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City Walk Dubai - A Comprehensive Guide for Visitors

Posted On: 17-12-2022

City Walk Dubai is one of the freshest and top pumping-up places in the United Arab Emirates. It is within the city's characteristics of expansive idea boulevards and picturesque sidewalk bistros. That would adversity the fancies of New York and Paris.

There is also an included mall with Natural, occupancy trees and piped-in Chirping. The region is a relaxing oasis within the modern labyrinth of gliding buildings for a Dubai city tour. The whole family will discover a position to appreciate at City Walk Dubai. Also, it's particularly a hotspot for devoted customers. If you’re looking for some fascinating places to visit and activities to explore in City Walk Dubai. Then during your expedition, check out our inventory of the best regional activities to explore or attractions to visit, including.

Activities to Explore in the City Walk Dubai

City Walk Dubai Guide for Visitors

Following are attractions to explore in the city walk Dubai. There is no doubt that these things to do are ideal for international visitors. For visiting across the United Arab Emirates.

  • The Green Planet
  • Hub Zero
  • Mattel Play! Town
  • Luxury Shopping
  • 3D Art
  • Dining

The Green Planet:

You don't need to flow to the Amazon to bring a flavour of a tropical rainforest. Here is the Green Planet, an enchanting, sheer equatorial rainforest surrounded by its four-story installation or construction. Vacant to the youthful and the aged visitors. It is interesting and ventures some for everybody visiting here.

The Green Planet is a scholarly and entertaining destination. You can examine and understand each footing of the woodland. Start up your tour with the floor, it is Flooded Forest on the first floor. It advertises various classifications of marine and aquatic vitality.

The next step is the Forest Floor is a muggy, gloaming, and peaceful locale replenished with plant variety. The Midstory neighbourhood of the woods pursues the third foundation. Along with additional lush foliage and area to absorb up the daylight. That screens through the roof coating. Eventually, the Canopy status is based on the fourth floor displaying the canopy of the rainforest.

Also, it is a residence to birds and additional wilderness. As you create your manner through each floor and space of The Green Planet. Then you'll get to memorise all the categories of plants and animals that summon it home. From colourful butterflies to tropical birds and frogs to insects. You will also obtain a glimpse firsthand at the important position. That the tropical woods jest in our existing and prospective environment.

Hub Zero:

For the aged visitors, Hub Zero is the foremost fascinating enjoyment hub in the region. It will indeed knock their liking. This is a crash of planets, where the actual goes to the effect of developing objective gaming knowledge. Along with a mixed spectrum of games enriched with fantastic bulks and cutting-edge unusual outcomes.

Stride into the destiny of technology and gaming at Hub Zero. From there you can fascinate yourself with many exciting games. Including 3D games, a multi-level laser tag arena, climbing walls and shooting skill matches. Also, a race track to arrange your real-life aptitudes to the questioning. Most compellingly, Hub Zero is merely a wireless virtual reality encounter in the United Arab Emirates.

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Grown-ups aged between 13 to 20 years can get the pleasure of this. On the other side, the Dubai Card lets you enjoy endless tickets to these games at Hub Zero.

  • Hack Attack.
  • Gears of War Laser Siege.
  • Virtual Arena.
  • Resident Evil Big Terror.
  • Asura’s Wrath.
  • Battlefield Armoured Assault.
  • HyperDrive.
  • Plants vs. Zombies Backyard Brawl.
  • Double Agent.
  • Sports Academy featuring Pro Evolution Soccer.
  • Hero Zone Vertical Adventure.

Youngsters aged between 3 years to 12 years will have endless fun with the following games

  • Tiny Track Racers
  • Plants vs. Zombies
  • Double Agent

Mattel Play! Town:

The family-friendly activities to explore at City Walk begins again at Mattel Play! Town. This action-based 'Edu-play' medium is planned for kids aged between 2 years to 10 years old. Visitors to Mattel Play! The region will be amused with delightful live entertainment shows. As well as scholarly play encounters, and a lot of hands-on things to do and formulates. That stimulates problem-solving mastery and cooperation to generate kid's creativity and social talents growth.

Your kid's favoured personalities will arrive alive as they encounter Bob the Builder. As well as, assist their favourite character in their task to constantly frame and create a city. They will memorise fitness and security protection as they conserve quality time with Fireman Sam.

Or they get dressed for an epic dance show with Angelina Ballerina, which is based at Camembert Academy. They can also hunt through into the earth of Thomas The Tank Engine. Besides, Friends as they grab articles in the 4D encounter. Or maybe it's bringing in arts with Barney in his multicoloured imaginative chamber. That will fondle their liking. No matter what their famous personality or encounter is, there is always the availability of something great at Mattel Play! Town. You can redeem your Go Dubai Card for entry tickets to the places to visit. Also, there are many different things to do w for enjoying it all across the city.

Luxury Shopping:

Dubai is a heaven for shopping activity and the City Walk Dubai is no peculiarity. The expansion was planned on a multi-vision encounter. Along with an exceptionally varied selection of shops, malls, and boutiques to attract any consumer.

From global elevated style to jewellery makers, and perfume emporiums. As well as souvenir platforms and homeware stores, whether you're shopping for gifts or yourself to bring back doorstep. The City Walk Dubai is convinced to have a niche to claim whatever you wish. Manipulating your Go Dubai Card during your journey will protect your helpful money. So you can enjoy shopping according to your budget.

3D Art:

If you're fortunate enough, explore Dubai city during the additional winter or spring season. Then you can grab a glance at the tremendous 3D art elicited at platforms around the region, containing City Walk Dubai. Designated artists from all over the world have been chosen to display their talent and skills in the metropolitan residence place of City Walk Dubai. It is transforming the area into an available canvas for the 3D Art Festival in the UAE. Numerous tourists can attend to the artists in an effort as they formulate their chef-d'oeuvre. An occasional United Arab Emirates-based organisation will also arrange a free meet & greet and art gossip throughout the carnival.


Once you've explored a craving for gaming along-duration shopping you might want to pleat into one of City Walk Dubai's numerous delectable diners or bistros. Advertising a global cuisine. Such as from Italian to Arabic to American to French cuisine. You will handle it like you're in the soul of a bustling municipality hurt for option. If it's not excessively hot, clasp a seat near an outdoor City Walk. The seats are streaking the eye-catching boulevard to take satisfaction in your day.