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VR Park Dubai - What to Expect?

Posted On: 22-09-2022

When the sega republic game park closed some time ago in Dubai mall. All gamers in Dubai city grieved for their loss. SEGA was the main pull, primarily with international visitors and the kids. But now we got something even more incredible than the SEGA Republic to dedicate at the Dubai Mall. The exclusive VR Park also known as Virtual Reality is an indoor gaming passage park. That is uncovered on two full floors within the Mall downtown. Devotees of SEGA Republic, sign up and let’s grab a glance at what VR Park Dubai Mall is. It is everything about and almost how much entertainment you can get there!

VR Park Dubai

VR Park Offer Dubai Complete Discussion

VR Park Dubai blends Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR). To deliver 18 fascinating passages and flawless encounters. If you expect to flee from your life’s nasty truth into the bliss of virtual reality. Then come across the main aspect of the Middle East. This gamer’s Paradise proposes multiplayer encounters, in an endeavour to facilitate sorted fantasy.

It offers VR and AR suffers that encircle the spectrum of the gaming geography. Whether you need adventure type, horror type, relieving type etc. You’ll get it all there in VR Park, Dubai Mall. VR Park extends each penalty-setting-based enchanting encounter. Apart from this gaming and rides, we got some useful information. Check out.

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When to Visit VR Park Dubai?

Any duration is the best visiting time. If you visit Dubai Mall and don’t wanna do shopping, then go to VR Park to appreciate the mysterious planet of basic sensibility.

Opening Hours:

From Monday till Sunday: 10 AM to 2 AM


Level 2, Dubai Mall

How to Get the Way at VR Park Dubai?

VR Park is uncovered inside the Dubai Mall which is established in Downtown Dubai. Travellers handily achieve the location by walking or taxi or metro.


The entry is completely free, on the other hand, each ride has its ticket fees. That you can purchase per game which starts from AED 15.

VR Park Dubai Rides

For those visitors, who have encountered the happiness of Ready Player One. Then must know that it proposes a related sparkling encounter. There are rides, games and enchanting attractions for age groups. Here are the amazing rides. Be sure not to skip them.

1. APEX:

This attraction authorises you to evolve an enormous armed cybernetic Ape. It is action to action with any weapon to evade your producer. He/she expects to keep you prisoner. Your designer attacks fiery drones at you and you are clapping at them. While dropping off the perimeter of a tower. You let to throw bomb missiles and take up evil remote-controlled armed. All of them while stabilising on a deadly narrow catwalk. Which will furnish you with an understanding of horrible giddiness, if you’re not prepared for this game.

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2. Burj Drop:

Have you ever marvelled at how the windows cleaners of Burj Khalifa give their best to make the windows neat to the top? This game makes a window cleaner hang on for a beloved life. Visualise your cables and begin fastening, one by one and you move dropping to the ground. In short, it is all about how you experience dropping from the Burj Khalifa. Meanwhile, control a severe understanding of vertigo to protect yourself at the final minute. In this event, you’ll realise the anxiety of that fall. As though you are dropping from the tallest building in the world. It’s completely threatening!

3. The Raft:

It is a four-player game, where the four people have to exit the excitement of a supernatural nemesis. You can win this game only by stirring troops. In this event, you’ll committee the Raft along with your fellows. Also, set out to the soul of a box, where you’ll battle ghostly creatures. These beasts will assault from the sky, the shore, and the water. Also, you’ll have to debate them to keep up.

4. Challenge Reality:

In this Challenge Reality, you’ll be seized to far-away worlds in a bleak future. That arrives with a completely virtualized golden city of UAE. You have to protect Dubai city from several troops endangering it to end its stunning validity. This tournament is so real. When you complete the game, buying back to the substantial Dubai can be very confusing. Be sure you have the abdomen for this tournament before you join!

VR Park Rules:

  • As a VR Park for the first time, you desire to understand the dos and don’ts of the spot. Here is limited insider advice to enable you to steer VR Park successfully.
  • Propose your excursion to VR Park for a weekday. As it inclines to give rather thronged during the weekends.
  • Plop aside a decent quantity of moments, when you give to the VR Park since it puts up with time to come in and sample an occasional game.
  • Youngsters who need to celebrate VR games must correspond to a minimum elevation limitation of 110cms.