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Deep Dive Dubai - A Comprehensive Guide

Posted On: 04-02-2023

Darting for the flawless diving encountered? Newbie or not, professional or thoroughly practicing waters. Deep Dive Dubai is an immaculate position for you! Meandering from backgrounds for unskilled individuals willing to commence diving to specialist divers, Deep Dive Dubai has a batch of opportunities for everyone!

However, the pools were available to the populace from 21 July 2022. Besides, it puffs admiringly progressive diving automation, as well as extraordinary knowledge in the structure of its Sunken City. An underwater getaway produced to enthrall those desiring to adventure diving into the cavernous swimming pool in the world!

Look over ahead to schedule an ideal encounter at the venue.

Deep Dive Dubai - A Brief Overview

Deep Dive Dubai

Deep Dive is one of the top widespread tourist sights in Dubai city. It shows an intoxicating encounter for both fresh and expert divers. The association nourishes an ultimate package that incorporates all the required equipment. Besides, training and support are mandated to put together your experience safely and fascinatingly. It also indicates a combination of other activities. Like dolphin watching, fish feeding, and snorkeling.

The world's cavernous pool at 60 meters, is ensured to deliver you some of the top different diving encounters. With protection as one of its texting posts, Deep Dive Dubai gives scuba and freediving pedagogy to the delinquent gear.

There are considerable other encounters proposed by this amazing record-breaking area that is worth visiting!

The unbroken encounter has been fabricated mindfully. Comprising well-stored cameras to film your experiences. There is also an admiringly advanced sound technique at Deep Dive. It helps to construct underwater sound planets. Besides, it can also be manipulated to speak with another candidate.

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Ticket Price:

The Deep Dive Dubai packages are starting from 400 AED to 1800 AED. Get your best one but make sure you made a booking.

Opening Hours or Days:

It is available to visitors from 10:00 am to 08:00 pm. However, the available days are Wednesday to Sunday.

Things Know them Before You Experience:

  • Comprehending swimming is essential for the top encounters of Deep Dive Dubai packages.
  • All essential gear is incorporated in the ticket prices across all occasions. But, it is suggested you bring an ordinary bath towel and flip-flops.
  • Ensure to study the terms and conditions of the encounters you reserve. Primarily if you plan to proceed with family or friends. As some visits don't let kids below 10 years come into the waters.
  • All children must be looked after by a grown-up and should demonstrate written permission.

Deep Dive Dubai Encounters

The Sunken City and its amazement:

Deep Dive Dubai's comprehensive pool is not extraordinary for only its size. The grand pool reaches an underwater escape to bring in a dynamic occasion for the candidates. As disagreed with, the pool bed is created of simply plain white tiles.

'The Sunken City' is fabricated after the vision of post-apocalyptic devastations of a city underwater. The metropolis can be investigated at assorted profundities by everyone. Those taking entry in the encounter. They will get to explore freediving, snorkeling and Scuba diving. It is What creates this fascinating cityscape underwater. It modifications with each profundity and puts on the appearance of nature assuming, the deeper you proceed!

An Amazing Technology:

Finished with ultra-modern technology, Deep Dive Dubai has a ton of things more than only the world's deepest swimming pool. It brags about a distillation system that has been expanded by NASA. Besides, it has outstanding filming abilities!

The Filtration System:

The filtration system of the pool filters the area to the freshwater after every 6 hours. It is one of the enormous and quickest filter systems in the area.

The water is enacted through a Pumice filter that contains a volcanic rock. From where organic consequence, along with dirt and waste, is extracted. Then, an avant-garde technology expanded by NASA helps the natural process to prevent bacteria. Ultimately, UV reactors sanitize the water and throw out any bacteria. Right before the water temperature is regulated it is discharged back into the pool.

The Hyperbaric Chamber:

A hyperbaric chamber is a forced chamber that is operated for medical therapy. The chambers are naturally manipulated to deal with conditions. Like gas embolism, carbon monoxide poisoning, and decompression sickness. The larger chamber segments lounge chairs, besides a TV, and can acclimate 10 persons at a time.

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Filming Capabilities:

Deep Dive Dubai can acclimate a broadcaster of underwater filming conditions. Within the area, the “sunken city” can be exploited as a film set setting. Along with further set dressing choices likely. The pool’s lighting procedure can be adapted wholly to darken the pool entirely or brighten it thoroughly. Above-water installations incorporating the reception, restaurant, and pool deck. They attribute a stylish technique and can be also taken up a sets. Back-end approval incorporates a media editing enclosure as well as a combination of posts and enclosures. Deep Dive Dubai’s attendants can also be immersed to nourish experienced underwater photo and video authorization and editing support.