to experience the best dune bashing on the high red dunes of Arabia. Among the best desert safari tour operator in Dubai, must try the dune bashing service of Happy Adventurous Tourism LLC. Where you will get the real value for your money. Where you can customize your ride duration as per your budget or comfort level.

The dune bashing ride is experienced via Toyota Land Cruiser and Nisan Patrol. The best part is that to ensure your safety and security these vehicles are insured and loaded with perfect safety features. On the other side, the drivers are licenced and experienced to drive.

Sunrise/ Sunset Occult

See the brilliance of recently conceived sunrays and absorb your soal in the inviting breeze. The rises reflect tranquillity and magnificence in their unblemished structure as you witness the desolateness alongside the rising sun. This is the ideal opportunity to take out your camera and snap the absolute best chances of nature. Directly exactly when nature is depicting itself with an entire state of mind!

Happy Adventures Tourism LLC allows capturing some amazing sunset or sunrise snaps that will seem so lively. The stupendous dawn is the must-live second. The sun ascending at the pinnacle from behind the half-shaded rises turns the entire scene as though spelt in a witchery of nature. Seeing the enchanted dawn overpowered us with this spot and it turned into our number one objective in Dubai.

Terrain Activities

Terrain Activities

Quad Biking

Quad biking is a ride for one and the rider can cross the dunes after getting a training session.These are the most experienced activities in Dubai. Some experts guide you regarding quad bike riding and safety concerns. Quad biking is for adults who love seeking the thrill. Where professionals in the team of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC guide on how to ride a quad bike. As you know, being unstoppable and screaming like an achiever on the terrain!

Sand Boarding

There were pretty exciting activities going on for kids and adults. These include sandboarding and quad biking. Sandboarding is similar to waterboarding and ice skiing. It’s all about the balancing technique. The more you try maintaining your balance on a sandboard, the more you’d feel the pleasure of gliding in the air. Or you’ll end up cuddling in the sand while your friends spread waves of laughter in the air!

Camel Ride

A camel safari is an epic wandering in this golden landscape of Dubai. By riding a camel, the travellers get a timeless experience and discover the unseen beauty of the majestic dunes. A camel ride seems ordinary at the city side. But in the camel’s home, it’s an extraordinary voyage to historical background. Get the archaic vibe of the Bedouins by discovering the dunes from over the camel’s hump. You might spot some rare and unseen wildlife and species of the plant kingdom.

Unlimited Refreshments Or Zestful Breakfast

The flavoursome breakfast and the unlimited refreshment setup is arranged in the Bedouin inspired camp in the middle of the golden Arabian desert. This element is different from the BBQ Buffet dinner. They arranged the delicacy of breakfast at the table. Or if you go for the evening desert safari you will get to enjoy unlimited refreshments and snacks.

Or if you go for the overnight desert safari tour, you will relish the facilities of unlimited refreshments in the evening time and breakfast in the morning time. The good news is that there are no additional charges for this, these things are included in the package you will go for.

Bedouin Camp and the Traditional Culture

Bedouin Camp and the Traditional Culture

The best desert safari Dubai offers travellers to have an inspired look into the animated tradition of Arabia. The campsites depict literal stories of the Bedouins when they were nothing more than nomads. Resting in those caravansaries was an epic experience. Then there were lovely colours of the Arabian culture splashed out at the campsite. These include henna painting, Arabian dress donning by enthusiasts, and depiction of traditional hunting methods of the Arabs. It was great to see that the Arabian customs are still enlivened in a well-developed region of the UAE. All those vibrant colours spread on the nomadic land are so overwhelming! Where in the Bedouin camp you will find some amazing entertaining stuff.

Live Entertaining Shows:

As you know, belly dancing was performed by Arabs in the past. To experience the Arab flavour the two different belly dancing shows by the international entertainers are performed in the Bedouin camp. Besides, there are also 2 LED & Classic Tanoura shows. Also to fill the flavour of excitement, the thrilling fire show is performed.

Desert Safari Dubai with BBQ Buffet Dinner:

When it comes to having food, there are numerous options to try international as well as traditional cuisines. Desert safari is only the tour in Dubai, where the vegan and non-vegetarian setup are organized separately. Because that tour is experienced by many tourists from all over the world some relate to Jainism religion. Where on the other side some are a hardcore non-vegetarian. So this buffet dinner is enjoyed by everyone from all over the world.


These are the amazing perks we have discussed with you. Where can cherish them all by paying a Little cost. Daybreak in the conservation reserve of the UAE is an experience of a lifetime. If you don’t want to miss the spellbound views of the sunrise at the dunes, grab a morning desert safari by a trusted firm. Whether you are with friends, family, or travelling solo, a venture to this beautifully preserved natural asset, is blasting in any case. In short, a desert safari is a never miss out voyage in Dubai.