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La Perle Dubai - An Ultimate Blog to The Most Bountiful Show

Posted On: 16-10-2022

La Perle is the first live theatre in Dubai with a stable residence in Al Habtoor City, UAE.

It is a purpose-assembled aqua stage that discovers a charming fairytale saga accomplished by a crew of 65 artists. It includes circus artists, motorcyclists and dancers from 23 multiple ethnicities. Role stage, Role circus, get ready to be completely fascinated and awe-energized throughout the 90-minute stage show.

The live stage show itself is the valuable chore of Franco Dragone, famous for his former works for Cirque du Soleil as creative director. Also, a New Day with Celine Dion In Las Vegas.

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La Perle Dubai – The Complete Story

La Perle Dubai

Here, you will get to see a sequence of events of kinds, though to be truthful. We didn’t completely get what it was! Later exploration indicates to us that it is about an adolescent fisherwoman who drops into a dream-like kingdom. Then travels to the United Arab Emirates in questioning a missing pearl.

During her voyage, she appears across people from unique nations and cultures. In an incline to the local tradition of the United Arab Emirates. The pearl is the climacteric item in the story.

La Perle – The Live Stage Show:

The live stage show is formulated in such a way that the whole space is a component of the theatre. Determine 270-degree perspectives and light forecasts that modify the floor, seats, and walls. Right into the head of the construction from a mysterious jungle to a frenzied street setting in seconds.

The water live theatre is the main fact, that is taking a massive 2,700,000 litres of water having a depth of about 8 meters. The performers appear and leave the stage with dignity and dramatic-challenging high-gliding dips that should be foreseen.

It is a completely fascinating encounter with a bunch getting on from the water dealing with acrobatics and shifting stages and props. There are periods where the light and audio effects generate you think like you’re in an underground tunnel. Before getting into an active street.

Ticket Price:

There are three types of tickets for non-VIP La Perle audiences. The price relies on the position of the seat. The price for Gold tickets is 359 AED, Silver tickets are 309 AED and Bronze tickets are 259 AED.


A platform for La Perle Dubai is encountered straight in the centre of Al Habtoor City, in Downtown Dubai. The location is based on the popular Sheikh Zayed Road. Meanwhile, Business Bay is the closest metro station. Or if you desire to hire a cab, then the nearest point after the theatre is at Westin or St Regis.


The time of show goes twice a day and five days a week. However, the selective hours are: From Tuesday to Friday, the show runs from 7 PM and 9 PM. Meanwhile, on Saturday, the timing is 4 PM and 7 PM

Is La Perle Circus a Theatre in the City of Gold?

This live stage show is tough to formulate in simply limited words. Meanwhile, you will get to experience here a portion of comedy, a portion of glamour, and sentiment. Along with dare-devil and hair-raising adventures & stunts, all summed up into one. With magic and elegance leaving you thinking extra after each performance. But maybe also narrowly scuffing your head if there is a sequence of events. Also, how it will all appear concurrently? Some tips are to try not to clarify any tale and only enjoy the theatre.

But there is one thing we would notify don’t go in anticipating as similar as Cirque Du Soleil. There are a few hold-your-breath minutes but it’s not simply exact from circus views in Dubai.

What is the Best Seat to Enjoy the Live Show?

The water stage show having 1300-seats is formulated for pie-in-the-sky viewing enjoyment. No issue where ever you sit there is nothing bad in it.

If you wish for a familiar encounter, significance you can glimpse the facial expressions nearly. Later move towards VIP seats or get a gold seat ticket in the downward category of the stage. For a generously aerial perspective over the entire theatre, there’s enough you’ll wish to occupy from the nook of your eye. However, you can also go for a silver seat option.