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Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi - A Mega Explore to the Presidential Palace

Posted On: 21-04-2022

A tremendous portion of the Presidential Palace Complex in Abu Dhabi has been now available to the populace. It is famous by the name "Qasr Al Watan". Which is summarized as the Palace of the Nation. Also, being the residence of the departments of the UAE Vice Price President, Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince and President.

Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi is the place conference in Abu Dhabi. Where the main constitutional authority in the United Arab Emirates has also greeted numerous substantial worldwide dignitaries since 2015.

After the desert safari in Abu Dhabi, this is the must explore things to do. The move to create this item available to the public was instigated by Sheikh Khalifa. Who is the president of the United Arab Emirates. So that travellers from all over the globe will be eligible to receive a peek at the country’s governing organizations. While increasing a decent awareness of the country’s interesting civilization and imperial ancestry. As a finding, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed (the UAE’s Crown Prince) declared openly the vacancy of Qasr Al Watan for general tours from March 11th, 2019.

So if you're planning to attend this great artistic temptation? From its majestic architecture and the extraordinary ever apexes to its locale, entry fee, timing and onsite installations. Here is a guide on everything you desire to learn about Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi.

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The Architecture of Presidential Palace Abu Dhabi

Over 350,000-square-meter Presidential Palace exudes royalty and unequalled Arabian artistry in every facet. Besides, so is its Qasr Al Watan. Assembled to honour the wealthy Arabian ancestry in the Abu Dhabi city. It is greatly impressive of all the architectural milestones. That you’ll learn to recognize in the United Arab Emirates. Its architecture illustrates the Mughal era principle, and themes and is enhanced by multifaceted methods and ornaments.

The palace façade is erected in a variation of granite and limestone. It is earning it a stunning difference from the blue sea in the area. Besides, its white colour not only exemplifies reality but also lets you experience the country’s ceremony of utilizing indirect colours to withstand severe heat. Talking of its decoration and detailing, there are more than 5000 detailed geometric pictures. They decorate the palace’s walls, roofs and additional fractions in various complexions and diagrams. Furthermore, be in amazement at its maple doors. Whose methods are completed in 23-carat French gold? As well as it is meticulously handcrafted.

The Major Attractions of Qasr Al Watan

1- The Presidential Banquet:

It’s where the accepted banquets are welcomed and this category is extremely equipped to indicate the celebrated conventional Arabian hospitality. Enlarge to this conclusion to 150,000 choice finish articles in silver, crystal, or more. You can hire some best travel operating company in the UAE. All entirely established for the mansion.

2- House of Knowledge:

It encompasses two rooms in the east wing of the palace. Besides, the caption of some amazing extraordinary manuscripts, artefacts etc. All give light on the donations created by the Arab World in literature, science and arts among others. Also, one distinct attraction is to catch your awareness. It is famous for the name of the golden cage-like calligraphic configuration. It is also popular as the Power of Words.

It affects the inspiring Arabic excerpt by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan that the country’s substantial prosperity is their people and not money or oil.

The Library Area:

Disputing inners distant, it fulfils as a factual and absolute reserve to search into the nation’s art, archaeology, achievements, history, culture, constitutions, etc. In improvement to an imposing repertoire of more than 50,000 books. It also brags about a limited digital library with more than 16 million crowns. The big news is that you can investigate this category for free by signing up your name at the Visitor Centre.

Palace Grounds with Gardens & Hallways:

Everything about this pattern is different and wealthy, not to remember its charmingly beautiful gardens and great courtyards. Also, don’t forget to talk and roam under its wonderful hallways. Which distant feast you with the great spellbinding impressions of the large slumping mansion surfaces.

The Great Hall:

The 100X100 meters great Hall is the portion-de-opposition of the presidential palace. As it’s captivatingly embroidered with delicate structures, angles and artworks. There are reflected cubes, evaluating the unpaired sophistication, originality, and savoir-faire assigned in every single minute characteristic of this mansion. It further offers you the extraordinary alternative to live under one of the biggest domes on the planet. Its diameter is about 37 meters. Presidential Gifts: Here, you’ll glimpse the choicest commodities. That has been blessed and granted to the UAE’s President. By the exotic deputies during their tour to the country. From luxurious Turkmenistan mats, elegant costumes and decorated figures to greatswords, vases, shields and some medals. There is a huge arrangement of gifts on the opinion here.

Spirit of Collaboration and Governance:

This category clenches a personal charm and importance as it has been constructed to greet summits of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Federal Supreme Council Meetings and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. One of its great striking captions is an enormous chandelier that is about 12 tonnes. Besides, it encompasses 350,000 crystals.

The Barza:

This is the additional hugest section of the Qasr Al Watan in Abu Dhabi. After the great Hall category. Here, you’ll be eligible to realize the significance of a Majlis. Which is an area where visitors are greeted in the Emirati community and conventions. Besides, this is adequately portrayed via an interesting multimedia demonstration. That intensifies the ancient past of the Majlis in the United Arab Emirates.

Palace in Motion:

It is an interesting glow and exhibit which you can celebrate in your precious evenings. Showed on the palace’s façade. Besides, the 15-minute procession discovers the article in three different ordinances. That excursion you through the past, present and future of the United Arab Emirates. It is on the great consuming path.

Qasr Al Watan Additional Information in Abu Dhabi

Qasr Al Watan Entry Fee and Location:

Qasr Al Watan is intimate to the Emirates Palace Hotel and is located on the Ras Al Akhdar promontory. When it appears to the entry fee. You have to select between the palace-and-garden ticket offering more detailed access or a limited-access garden ticket to the temptation. The entry fee is AED 25 for adults and AED 12 for children's age expenses. 7) for the garden-only choice and AED 60 (adults) and AED 30 for children aged 4-17 yrs for both mansion and garden admission. For an in-depth peek at its central apexes, opt for the assistance of a skilled English or Arabic trip guide who can adapt up to 20 visitors in a 30-minute trial (additional fees apply).


It invitations five dining options to suit every intention. This varies among diners, from Dhiyafat and Al Fowala in the palace region to Maqha Al Maktaba Café. It is situated within the library to the names, F&B outlet, Legma in the guest centre.

Opening Hours:

The visiting hours are from 10:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs and Qasr Al Watan opens all day.

The Gift Shop:

The two gift shops are founded in the Qasr Al Watan. One is situated within the palace area and the guest centre authorizes you to obtain someone-off souvenirs themed around the configuration.