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CLYMB Abu Dhabi - A Dream World for Adventure Seekers

Posted On: 19-05-2022

CLYMB Abu Dhabi is a modern and absolute adventure park in the United Arab Emirates. Thrilled to discern the explanation behind it! It’s reasonable and easy. Whatever you select to perform here. You’ll be eligible to put up with it to the successive or possibly the ultimate phase. CLYMB adventure park is uncovered in Abu Dhabi city tour’s maximum entertainment core at Yas Island.

This entirely indoor temptation is residence to the hugest of its sort skydiving escape compartment. As well as the highest of its way climbing panel. So fascinated to comprehend this indoor skydiving and climbing experience in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. This complete post on CLYMB Abu Dhabi is barely written for the International visitors. So just like desert safari Abu Dhabi, they review it before they explore them.

CLYMB Abu Dhabi

Some Amazing Facts and Key Points of CLYMB Abu Dhabi

  • CLYMB Abu Dhabi unlocked its entrance on 29 November 2019.
  • This restricted entertainment and hobby installation has been formulated by Mira. Which is primarily instrumental in altering Yas Island into one of the tremendous integrated relaxation interests in the United Arab Emirates.
  • It’s completely prepared indoors; you’ll barely prepare to admire the climbing wall. Which is the longest of its aspect on the planet about 140 feet. However, also encounter the world’s broadest skydiving compartment. Which stretches over a region of 32 feet.
  • CLYMB adventure park is blowing for its detailed geometric architecture in Abu Dhabi. That approximates a huge tumbler. Do you want to know the best part? it exemplifies the country’s rugged finally awe-motivating hilly terrain.
  • Yas Island has to its value some prestigious interests in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. Such as Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld, and Warner Bros Abu Dhabi. And CLYMB Abu Dhabi has been opened to boost Yas Island’s status as an internationally-acclaimed entertainment destination for families, little ones, and aficionados of sports, among others.
  • There is an air-conditioned passageway that easily connects the facility to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Yas Mall. Further, the additional temptations in the Yas Island. Such as Yas Marina Circuit, Warner Bros and Yas Water world are barely a limited space away.

Is CLYMB Abu Dhabi Designed for all Age Groups?

CLYMB Abu Dhabi may seem to be different and demanding. But the experienced squad behind it guarantees that it is favourable for all age groups and abilities. You don’t possess to be a genius to undertake these athletic activities. Even novices and small ones (3 years plus for Skydiving & 4 years plus climbing) are allowed to experience their adventurous skills. But only prepare convinced that you’re attended to by a valid manager, particularly if you’re under 18 years old.

All Basic Things About CLYMB Abu Dhabi?


Sunday to Thursday: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Friday & Saturday: 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM


It’s encountered on the world famous Yas Island. Besides, it is correlated to Yas Mall through an air-conditioned corridor.


The ticket price starts from 235 AED to 1999 AED. It depends on what activities you're selecting in your packages.

Things to do at CLYMB Abu Dhabi

Indoor Skydiving:

If you believe that this is a regular indoor skydiving exploration within a limited shade subway. Then you’re ready for enormous amazement. Yes, along with all brad of indoor skydiving stuff. Like appreciating the scramble of freefall without wielding a harness. Moreover the exciting fear of jumping off the plane. It offers you the once-in-the-lifetime chance to grab the both longest and vastest indoor escape compartment in the world. Which is about 32 feet in width and 104 feet in height.

The shade subway at CLYMB adventure parki will provide you with a considerable area to push yourself up and down. It also captions 16 elevated verge fans. Which are different from the basic four in a normal compartment. Not to comment, this indoor skydiving event guarantees you to accept stimulating elevations.


  • To launch your indoor skydiving at Clymb adventure park, prepare yourself so that you attain the point of the moment.
  • Join your peaceful educator who will provide you with pedagogy on insurance gauges and substantial body supervision strategies.
  • Jacket yourself up for the understanding; put on your helmet, flying jumpsuit, shoes and goggles. Everything will be issued.
  • Earlier you’re prepared to fly, you’ll be sent to the flight compartment for an as-never-before skydiving indoor training.

Indoor Climbing:

CLYMB Abu Dhabi’s affectionate indoor clambering opening may be the longest climbing wall in the world. Having the SUMMIT at an elevation of 42 meters (138 feet). But, that doesn’t suggest it’s only for superior climbers. They have five walls of varying categories and elevations. This demonstrates that straight intermediaries, novices and those with no introductory knowledge can utilize this action.


  • Visit it on time to slam the adventurous experience.
  • Confront your clambering educator who will enable you to specify your capacity or skill status. Which can be one of the mentioned below.
  • Status 1: You’re modern to this happening. Don’t fuss; there will be an educated preceptor to lead you throughout the familiarity.
  • Status 2: You’re a learner who can accomplish auto-belay and bouldering on your own.
  • Status 3: You can accomplish Top Rope. Where the candidate is clasped to a cable or rope. That is fastened to the ceiling of the wall with the assistance of an anchor as generously.
  • Status 4: If you’re a professional rock climber, then this is reasonable to rectify various climbing Techniques. Encompassing the Lead Climbing lesson. Which seems demanding and scarier.
  • Thereupon, your coach will provide your safety gear and instructions. With some classy climbing techniques as well. Which is established on your mastery level.
  • Successive, you’ll bring available for the exploration; put on your harness, and safety gears. Such as climbing shoes, helmet etc (all will be issued)

That’s it’ presently off you enjoy your climb!

Some Preparations Before Visiting CLYMB Abu Dhabi

  • Purchase your tickets 24 hours before preventing any nuisance as the role of your CLYMB adventure park experience in the capital city of the UAE.
  • Understand that admission is free for viewers but this is established on its accessibility.
  • Visitors as small as 3 years or 4 years are permitted and welcomed at CLYMB Abu Dhabi to enjoy the mild adventure. The extent there is not any above age boundary for indoor skydiving and indoor rock climbing. It’s proposed to not assume a basis in these actions if:
  • You’ve back, heart or neck problems (seek your doctor’s advice in this case)
  • Your weight is above 115 kilograms. That said; depending on other vital aspects, it’s up to the crew to decide whether you can fly or not.
  • You’re expecting a baby.
  • You have a narrative of serious epilepsy
  • You’ve withstood surgery or severe damage in the current moment
  • You put on any tough appearance
  • For skydiving, it’s excellent to put on sportswear. however, no collared singles. Upon which you’ll wear your escape uniform. Defensive gear such as goggles, helmets, and earplugs is comprised.
  • For climbing, it’s suitable to don a prosperous flexible costume or sooner sportswear and finalize your glance by affecting the undivided climbing footwear. Defensive equipment plus climbing tacks such as harnesses, helmets and more additional stuff are contained.
  • Before your selected experience is about to start. You’ll be solicited to endorse a Climb / Flight waiver configuration agreement.
  • There are numerous food and beverage capabilities fastened to the temptation. To dine with an impression, select Base Camp Bites. It confronts the Summit or moderators to Altitude Café with the sceneries of the escape compartment.
  • Considerable, favourable parking space is accessible close to the installation’s corridor.
  • To prepare the maximum of your holiday here, incorporate your CLYMB Abu Dhabi understanding with an excursion to its available interests.

The Finish Line:

With all the evidence and things to do on CLYMB Abu Dhabi Accessible. It's directly your fling to encounter this extraordinary installation for yourself. Handed its area at Yas Island with few of the reasonable indoor actions in the capital city of the UAE. We would propose you arrive here ready to consume an entire day. Besides, if you require any assistance to design your precise Yas Island excursion. Come across to our site and enjoy this whole guide.