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Hysteria Dubai Mall: A Terrifying Haunted House Encounter

Posted On: 25-09-2022

The city of the future, Dubai is a gem trove of wonderful encounters, including adventures and attractions. In the prior decade solitary, the city of gold has seen remarkable growth in upper-class theme parks and fancy malls. Flying has prepared the city's happiness for local and international visitors from across the world. Yes, we are talking about Hysteria in Dubai mall. Have you ever wondered? What makes this city of gold truly amazing is that it compels attractions and encounters for all. The enormous arrangement of selections includes the iconic best desert safari Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Dhow Cruise Dinner, and numerous others.

If you prefer to purchase and have a common big time, then visit the Dubai Mall. It is best known as the second biggest shopping centre on the planet. It is dissipated over a big 5,400,000 sq ft. Along With more than 1200 shops that give a broad spectrum of branded products and services. The world's second-largest mall engages over 54 million people yearly. Out of every Dubai attraction that is an ingredient of the fancy mall. Such as KidZania for kids, Dancing fountain, Burj Khalifa, Underwater zoo etc. However, one which should be on your sonar during your second or first visit is Hysteria. It is a haunted house attraction, so anyone who wants to get a horror experience can visit sit here. Browse in to get the details on why Hysteria Dubai Mall is an interest you barely can't skip.

Hysteria Dubai Mall

Hysteria Dubai Mall - Complete Overview

Hysteria Past Narrative:

Haunted houses are not a curiosity. These interests are ingredients of many shopping malls around the planet. But what establishes Hysteria separately is that. It is not an unsystematically haunted temptation with a team of ghosts, scary audios and configurations. Hysteria is founded on a statement that will not decline to creep visitors out.

As you enter Hysteria, you will get to inspect a tape that informs the article of the duo. Their kids vanish from the mansion mysteriously at night. Although the duo is dead they are looking out for their kids. There is a belief that the people touring the mansion are credible for their kids’ disappearance. The whole time you are inside the Hysteria, you will attempt to escape from the grips of those ghosts of the dead duo.

What can be hoped for?

The encounter pertains to the visitors entering an attraction, which is loaded to the verge with shocks and fears. Every dimly lit space and dark hallway is concealing something alarming and horrifying. That'll terrify you and prepare you to moan like a kid.

Hysteria Dubai Mall Ticket Price:

If you're willing to encounter your darkest anxieties and deepest monsters. Ensure your path to Hysteria and verify your strength. Be warned; this haunted house isn't for the weak-hearted!

Meanwhile, the ticket price of Hysteria Dubai Mall is 100 AED per person. As we recently remembered, Hysteria is a diagram-driven encounter. As it gets on, the attraction is occupied by a family. They have baffled and missed their kids in the middle of the night. You, the visitor, evolved the reason for the couple's hunt to locate their children. Besides, shortly the couple starts to undergo this haunted attraction. Some of the citizens you'll join in this encounter are Maddy Butler, Fifi Sue and Sykomaniak.

Time Interval:

The Hysteria in Dubai mall encompasses a whole tour of 15 rooms. Besides, you have all the moments on the planet to examine them. Commonly, provided the incredibly threatening nature of the interest. Most visitors do their exit within 10 minutes. But keep in mind, there’s no fixed time interval that you have to stay in it.


It is encountered on the 2nd Floor, the exact opposite Reel Cinemas at Dubai Mall.


Hysteria Dubai Mall unlocks for visitors from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. However, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM, it opens on Thursdays & Fridays.

Visitor's Eligibility:

The occasion is completely horrifying, which implies you must join barely if you admire horror stuff. Besides, they are certain that you can deal with everything that'll appear on your path. People with heart troubles, claustrophobia and bone problems. As well as blood pressure issues, diabetes, epilepsy or any different medical situation. They are not recommended to get the encounter. Pregnant ladies won't be authorized inside the haunted house as well.

Visitor's Age Restrictions:

The public agreement regarding age limitation is that nobody under 16 years old is recommended to get access. Children above 13 years old will only be authorized inside the Hysteria. if they are supported by a parent.

Besides, the number of visitors authorized at a Time is four persons. They can join that haunted attraction in Dubai mall at the provided time. Besides, a squad of six persons can be authorized after granting proper authorization from the administrator.

Why You Should Try the Hysteria Dubai Mall Experience?

One of the main true haunted house occurrences, Hysteria Dubai mall's attempt is a thrilling and scary haunted temptation. If you're brave enough and believe you can deal with extremely frightening occasions, then you must head to the haunted house. While a stunning mixture of outstanding fog lights, sound effects and strobe lights generate it more horrifying for you.

You'll be absolutely stunned as you examine the haunted house and appear in person with ghosts. That means to give you harm. What establishes a haunted house as unfriendly from your run-of-the-mill scary place. It is that there's a back story that you possess to obey, preparing the whole encounter extra haunted and hair-raising.

How to Arrive at Hysteria in Dubai Mall:

Provided that it is such an amazing landmark for Dubai city. There are numerous paths for you to bring here. The simplest would be grabbing the Dubai Metro. There's a specific metro station for it that is called, "The Dubai Mall". From where you desire to come down and then it is within walking distance of the station. If you wish to grab a bus, you have choices. Such as Ghubaiba bus station's route 29. As well as Deira Gold Souk station's route 27. Both buses come every 16 minutes.

How To Get Tickets?

Nowadays, tickets for Hysteria are available in the area in Dubai Mall. There are deals in the pipeline. That is to be created available online shortly.