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Quranic Park Dubai - Explore a Beautiful Day Here

Posted On: 01-09-2022

Al Khawaneej is the residence of a few outstanding parks in Dubai city. In March 2019, they unlocked the second grassland in the region. This tardiest improvement to the record of gardens in Khawaneej is rare by numerous criteria. The Quranic park is supposed to be the first-ever Quran-influenced refuge on the planet.

Islam is thoroughly planted among Arab people. Even Though modernity has appropriated greatly the city of the Future. It has arranged to fulfil its inceptions. The Quranic park is an examination of this. The park greets are for Muslims as well as non-Muslims to memorise. Besides, to have an adequate moment. Discover further about this particular refuge in Dubai.

Quranic Park Dubai

Discover the Quranic Park at Al Khawaneej in Dubai

The Quranic park in Dubai encircles a region of 60 hectares. This enormous refuge has various categories to it. It is fulfilling various goals and principles. The refuge stars the plants and herbs remembered in the Quran and the predictive beliefs. A man-made cave confides the blessings of 24 numerous prophets through visuals and audio. Asunder from these, kids can have fun at a play area, meanwhile, you can refresh at a cafeteria. Besides, explore a lake and a fountain.

The Lake:

The lake at the Quranic park Dubai is allocated into two, along with a walkway found in the centre. This lake affects the blessing of Musa, who protected the followers of Israel from Egypt by disconnecting the Red ocean. There are limited fountains in the heart of this lake. So if you are strolling the walkway between the lake on a stormy day. Then you will find a lovely elevated opportunity to get wet.

The Glasshouse:

The elegant-looking greenhouse is in one nook of the refuge. Like every additional glasshouse, this one extremely builds plants. However, it is different from others. You will discover glasshouses in the Quranic park exhibits. That is spoken of in the Quran and Islamic beliefs (Sunnah).

As of directly, you will also get to find 29 varieties of trees in UAE and medicinal condiments in the installation. These contain fig, pumpkin, watermelon, etc. The entire location is air-conditioned. Rather than utilising conventional air ducts, and artificial trees. That variety in the whole aesthetic of the spot is borrowed as air ducts.

You can discern bronze poles and nozzles to water the plants. They sprinkle mist according to the regulation of the particular plant.

A minor man-made river with fish in the glasshouse fills out the entire atmosphere. A spree way that curves across the glasshouse allows you to walk around. As well as a glance at the various plants. The statement balcony at the ceiling of the rampway lends an exact impression of the greenhouse.

Every plant shows a signboard against them with its titles and small circumstances. But you would hope they had enhanced extra communication. An evidence committee near the Quranic park's entrance records all the plants existing inside it.

The greenhouse buildings are those plants remembered in the Quran. That does not withstand the climate of the Arabian desert. The remaining of them are thriving in the external grassland. There is also a store that trades the saplings & seeds for the plants on exhibit.

The mobile app with a similar title as the Quranic park. It is sponsored in both ios and android. This will allow you to discover extra news about the land.

The Cave of Miracles:

The cave speeches about the godsends were provided by Allah to all the prophets. The sayings are remembered in the Quran and beliefs. Every category of the cave is devoted to particular extraordinary occurrences. Energetic videos and audio effects bring the fiction more engaging.

On your tour you must visit inside the cave. From where there a guide will clarify the facts and stroll you through them. The cave is tremendous, but just a few details are completely practical yet. It has been scrupulously formulated to approximate a normal cave filled with stalagmite.

One down viewpoint is that, at the period, the videos are barely shown in the Arabic language. Furthermore, they are formulated with children in mind. So few grown-ups may not discover them engaging. But the job to summarise the videos is ongoing. Also, it will shortly be finalised.

When you discover the cave, it is adequate to select a weekday additional than weekends. Due to this reason, the cave is not big enough. You will have to hang back in the line to get in. However, during weekends, this can be relatively a bit extended.

The Gardens:

The orchard lawn in the Quranic park is relatively huge. Seasonings from the Quran and Sunnah are current here. They are adequately conserved and groomed well. You can spend hours strolling in this garden.

Plants that desire not to be maintained in the greenhouse thrive here. There are many plants found in the garden. Contains the Sidr tree & the pomegranate. Then, numerous of the plants are fresh and green. It will bring them some moments to accumulate to their whole. If you discover them unappealing now. Then you should tour again after some months. Or maybe some years.

You will also get to discover two play locales acceptable for children between 2 and 12 years old. Encircling the Quranic park, there is a cycling track and rubber jogging track.

Central sculptors in the silhouette of trees furnish perfect shade along the overpass. The ceiling of these trees are solar boards that give power to the charging warehouses in their compartments and the Quranic park lights. Cartons of these tree shades are embroidered with golden Arabic handwriting. These are excellent demonstrations of incorporating new and budget-friendly technology into our customary lives. Without jeopardising aesthetic elegance.

Some Basic Information About Quranic Park in Dubai

Ticket Costs:

Entry to the Quranic park Dubai is free for everyone. However, the entry to the glasshouse and the cave have a small fee. But both have different entry tickets that cost 5 AED each. You spark a reimbursement for the entry ticket with your NOL card. You can bring one from the counter outdoors to the Cave of Miracles if you do not bring our NOL card.

The refuge gives free parking slots to visitors.

Quran Park Timing:

  • From 8.00 AM to 10.00 PM on Saturday to Thursday.
  • Fridays: 3 PM to 10 PM.

Temptations near Quranic Park Dubai:

The Al Khawaneej region is the residence of some other extraordinary enticements. Some of them are:


The Quranic park is located in Al Khawaneej, which is opposite Mushrif park. The refuge is on Al Warqa road. The great way to arrive here is via driving. If you are getting via public transport. Then you are supposed to walk almost 2 kilometres after escaping from the bus. The best part is the parking slot for private vehicles is completely free if you visit here via your car is an even better and a good idea.

The Finish Line:

The Quranic park furnishes an overture to Islamic beliefs, morality, and methods. Earlier completely formulated, the refuge will have an umrah niche as well to signify ceremonies of the Islamic journey to the mecca. Time journal documented it as one of the earth’s top tremendous attractions in its current publication. The Quranic park will enable us to assemble artistic awareness and educate peace in Islam.