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Explore Umm Al Emarat Park in Abu Dhabi

Posted On: 21-07-2022

The elegant Umm Al Emarat park is positioned in the UAE's capital city Abu Dhabi. It is a family-friendly attraction, since 1982, it has been a crucial main refuge for Abu Dhabi.

The refuge is found in the Mushrif district and adopted to be understood as Mushrif Park. However, many visitors still refer to it by this title.

The leafy lawns and variation of family activity installation. As well as the multiple fascinating circumstances and tremendous environment.

It creates Umm Al Emarat Park, which is a must-tour thing for any visitor, who explores Abu Dhabi city glancing for a flavour of regional life.

Umm Al Emarat Park

The Encounters of Umm Al Emarat Park

  • The Umm Al Emarat Park has a traditional structure with axial impressions. Along with two water tunnels circulating the extent of the refuge similar to the gate.
  • In the mid of the channels is the wonderful Wisdom Garden. As well as, a dramatic monument to the impressions of the founding father of the United Arab Emirates, Mr Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.
  • However, in the Umm Al Emarat Park, there are children’s parks, exhibition gardens, and botanical gardens. Including splash districts in improvement to purify yards within the major oasis itself.

Entry Fees:

Entry to the Umm Al Emarat Park will take your few dirhams. It costs 10 AED per individual above 3 years old.

However, those Under 3 years old and people of Determination are free of charge. Including their careers, they are free to enter.

Familiars to the refuge will profit from a season pass. It costs provides endless entry for 12 months


The Umm Al Emarat Park remains open 365 days a year. However, the opening hours are from 8:00 AM to midnight.

1. The Children’s Park:

This is a different, shut-off district from the remainder of the refuge. However, access is contained in the major entrance fee. Swivel right at the door and pursue the way towards the huge screen.

  • You will get to discover frequently children’s exercise grabbing spots here. It includes every childish thing, such as face painting, creating balloon animals etc. Here, you will get to discover the entry door to it.
  • In the children’s park, you will discover a splash pad. However, it is functional every day from 11:00 AM. The desert-wadi area, pony paddock and animal warehouse.
  • Here kids can bluff to camp, just like Bedouins in the tents. Also, visualise they are Abu Dhabi's desert adventurers clambering up the cord net. Besides, across the shaky bridge in the copy valley behind the wadi.

2. Botanical gardens:

As you address Mushrif Park, the huge shade house is obvious to grab your attention. The shade building aspects are a portion of the botanical garden. That you can discover inside the garden.

You can glide to most of the shade house or make use of the elevator. So you can observe incredible impressions of the garden and the encircling locales.

The botanical gardens primarily encompass indigenous variations of the desert. However, there is some equatorial variety within the shade house. You won't discover any glass greenhouses. At the contrary edge of the sanctuary, there is a stunning flower garden surrounding many flowering foliages.


To the left side of the entry gate, you will find two well-furnished playgrounds. The first one that you will experience contains a "music garden".

  • From where kids can slam the glockenspiel and bongoes. So they can trial with sound. There is a climbing shelf along with fixed buckets, climbing frames and sand shoots.
  • Instantly different and across a huge meadow of grass. It is desirable for playing but before 05:00 PM. Besides, having family gatherings, such as picnics or birthday events is another play area.
  • That play area with swings, especially baby swings. As well as play frames plus slides and other installations. Also, some thrilling climbing patterns for barely older children.

Gym Gear:

Over the Umm Al Emarat Park, there are several exercise warehouses with strong gym gear for adult workouts.

Animal barn:

  • The Animal Barn is an extremely outstanding zone for families. Here you will get to discover emus, goats, rabbits, ponies, tortoises and a camel.
  • However, the pony ride is a paid activity around the minor paddock. That is available after 03:00 PM. Also, you can feed the animals by buying them food bundles.
  • But that feeding thing was temporarily postponed due to COVID. Also, Handwashing installations are found within the warehouse.
  • Sometimes outstanding occurrences are operated in collaboration with some other attractions.
  • Such as Al Ain Zoo with additional animals carried into Abu Dhabi's Umm Al Emarat Park and Emirates Park Zoo for interactive understanding.


A slight motorised train grabs guests around the refuge for a minor fee.

Restaurants & Dining at Umm Al Emarat Park

  • There are several places to buy food and drinks in Umm Al Emarat Park. As you arrive at the refuge. You will get to find one of the best Abu Dhabi's restaurants on the right-hand side. The cafe is full of deliciously heavy cakes.
  • On the left side, get to discover Parker's diner which serves up a variety of unique favourites. It includes burgers and tacos.
  • There’s also the brand modern ‘Farmers Bistro’ right by the entry door. They serve up the delicious, healthful fare. including an assortment of salads and sushi too. As well as some flavorful and a bit expensive steaks are also available.
  • Green for life is available from different angles of the playing field. That is positioned next to the following playground. Here you can purchase tasty fresh coconuts. Besides, an assortment of healthful sandwiches, salads and wraps.

It's Dessert Time:

  • If ice cream is what you’re looking for, you can buy it at Green for life, or at the Movenpick chalet in the children’s park.
  • You can also find Yamanote Japanese bakery adjacent to the splash pad with a variety of tasty Japanese desserts and novelty character buns.
  • If you’re still peckish when you leave the oasis, get a takeaway burger from Salt just outside the haven gates.

Some Additional Things at Umm Al Emarat Park Abu Dhabi

Hygienic toilets:

You will find three clean and hygienic toilet blocks in Umm Al Emarat Park. Also, there are toilets at the door of the entrance. All are regulated by cleaners constantly.

Those who use the gym for a workout can also use showers in the toilet facilities by the circular fountains. Which is situated at either edge of the refuge. All are free to utilize, but you expect to grab your soap and towel.


Launching on 1 October 2021 and predicted to operate until 30 April 2022. The Cinema in Umm Al Emarat Park has a sensational line-up.

Which consists of back-to-back movies for the entire squad. You can see a movie in the evening time on Friday and Saturday. However, the timing will be 5:30 PM & 7:30 PM.

Bounce Castle:

One of Abu Dhabi’s top outstanding indoor interests. Bounce regulates a pop-up happening in the refuge. It is adjacent to the splash or wadi grassland. This is an extra but paid activity for children. Along with trampolines and climbing walls activities.

The Park Market:

A weekend outline during the winter months takes jointly fresh fruits and vegetables. Besides, animated family entertainment, handy crafts and crafting warehouses to a setting of jazz symphony.

It opens from 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday during the winter season.