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Dubai Ferry - Everything You Need to Know

Posted On: 28-04-2022

Within a decade, the golden and modern city of the UAE "Dubai" is not coming slow. It has enlarged the Palm Monorail, the Dubai Tram and the Metro to the public. Meanwhile, the Dubai Ferry is a fairly current accumulation to this record. Being upgraded and tweaked by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) as we communicate. The phrase ‘ferry’ doesn’t reflect a boat that seizes you from point A to point B. It’s something extra of a tourist temptation. With formal excursions that start from one of the several ferry stations. Among many best tour operators in UAE, the onboard sightseeing or tours around regions are of limited interest. They are lending visitors 60 to 90 minutes of leisure. Before reimbursing to a similar ferry location. Ever since the Dubai Ferry was inaugurated, additional and additional travellers are opting to appreciate exploring by the vessel. Aside from wielding it as a vehicle alternative. Here’s everything you wished to learn about the Dubai Ferry.

Dubai Ferry

Some Major Things About Dubai Ferry

Best Time to Explore:

Dubai Ferry is available for travellers 7 days a week. Regardless, the satisfactory time to enjoy a pleasant and windy ride would be during the winter months.


The services regulate every day and numerous times a day. You can assign your time slot as per your demand, availability and suitability. Which can be either at 3.00 pm or 5.00 pm. The length of the ferry ride is nearly 60 to 90 minutes long.


Al Ghubaiba Marine Station:

The Al Ghubaibah path gives a one-way outing to the Marina area. Where it stops at the Water Canal district. The exact route also requires a circular visitor tour within the Deira Creek area. However, the circular trip will get to the stop at Jumeirah Public Beach and since.

  • From Bur Dubai: Around 20 minutes drive
  • From Dubai International Airport: Roughly 20 minutes drive
  • From Deira Area: Roughly 40 minutes drive

Maina Ferry Station:

You can get ferries that require a one-way outing to Al Ghubaiba with a visit to the Water Canal area. There are also several vessels governing circular tourist outings that go to the Burj al Arab and back and to the Atlantis the Palm hotel. Which encircles the whole Burj al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah circuit.

  • From Bur Dubai: Around 20 minutes drive
  • From Dubai International Airport: Roughly 30 minutes drive
  • From Deira Area: Roughly 20 minutes drive

Where Does Dubai Ferry Use?

The Dubai Ferry exerts along the respective Marina and the Dubai Creek area. The vessel interweaves on numerous paths. That gets on from one sanctuary to another, so that the visitors or travellers can admire a promising view of the attractions on board the shorelines. There are the respective stations on either edge of the golden city of the UAE. There’s one in the Marina area and the Al Ghubaiba area. The ferry ride in the city of gold regulates numerous times a day from each of its areas. It drives for 60-90 minutes, where both regularity and length can alter relying on the paths.

How Does the Dubai Ferry Looks Like?

It has been formulated primarily for satisfaction. It’s a fashionable, trendy boat with all the conveniences. That passenger might be desired for. The boats also appear with a snack bar and two places for those who are disabled and using wheelchairs. Barely just like the Dubai Metro, people can buy either silver degree or gold degree tickets. The gold degree appears with a generous class of satisfaction. Gold Class visitors will get to appreciate seats towards the front of the vessel. Meanwhile, the Silver degree people have simple entry to the vessel’s open deck. However, the ticket or pass you buy, and the impression you appreciate will be similar. Dubai ferry tickets have to be acquired in individual and are reasonable just for the day. However, the timing was selected. Besides, kids below five years of age can get to enjoy the views for free.

Every ferry boat in Dubai can assume crowded with 100 people. Although these boats are planned to operate at particular periods. Where a minimum of 10 people is compelled for round excursions. There are no minimum visitor regulations for one-way outings. The vessel can also be employed for private events on an hourly rental purpose. Where to choose the option of with or without seats is up to the choice. Each boat is coloured white, grey and blue. On the other side, the layout of the vessel is fashionable and contemporary, which enhances its tourist interest.

A Great Option for Sightseeing:

The Dubai Ferry lets you glimpse the whole golden city from the viewpoint of the Gulf sea. You can appreciate wonderful impressions of the most prominent parts of the golden city of the United Arab Emirates. Such as the Burj Khalifa, the Burj al Arab, and the Palm Jumeirah. This boat tour gives a memorable familiarity with the scintillating skyline, the Arabian desert, and the gulf ocean. Besides, you’re missing the hectic work life and the bustling road traffic.

All you need to do is just relish the fascinating sea breezes. As you appreciate golden city’s fascinating coastline! The Marina Ferry, while creasing as a transport alternative, it is an enormous means to travel the gorgeous Marina and admire its shoreline.

Services Onboard:

The Dubai Ferry has a booth that fulfils snacks and beverages. Besides, you can buy souvenirs from there. Moreover, there are four enormous LCD screens for the entertainment of the passengers. There are several clean & hygienic washrooms for both men and women. The passengers with minor mobility as well.

On the other side, the Location-activated academic videos enable you to comprehend the fact where you’re at. Besides, the landmarks you’re presently glimpsing. You can memorize a lot about the central temptations around you via these videos.

The Finish Line:

This onboard tour or sightseeing is a tremendous sightseeing alternative to admiring the glittering Town of Gold from the Arabian sea. Distant from the bustling public and the endless traffic, it’s a fascinating, windy way to admire the golden city’s fundamental conclusions.