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Jungle Bay Waterpark Dubai - An Ultimate Guide

Posted On: 26-08-2022

Jungle bay is located on the Persian shore, Dubai rates as one of the top touring places internationally. Its Arabian desert dunes, white beaches, fancy shopping malls and theme parks bring it the best vacation spot for jobs and entertainment. Investigate the best of the best water parks in Dubai for a thrilling encounter to beat Dubai's heat. A must-experience is the modern improvement of Dubai's water park directory. The Jungle Bay Water Park is near Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach hotel. The Aegean island-motivated park captions, attractions and rides are suitable for all age groups. Ready for a day of collapses and delights at Jungle Bay Dubai

Jungle Bay Dubai

Qasr Al Hosn - Detailed Overview

At a look:

Best time to tour - Weekdays

Indicated interval - 4 Hours

Started in - February 2021

Nearest Bus Stop - Media City Tram Station 1

Jungle Bay Waterpark Timing:

Jungle Bay Dubai is open daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Must-do Things:

  • AquaPlay
  • The Whizzard (mat racer) & Body Slide
  • Family Waves
  • Kids' Slides


Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina / Dubai Marina / Dubai / United Arab Emirates

Entry Tickets:

For an adult, the entry ticket is 200 AED on weekdays and 250 AED on weekends. Kids between the age group of 4 to 12 years have to pay 100 afternoon days and 125-150 AED on weekends.

What to Expect in Jungly Dubai?

If you're in the mood for a relaxed poolside afternoon, glimpse no father. The modern improvement in Dubai city is Jungle Bay Water Park. It offers the absolute most chill day out with your loved ones. It is situated within the bottoms of Mina Seyahi. That is second to Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort.

The Jungle Bay Water Park Dubai proposes a beachfront impression. The waterpark captions exciting adventures and rides. That is desirable for all age groups. Wave pools, slides, personal cabanas, and a span of eating out encounters guarantee excellent family adhesion.

Kid's Experience:

Encompass the chuckle of your kids and encounter the pleasure of sliding down the Body Slides, Whizzard and thoughtful kids' slides. Enable the curls and rolls of the slides at Jungle Bay Westin Dubai. To excite yodetersnses. The 6-metre kids-friendly wave corner requires hours of trickling leisure. Don't admit the height regulation for the slips deters your elevated moods. The Aquaplay is particularly constructed to engage kids of all age groups for hours. Oversee your teenagers from the sidelines more while appreciating their playdate!

What Makes Jungle Bay Waterpark Dubai Unique Than Other Water Parks?

Jungle Bay Water Park is more minor than the additional water parks in Dubai. This implies it is nearly difficult for your kids to get out besides!

The slips at Jungle Bay Water Park are extremely broad. So you can grab your small ones on your lap. Or you can place them beside you and slip jointly for some,e splash-tastic moment.

Different water parks where purchasing food with the assumptions can simmer a gap in your pocket. Meanwhile, Jungle Bay Dubai has several additional selections. Once you need to be out, you can stroll over to the Westin or Le Meridien to grab a bite of your preference.

Gallops like Whizzard, Body Slides and Lighthouse have no length regulations. So your small ones can amass a lot of lei leisure jungle Bay Westin Layout

The modern water park in Dubai has an aesthetically amusing Mediterranean-ingenicolourssyout. Along with a ton of leafy herbage. Jungle Bay Water Park's simplistic diagram gives frigid Aegean feels. The blue and white colours at the water park will evict you to the coasts of Santorini located in Greece. The impressions of the Persian Gulf along with the refuge's minimalistic mood reassure your feelings.

The water park is constructed while fulfilling the regulations of grown-ups and kids. While kids the elish a pool day out with geTo and have the maximum water fun. But why should they retain all the fun? Grown-ups can prepare the design of personal cabanas. To moisten in some silence of the Arabian peninsula. Or you can appreciate some refrigerated beverages at the on-site waterfront bar. Besides, enable Dubai's skylines to struggle their enchantment on you. Fun to the leisure that is expected (without kids)!

Jungle Bay Water ParkonesTop Roof ideas

Brush through the best rides and get ready for your incredible day in the absolute Waterworld. Here we have some best ones out of all the rides at Jungle Bay Dubai.

1. The Whizzard (mat racer):

The three surrounded slips, each gauging 13 duration, winding along the other. Candidates are perched in aqua tubes before they can admire the delight of the ride. The ride curls and swivels and requests a 360° rope. Before the ultimate decline into a pool of simple water. Kids can strive with their colleagues to discern who attains the floor of the slip rapidly!

2. Body Slide:

The admission to the body slip is via a lighthouse. It is surrounded by a blue subway and winding. That let you down into the water. Be certain your kid is at slight 1.1 metres or above to admire a slide down therememberide and Whizzard.

3. AquaPlay:

Aqua Play is a neat splash refuge, constructed to fascinate teenagers for hours. Grown-ups can remember to peek an eye on their kids from the viewpoints. While similarly tutoring their plays. This kid-frsensationtiony interest has no elevation regulations and enables kids of all age groups.

4. Kids Slides:

Authorise your kids to encounter the sensation of slipping into a simpler pool. The Kids' Slips are constructed with civil velocities and hills. It ensures a comfortable and entertaining happening. Age and elevation no bench, each youngster can relish this temptation.

5. Family Waves:

Family Waves is about the pneumatic wave pool of 6-metre. Besides, it is constructed for families. Carry your kids here and consume hours of trickling water. You don't expect to understand how to swim to fiddle with the tides. Family Waves is for federation organisations, with no height regulations.