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Kalba Bird of Prey Centre Sharjah - An Ultimate Guide

Posted On: 26-10-2022

Kalba Bird of Prey Centre is the top visited place in Sharjah. Kalba Bird of Prey Centre is an attraction, where people can discover the environment, diet and hunting mastery of glorious raptor creature lineage. Such as Eagles, owls and hawks.

Let’s face the numerous creatures of prey that are present at the warehouse. You can also realise about the location, opening hours and things to explore at the Birds of Prey Centre Sharjah.

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The Kalba Birds of Prey Centre: A Brief Overview

Kalba Birds of Prey Centre Sharjah

Discover further about birds of prey at the warehouse. The Birds of Prey Centre is in Kalba, and was inducted in January 2014. Under the industry of his greatness Sheikh Dr Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi. He was the unit of the Ruler and Supreme Council of Sharjah.

The Bird of Prey Centre is one of its types of installations in the United Arab Emirates. It is the residence of many ancestries of massive raptor creatures. The installation proposes numerous temptations and conveniences. Like cafés, live shows, ancient terrains and a variety of raucous creatures from the Middle East and further on.

Kalba Bird Of Prey Centre Highlights:

There’s a bunch to perform at this creature of attraction. Here’s a record of the several temptations that create this wildlife installation worth exploring.

Live Verification:

  • An eagle with its trainer during a live presentation. The Live showings are a perfect manner to comprehend additional about these magnificent creatures and their hunting abilities.
  • One of the fundamental things to do at the Kalba Birds of Prey Centre is to encounter free-flying rallies. That displays the basic characteristics of the creatures probing and gliding operations. These free-flying rallies are performed under the maintenance of professionals.
  • The creatures at the warehouse are acquainted with experienced animal handlers. The live exhibitions accentuate some outstanding escapes and hunting aptitudes of these beautiful creatures.
  • The Bird of Prey Centre live concerts last for one hour. Besides, they grab a position at the outside stadium in the building.

Enjoy a Live Meeting With Birds Of Prey:

The Eagle in its compartment at the Sharjah Bird of Prey Centre is one of the top fascinating landmarks in Sharjah. Besides, you will get to appear in person with these gorgeous creatures. You might get across the warehouse owl, hawks, falcons, vultures and different wandering and inhabitant wild raptors. Different wide-open columbary is simulating voluntary environments where the raptors are resisted.

Get to Know What Eagles Eat:

The creatures in a compartment have wide-open cages. The attraction has a feed set-up installation where people can get to know what the eagles, raptors and vultures will eat for lunch or dinner. This is an outstanding manner for children to comprehend wilderness in the United Arab Emirates and their territory. If you have any suspicions, the instructor and the crew are always prepared to reply to them.

Scholarly Visits For Children:

You can behold the barn owl at the enclosure. However, Children get delighted when they discover these raptors up close. These live presentations are a decent way for youngsters and grown-ups to comprehend further the feeding patterns and natural environments of the building in the Arabian Peninsula. The Kalba Birds of Prey Centre governs outstanding academic trips for children in Fujairah as well.

Ghayal Fort is excellent for Instagrammable snapshots:

The Al Ghail or Al Ghyal Fort is encountered at the Bird of Prey Centre. The refuge is on the exterior of a highland, compelling it as an excellent vantage point to investigate the whole attraction. Meanwhile, the neighbouring ridges and the numerous volleys are.

Don’t miss clicking some Instagrammable portrayals here as the spot gives an excellent environment and background for an incredible selfie.

Must Visit The Small Zoo:

The installation also has a fresh fondling zoo for children. From there they get to discern regional Arabian cows and goats.

Kalba Birds of Prey Centre FAQs

What are the ticket prices?

The entry ticket for the Kalba Bird of Prey Centre is 15.75 AED per individual.

What is it Located?

It is discovered in Kalba, which is based on Sharjah’s east coast. However, it is near Al Hefaiyah Conservation Centre. Travellers can reach through E102 (from point Sharjah to Point Kalba Road). Also, you can take E84 from Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road.

What are the Opening Hours?

The Kalba Bird of Prey Centre's timings are as follows

  • From Sunday to Thursday, it opens from 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM.
  • On Friday, it opens from 01:00 PM to 05:30 PM.
  • On Saturday, it opens from 11:00 AM to 05:30 AM.
  • However, it remains closed on Tuesday to give some rest break to the raptors.

Are kids allowed?

Yes, this wildlife attraction is important among families having kids, friends and cooperating staff as well. However, the petting zoo and the free-flying exhibitions are enlightening and fascinating for everyone.

Are Pets Allowed Along with the Visitors?

No, visitors are not allowed to bring pets with them inside the centre.

Final Thoughts:

Here are all for our survey of the Kalba Bird of Prey Centre in Sharjah. This is one of the top-notch attractions in Sharjah to watch the wonderful raptors of the target in litigation. The attraction is well-maintained and has a bunch of entertainment in reserve for youngsters. The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is founded in Dubai and is an amazing exploration for pet watchers.

If you wish to investigate what the available emirate of Fujairah has to address. Then you can tour these wildlife attractions for a pleasant day.

For different things to do and places to visit for the forthcoming Sharjah House of Wisdom discovered close to University City. It is opposite Sharjah International Airport. Sharjah National Park is also the second temptation in the town for a family gathering. The youngster's play area established barbeque set-up and open-wide areas. Also, duck brine is barely interesting to entertain visitors.