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Dubai Water Canal Gives You a Reason to Love Golden City

Posted On: 04-08-2022

The City of Gold, Dubai is one of the top traditional goals on the planet. It has been modernised the most over the years. But yet has not skipped out on the belief and its artistic ancestry. The UAE's golden city never fails to astonish its travellers with everything. That it has to deliver. Be it the elegant hotels or the fancy shopping malls or the most eye-catching temptations to tour. It always feels different. Though Dubai has so many locations for one to realise it’s worth visiting. It has substantiated its elegance through the Dubai water canal ultimately again.

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Dubai Water Canal - Brief Overview

The Deira Creek has nurtured and glimpsed the development of the UAE's golden city from its earliest days. Previously, Dubai city unlocked the Dubai Water Canal, a billion-dollar expansion of the definitive Creek. It spreads from the former Creek and enacts through the Business Bay and Design District to join the Arabian Gulf. The lesson also slashes across the Sheikh Zayed Road.


The water canal took 3 years & 2.7 billion Dirhams to create. Assembling the Sheikh Zayed Road bridge over the water canal independently cost half a billion dirhams. This program has virtually swivelled a huge piece of Dubai into an Isle. This advancement of the Deira Creek area is known as the Dubai Water Canal.

  • It is 3.2 kilometres extended and will be taking advantage of a crucial role in Dubai’s prospective improvement possibilities. Similarly, Dubai city has added another gorgeous place to its list of persuading waterfronts.
  • Before 2013, Dubai declared openly the commencing of the program. After Three years, the water canal was unlocked in late 2016. Standing in the middle of downtown, this is a promising place to visit in Dubai to glimpse the extraordinary skyline of the city of gold.
  • As a tourist attraction in the UAE's golden city, the canal also has purposes for vehicles. Dubai Water Canal is important for its outstanding environmental affection.

Explore the Top Remarkable Stuff about the Dubai Water Canal to View:

  • It has an artificial waterfall that pumps water and is motion-operated in a similar progression throughout.
  • It is so stunning to one’s yea, where the canal matches Sheikh Zayed Road.
  • The falls are noticeable even from the Promenade.
  • Announcement for fitness freaks, that there, it has a 3 km path or track for jogging and 12 km track for cycling activity.
  • They have designed three pedestrian tubes across the gullies. thus lending a tremendous sight. It just has elevators in both aspects.
  • In addition to its interesting glamour encircled by Jumeirah. Besides the Business basin and further, it also furnishes admission to the city of gold through its boat policy.

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Best things to do at Dubai Water Canal

The two directions to roam this duct are the Dhow cruise Creek sightseeing and the Abra transportation. Ensure to not forget this when you tour the city of gold for your second trip.

1. Dhow Cruise Sightseeing:

You can seize a dhow cruise on the canal which lends you various views of the UAE's golden city. As you cruise, you will get to know how gorgeous the tube is. You can discern some gorgeous hotspot spots. Besides, even Burj Khalifa to an extent. Asunder from this, the tour also gives some live entertainment shows, which contain puppet shows, Tanura dance shows, Horse Show etc.

2. The Abra ride:

The Abra ride is nobody but a boat ride, which glances conventional. As it is concluded of wood. Correlated to additional boats, this can include only a tiny quantity of visitors. This is one outstanding direction of relishing the canal ride by touring in a boat. that exemplifies the city’s civilization and narrative.

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Such elegance as the Dubai Water Canal, created in the inner of the golden city. It did not influence the city’s activity in any way. This was seized by the bridges established for the visitors. To commute while enjoying some gorgeous impressions of the tube from above. In improvement, the Road and Transport Authority designs to enable by swivelling of the tube into a marine transport centre. This is for those to roam around with depots created along the direction.

Comprehend a tube that retains everything and glances nearly like an island. It won’t be astonishing to seize a walk along the greatly breathtaking Dubai water canal. Besides, observe a gorgeous sunset? It is not too delayed to intend an excursion to the city of gold. Moreover, glimpse the elegance of the tube with its glow in the darkness.

Dubai Water Canal Boardwalk:

The boardwalk rides from the industry bay to the road of Jumeirah beach. They are furnishing an outstanding area for fitness freaks and families to enjoy their evenings. You will get to discover 3 pedestrian bridges over the tube. The footbridge one is called the Tolerance bridge which approximates the Golden Gate Bridge found in San Francisco. The Tolerance bridge attaches to the two Safa Park sides. Under the water canal, there is a huge lagoon situated in Safa Park.

Dubai Water Canal Boardwalk is an excellent position in the city of gold for a sunset walk. It also creases as a running track. The track is established close to the duct and is progressively becoming an outstanding destination for fitness lovers.

The gallery gives entry to three bridges over the tube. As you live on these bridges, you will admire the colourful waterfall providing a path to the boats, at the time of entry.

Dubai Water Canal Footbridges:

The canal is the favourite position for ramblers. Every feasible stride has been seized. So they deliver reasonable conveniences for those who appear here on paw. There is an aggregate of 5-footbridges over the tube. However, one of them is an S-shaped Tolerance Bridge, that is about 200 metres long.

Every footbridge is an architectural wonder and has extraordinary methods. The 120-metre Safa bridge dangles from two huge Y-shaped refuges. Metal cables attached to the refuges assume the weight of the bridge ground. The number third bridges are like a jagged section of squares.

Exempted from the Tolerance Bridge, all additional footbridges possess elevator entry to the prime. Rather, the tolerance bridge has a sloping angle to fulfil the needs of cyclists.