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Dubai Autodrome – Epic for the Motor Lovers

Posted On: 07-12-2022

If you adore racing activities with your friends but don’t have a convenient racing engine. Then Dubai Autodrome in Motor City is your explanation to make our city stay mindblowing. It shows you both the racing trail and a mean competing appliance to accomplish your internal impulse for speed. There is no velocity boundary in the platform, also famous as the "Home of UAE motorsport".

The place delivers distinctive and innumerable things to do in Dubai and fascinating workouts for all ages.

This Autodrome was founded to nurture UAE motorsports in Dubai Motor City. Besides, assembly is a Motor Sports goal globally. The Dubai Autodrome and Motorsport Company DAMC were built by Union Property. Besides, arranging the Dubai Autodrome in 2004.

Dubai Autodrome - A Brief Overview

Dubai Autodrome for the Motor Lovers

It has FIA-endorsed 5.30 km racing paths of 6 distinct configurations. A racing academy, outdoor as well as indoor Karting. Besides, a park for business called Motorsport Business Park. A trustworthy retail neighbourhood called the Grandstand Retail Plaza. Also, a VIP Paddock Hospitality region is included for the visitors. It also retains amusement installations ideal for occasions and corporate enjoyment.


Under the financing of its leader and UAE golden city's Crown Prince Mr. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Muhammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Also, the Dubai Autodrome has greeted first-class automobile racing occasions. Such as UAE GT Championship, Touring Car Championship, Clio Cup, Sportbikes Championship, and NGK Racing Series.

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It also has considerable regional and provincial ethnicities that tour Dubai Autodrome. These incorporate Radical Cup, Trofeo Maserati, Suzuki Swift Cup, Formula Gulf 1000, and Porsche Cup Middle East.

This Motorsport Festival is classified every year in the Dubai Autodrome of the Motor City. It is quite enticing to regional mastery. It has a different provincial taste with its catchphrase. Which is slightly like "a festivity of motorsport in UAE".

Installations in Dubai Autodrome

Dubai Autodrome for the Motor Lovers

The Dubai Autodrome trail is developed with multinational protection provisions insanity. It has got a hi-tech online surveillance network that encircles the whole race channel. The management area is adjoined to all the IP cameras. Also, each day, the information is reserved and certified on regional hard disks to review. Besides the examination of any happening and actual-moment network/ control of the getting on the race trails.

The course is FIA endorsed with an asphalt-encircled run-off region. It is the foremost of its sort on earth. The control room, manager room, and retail locales are uncovered at the Dubai Autodrome opening in a contemporary two-story compound.

Other installations boarded in this complicated are;

  • Race or Safety Control Space
  • Timekeeping Space
  • Media Centre
  • VIP Suite
  • Stewards Space

There is also a Medical Center at the back side of the Pit neighbourhood for following troubles. During occurrences prepared with a contemporary first aid establishment and on-deck nurses or first aiders.

If you retain a craving to scorch some severe rubber. Then employ an Audi TT or hire the evil Audi R8V.10. Also strike the Dubai Autodrome race trail. It has what you desire for your fascination for fast cars, tracks, and a heartbeat for a thrilling adventure. Moreover, yes, never convey into the pail hub without the helmet!

Driving Experience:

Obtain your racing delights by engaging any of the pro vehicles obtainable in Dubai Autodrome. The knowledge begins with:

  • Appearance and signup at the Welcome Centre.
  • Protection guiding on trajectory and driving methods. Recall that you must have a reasonable global. UAE driving licence from any UAE region in Manual Transmission cars.
  • A commute will bring you to the Club trajectory, From where you will get the guidelines from your instructors.
  • You will desire to enjoy a ride for 10 minutes in a Radical Sports Car. Then, you understand the circuit and excellent the threads. Along with incentives and recommendations from experienced professors.
  • Quick summarization on steering the F1 track.
  • Steering knowledge in the F1 Jaguar 2000. Or F1 Arrows 2002 which is about 4 rounds and 3x past pit direct.
  • Returning while driving back to the Welcome Centre for questioning and certificate declaration.
  • The whole encounter period is nearly 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Being a Passenger:

You can be a traveller and always bring delight to Dubai Autodrome. If you desire to sit back and fetch the expenditure. This platform has the subsequent choices;

  • 2 whole "club circuits" of the Ferrari GT Passenger Ride will be AED 825
  • 2 whole "club circuits" of the McLaren Passenger Ride will be AED 615
  • 2 whole "club circuits" of the Porsche GT4 Passenger Ride laps will be AED 565
  • 3 whole "club circuits" of the Clio Cup Passenger Ride laps will be AED 350
  • 3 whole "club circuits" of the Abarth 595 Passenger Ride laps will be AED 300


Please notice that extremely professional drivers can drive all vehicles. On the other side, your protection is of maximum significance to Dubai Autodrome. You will have to put on all the safety equipment facilitated by the management of DMAC.

Motorbikes in Dubai Autodrome

If you adore riding motorbikes then Dubai Autodrome recommends Track Days. The ever-best occasion gives motorbike fans a hassle-free and safe motorbiking-controlled environment. This environment is provided in myriad routes with rotation formats. Such as FIA-sanctioned circuit de One circuits. The track day will retain an ambulance and medical care service per the stringent security standards. Along with all assemblies, centres are manned.

Conditions to ride a motorbike:

  • Riders or candidates of motorbikes in this academy, who have not taken part in Track Days before must register. Also, participate in a Novice Track Evening notwithstanding their prior knowledge of biking in Dubai. This guarantees that they have a whole understanding of the Motorbike safety basics.
  • Any routine road-respected or hunt bike may have a part in a Bike Track at noon time or Evening time.
  • Candidates must possess an accurate and present driver’s highway or race.
  • One or two pieces darted together with helmets, leathers, gloves, and boots are compulsory. A back guardian is an additional advantage.
  • All motorbikes must have front and rear glares. Along with obvious projections for Evening Track Sessions.
  • Track day prices rely on the circuit configurations being manipulated on the day.