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Balloon Flights Dubai - A Comprehensive Guide

Posted On: 28-01-2023

If you desire to enjoy adventurous stuff in Dubai but are thinking about whether balloon flights in Dubai experience are worthwhile. Toss all your assumption to the wind, ballooning over the spectacular Arabian Desert geography. Without suspicion, one of the must-try on your Dubai tourism. That’s the reason Happy Adventures Tourism LLC has undertaken a faithful in-house wing guide of this fascinating adventure. The goal is to assist you to review this travel bucket list adventure in the most sheltered and happy-go-lucky feasible. This ultimate guide highlights everything, containing its assorted packages. Along with announcements on how to get the best experience and what to predict from every flight adventure.

Balloon Flights Dubai - A Brief Overview

Balloon Flights Dubai

Quick Facts:

  • Balloon Flights with complete safety are confessed and supervised by Happy Adventures.
  • It is just like parasailing in Dubai and was founded in October 2022.
  • Its complete purpose is to furnish its customers with a favorably secure and exclusive hot air balloon ride adventure in Dubai.
  • Its well-kept-up cavalcade comprises enormous balloons in the Middle East. Such as A6 WOW & A6OMG.
  • Those pieces of equipment have all-inclusive accommodation to gratify 66 visitors per day.

Meaningful Tips And Stuff To Know Before Your Encounter:

  • Ensure you get your hot air balloon tickets earlier to skip last-minute issues.
  • Eat your dinner earlier and fetch adequate sleep the night earlier your adventure. Onen the adventure of your hot air balloon flight. You need to wake up premature and dress suitably. Wear a satisfying dress that authorizes effortless basket upgrade and get off. Dress up in coatings (if necessary) as the temperature of the Arabian desert can fall in the sunrise, with chilly breezes.
  • With the top remarkable sights during the adventure, bring your phone, camera, etc.
  • Don't bring your valuables to the location, leave them behind at the residence. As no storage installation is created functional as part of the encounter.
  • Currently, if you bring costly devices including a NIKON or DSLR camera. It must be attached to your body to dissuade its destruction from heights.
  • Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol before this encounter and onboard.
  • It is outstanding to abstain from this action if you are pregnant. Because it has any back or neck difficulties or has newly gone through surgery.
  • While this is a continuous workout, the ideal moment to relish this adventure is during the winter. However, the months are between November to April.

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Reasons That Let You Experience Balloon Flights?

Professional Pilots:

Balloon Flights’ captains are instructed, certified, and let you enjoy the experience with over 10 years of knowledge. They operate flying balloons in many sites, like Russia, India, Turkey, and Spain to title occasionally.

5-star Reviews:

It has evolved into an enviable name in the enterprise within quick intervals. Don’t accept our utterance for it. Just get an inspection of its reviews page to understand. That is immediately what Balloon Flights’ pleased customers speak about their memorable ballooning backgrounds with them.

First Rate, the Newest Equipment:

Its balloons are a few of the enormous ones in the region. Besides also among the fairest in the enterprise, especially in phrases of its safeness document.

Top-Grade Safety Excellence:

The safety of the visitors is Balloon Flights’ number one preference. Also, hence they exert all exclusive extents to make sure an agreeable and secure flight incident.


Balloon Flights are permitted and instantly reinforced by the services of a positively experienced saleable team.

What To Expect As the Role of Your Balloon Flight?

Wake up Early & Admire a Warm Welcome

As early hours externship, it commences with a premature pick-up from your doorstep. Or a customized location in Dubai city as per your choice. Once you reach the Arabian desert blastoff location at the Margham Dubai. It is the skydiver base, you will move to the salute majlis. From there you will be welcomed in classic style with dates, gahwa, cookies, coffee, and tea.

2. Merge the Preps

After acknowledging a detailed yet ultimate safety schooling by our professional staff. Also, looking after a video about safety, you will be accepted to the take-off locale, about 10-15 minutes away from the majilis. You can decide to be a component of the flight configuration techniques. From wherein the balloon is augmented, the high-performance machine is started up.

3. Appreciate the Aerial Views of Sunrise in the Arabian Desert

Once the setup is prepared and raised, you will acknowledge it is a phenomenal happening. Since the phenomenon of the planet rolling away from you. As you take off and descend with the morning winds. Stare the enthralling sunrise pictures while existing up in the air at an altitude of over 4,000. Along with this, you will goggle down at the enthralling desert sands. Besides, the indigenous manufacturers and desert animals. For example, Arabian oryx, camels, etc., contain their topography.

4. Delectable Breakfast & Fascinating Experiences

Counting on your selected flight package, you will get to enjoy a luxurious breakfast session. Along with a breakfast menu contained by Middle Eastern, Continental, and Asian flavors after your flight tour. Topic to your selection, you can put in optional things to do. Such as camel riding and horse riding as well as Falcon photography sessions.

5. Flight Certificate & Drop Off

The entire adventure ends as you get a drop-off at your residence with a flight certificate signed by your captain. The drop-off will be done at your desired location provided.

The Finish Line:

We expect that this comprehensive help on the Happy Adventures adventurous travel guide has persuaded you. So will put this adventure into your Dubai plan. All these flights packages are made-to-order, they create a tremendous gift to please your loved ones. Also, the adventure makes any unique event incredible and unforgettable.