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Fontana Water Circus Brings a Splash to Dubai

Posted On: 21-01-2023

Adore a sunset of Surprising actions and entertainment? On the boundary of your seat movement has docked in Dubai Festival Bay. This season the first appearance of the Fontana water circus in Dubai will splendid your fun. It is submitted by HAT Entertainment in cooperation with the Arts organization in Beirut "Cirque du Liban".

Fontana Water Circus Dubai - A Brief Overview

Fontana Water Circus Dubai

Fold up, Fold up! Fascinating ld-style family entertainment below the great top has reached Dubai!

Overlook cliche animal performances, this current circus show incorporates incredible pilots, fascinating stunts, artists, and the essence. Dancing Musical Fountain provides an astonishing marine sensation in live entertainment shows, Just like the evening desert safari 6-hour tour, where three amazing live shows fascinate the audience.

But this show lasts for two-hour and is kept in a definitive circus pavilion in Festival City. A combination of art, technology and choreography, Fontana is executed on a custom-formulated marine stage. They foresee reckless acrobatics to make over into bewitching singing and action-packed schemes from motorcycle leaps to preciseness ammunition.

Although components of the theatre are additionally equipped for youngsters (mostly the comic achievement). Meanwhile, adults can yet doubtlessly have an enjoyable evening too.

Audible, spirited, and amusing, you’ll undoubtedly discover yourself keeping your breath. As the global cast of circus accomplishes unthinkable actions.

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Fontana Water Circus Show Location and Timing

Fontana’s Dubai residence is encountered at the Dubai Festival City. From there a particular circus pavilion has been assembled neighboring Lulu’s stop at the mall. Meanwhile, Parking for vehicles is functional behind the pavilion, it is the covered parking also.

There are eight Fontana shows in a week in their beginning agenda. Along with a production-to-live field:

  • From Wednesday & Thursday, the show takes place from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM
  • From Friday and Saturday, the show takes place from 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM. However, the other time is 07:00 PM to the 09:00 PM
  • On Sunday, the show takes place from 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM, However, the other time is from 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM.


The gates of the Fontana show open an hour earlier but are different from the snack concession stand. There’s not extensively to accomplish inside so we suggest you reach nearly 15 to 20 minutes earlier. So you could get loo breaks and snacks and get your seats. (The doors of the Stage show unlock for visitors up to 30 minutes earlier than the theatre starts).

The foremost performance stays about 1 hour, after, viewers will get to see a 15-minute interval pursued by the last half hour and 15 minutes of the theatre.

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What to Expect?

This is the moment to detect some remarkable acts. Fontana Water Circus shows contains all of it. Under the particularly developed canopy of the water theatre. The visitors will appreciate the hypnotizing executions of imaginative circus performances. Colonize your seatings to notice the theatre's aerialists, dancers, and different impressive circus pleasures. Also, if much is not sufficient, the entire stuff is escorted by a musical dancing fountain. So, the city gold, Dubai gets prepared to encounter a circus-influenced ever. However, if you are thinking about tickets and additional components, then carry on!

Ticket Price:

Instantly the entry tickets are available on sale. Meanwhile, the sale was from 30 September to 30 October 2022.

  • Extraordinary water circus entertainers at Fontana Dubai Festival City location
  • Tremendous aerialists are one of the tops of Fontana
  • How much is the Fontana show for visitors?

The answer o all your queries is that the entry Tickets for Fontana are divided into five class classifications relying on your role within the auditorium.

  • The Gold and Silver classes are your exceptional seating places ringside cost AED 300 & AED 250 per individual respectively.
  • However, tickets below AED 200 are obtainable for an elevated grandstand center. ( Blue costs 130 AED, Red costs 180 AED, and Green costs 90 AED)

Do you get watery during the Fontana Water Circus?

We understand that some little ones adore this whilst, meanwhile, some hate it. From what we figured out, no, you won't get wet. The water from the performance launches is directly up, not out. Also, the front seating is not needed to put on raincoats. As we’ve glimpsed in different water theatres. So, do be conscious they may get splashed by the comedians though.

  • The chaotic staging and appearance of the Fontana seating.
  • The grandstand-influence rows access tremendous views of the action from wherever you’re placed.
  • Additional key realities you’ll desire to learn about Fontana.
  • The minimum age limit to watch the show is above 2 years. (though we pointed out the number of babies in the viewers. So do not freight loud sounds and flickering lights if taking little ones could haunt them.
  • No photographs or filming is allowed during the theatre (however nobody is stopping you. Everybody looked like to be filming and taking pictures during the premiere)
  • Face masks, which were compulsory during COVID are no protracted mandatory in the United Arab Emirates. However, you may still want to put on in a populace.
  • Outside foods are not allowed, only food paid for at the auditorium can be obtained at the Grandstand.
  • The large canopy is air conditioned to a pleasant temperature. However, knowing Dubai city, obtain a wrap or woolen sweater to cover yourself, if it becomes too cold inside.