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Riverland Dubai - How to Admire an Encounter?

Posted On: 09-11-2022

The Riverland Dubai is a gratifying formulated theme park for visitors. Have you ever experienced the enchantment of Dubai? If No, then bring your direction to the Riverland.

This is one pocket-friendly location and visitors of all age factions can admire a fabulous moment here. This theme park in Dubai has reproduced prototypical settings from all around the planet. If you expect to adore a reasonable weekend or weekday with your friends and family outdoors.

Then this is the eye-catching attraction you require to explore without any reticence. Are you interested in noticing further information about this attraction? Then maintain your browsing skills and be surprised.

Things To Explore and Adore In Riverland Dubai

Riverland Dubai

This tourist objective is nobody quick to paradise in the world. It is a suitable attraction to enjoy your weekend or weekdays with friends and family. Also, you will breathe life into the week alone. Here is a directory of some of the locations that you will respect exploring.

French Village:

In the French Village, you will discover the boulevard music and mass-produced roads. The skyscrapers, water wheels and back streets will bring us into another nation. You can moreover explore Gallery one to glimpse gorgeous portraits.

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Prefer your label excavated into a piece of jewellery then hotheaded is the attraction for you. You can also explore some exclusive cafeterias. Such as

  • Olive Garden
  • Starbucks
  • Mc Donald
  • Giraffe
  • Bagel Bar
  • Pascal Tepper


Do you wish to reside through the 1950s in the United State of America? This is a position that can bestow you with the familiarity you are seeking. You will get across various pathways, from where jugglers and artists are plopping on lively entertainment shows. The attraction is illuminated with glorious palm trees. That will prompt you to the attractions in California. If you are an ice cream person, then this zone is accurate to satisfy your cravings.

India Gate:

This category occupies the vital strength of India's city, Mumbai. The zone has exhibitions that have cultural monuments, singers, and chameleons. You can also visit and enjoy eating at the best restaurants. Such as

  • Wok Chi
  • Shrimpy
  • Bol Gappa
  • Haru Robatayaki
  • Al Mashowa
  • Barbecue Delight
  • Costa Coffee

The Peninsula:

This is the lovely category in Riverland that you will adore visiting it. The department has great architecture from the 19th century. The river wraps the column on all viewpoints. As well as the outside neighbourhood in this district welcomes visitors to enjoy live performances and carnivals.

You will similarly disclose multiple eateries fulfilling tasty food. However, you will also find a separate kid's area that contains toys. So for extra enjoyment, your kids can adore the moment of their visit. After you are accomplished with the exploration of attractions in this category. You can't hurry on to the cafeterias. Which are

  • Chef’s Brasserie
  • Irish Village
  • Ecco Pasta

Also, don't miss checking out the traditional museums of Dubai here.

Some Basic Information About Riverland Dubai

How To Get the Direction of Riverland Dubai?

If you belong to drive or ride down. Then it should not bring you extra time but at least 40 minutes from the centre of Dubai city. Once you extend the area of Dubai Marina. You have to bring the location onto Sheikh Road E11. Which takes off towards UAE's capital city, Abu Dhabi.

You also possess the possibility of grabbing the local bus and the metro at the metro station. To get the direct metro, you must come to the station known as the UAE Exchange. Besides, then you amass to grab a bus that will bring you to Riverland Dubai.

What is the Exact Location of Riverland Dubai?

At Sheikh Zayed Road in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What are the Opening Hours of Riverland?

The opening times for the weekdays are from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM. However, the opening hours on weekends remain available from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Visitors are advised about the timing during the month of Ramadan, which may fluctuate. So the visitors must check online before visiting.


Does the Visitor get Free Parking in Riverland Dubai?

No, there is a charge to get a parking space for your vehicle. Meanwhile, the regular parking cost is 20 Dirhams, besides, if you move for the valet parking option. Then valet parking will charge you 100 Dirhams. If you pluck an annual pass then you are eligible to avail of valet parking service, which is free of cost. The platform has a particular parking space for visitors with disabilities.

How much is the Entry Fee?

There is no entrance cost for Riverland Dubai. But, there are many other attractions inside, which need an entrance fee. Like, if you wish to tour Hollywood park, Bollywood theme Park and Legoland. Then you are supposed to pay an entry fee.

What Additional Facilities Can You Explore at Riverland Dubai?

The forum delivers locations for first aid, wheelchairs, drinking fountains, ATMs and lockers. If you have infants or babies then you can also take strollers for rent too.

Does This Attraction Arrange Events?

Yes entirely, Riverland arranges multiple occurrences throughout the year. Separated from the traditional dance and live music exhibitions during the winter months. It arranges an open-air theatre to watch movies. This experience is amazing for visitors to attend iconic movies.

Is there any Restaurant In Riverland Dubai?

Riverland Dubai has over 50 diners and restaurants fulfilling a large variety of food. You can discover all your favourite dishes by visiting.

Are There satisfactory Hotels available Nearby?

Yes, you will find various hotels near this platform. If you prefer to stay in a 5-star hotel you can reserve the stay at Lapita. As it is discovered in a similar platform. If you book such lodgings you may obtain tickets for free to numerous amusement theme parks.

Finish Line:

So this is the information for all you desire to get about Riverland Dubai. This attraction will resist you fascinated for hours together. Your children will adore the visit too. So, if you understand that you require a break from a busy routine. Then this is an amazing theme park for your entertainment.