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Dubai Frame – A Comprehensive Guide for Visitors

Posted On: 31-12-2022

While heading to Zabeel Park before, you will notice a huge facility gliding 150 feet into the sky. Along with a lovely golden veneer, scrutinizes like an immense frame popular as the "Dubai Frame". It is a landmark configuration that seized nearly five years to assemble and unlocked its gate for locals and tourists on January 1, 2018. The surface of the Dubai Frame has a detailed logo of Expo 2020 that decorates it throughout. One would sense that the golden circle's Expo 2020 is covering the whole Aluminum and Glass edifice. The Golden Frame Dubai on the other hand is one of the promising attractions to explore in the city of gold.

The background selected to bring in this configuration is furthermore extremely unusual. When Dubai Municipality wished to assemble a frame. It brought about makers to create something extraordinary that would come out. Design specialist Fernando Doris offered an arrangement that summarizes all outcomes at the golden city in one place. That is how the notion of a frame arrived at him. His layout was official and provided the go-ahead sign by Dubai Municipality for the building.

Dubai Frame - A Brief Overview

Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame retains two flank buildings 93 meters asunder, related by a bridge. Originally, it was scheduled to build an utterly translucent glass bridge. But later, the architects felt that there would be numerous, who have a “height Phobia”. Hence won’t be competent to appreciate the Dubai Frame. So, merely the glass is put in incompletely to the bridge. That attaches the two observatories. Separated from the Dubai Frame, there are numerous additional exhilarating places to visit in Dubai for visitors traveling from worldwide.

If you explore it during night time, then the entire frame is draped with an altering glow. The glowing gold shells with surroundings of transforming lights are a picture to observe.

The location of Dubai Frame in Zabeel Park is one of the biggest parks in the city of gold. There is no massive observatory anywhere near this location. This brings it the towering configuration and pays for a clear view of the UAE's golden city. The Guardian explains The Dubai Frame as the top tremendous synthetic frame on earth.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to explore Dubai Frame and get an eye-catching moment is around evening or sunset time. This suggests that you will be competent to glimpse a city of gold in the sunlight, sunset, and in the entire treasure of neons. Avoid proceeding there when there is excessive fog or dust as you are not able to fetch a flawless view. It also performs as an infotainment. It is scholarly and encouraging to apprehend the imagination of its monarchs that is verified by forceful activity. It is academic to glimpse how an extensive attractive Arabian desert is transformed into one of the earth’s top habitable Oasis. Along with everything contemporary vitality needs. The differing view of the city of the future and the following attraction is not clashing but “converting”. The “Old” Dubai is known as the “Heritage”, and the “new Dubai perspective is the “Young-hip-occurrence".

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Fascinating Information:

Frame Dubai was developed to be a tourist attraction to explore. Besides, it has stood up to the concept of the city. Daily thousands of tourists create a beeline to glimpse two various city views at a period. Every hour, only 200 people are authorized on the major bridge to assure. That as numerous tourists can appreciate the magnificence of the attraction as feasible.

Here are a few fascinating pieces of information for you;

  • Over 9.900 cubic meters of strengthened material is manipulated to put together the Dubai Frame
  • Steel of about 2000 tons has been utilized to finalize the system of the attraction
  • it consists of 48 floors.
  • The glass of about 2900 square yards has been utilized.
  • The side of a ratio is about 1:1.618, known as the golden ratio. However, the designer deems the Golden Ratio.


After getting your visit ticket, you may have to wait for about 15-20 minutes. Besides, that is when you would be greeted with an Arabic melody as well as an enormous entity high above. That is similar to a massive snake that gradually shifts in all proportions to provide an extraordinary personality to the canopy of the mezzanine. In the vestibule outside, there are fascinating water fountains. Your substantial will begin from the Mezzanine balcony, a museum displaying the city of yore. Containing different articles utilized in history. The entire knowledge is immersive as the exclusive multi-dimensional museum. There are lovely frames, audiovisual film, and objects apprehending some milestone dates. Such as in 1971 when the recent Airport Terminal – 1 was undertaken.

If you enjoy noticing a 360-degree dramatic view of the city of the future. The strategy is to arrive at the Dubai Frame this year during the summer or winter season.

The Future:

The city of the future is displayed in the neighboring space of Sky Deck. This includes predictions of what the future is proceeding to peek like. It is opaque and extremely abstract. You will notice robots, facilities covered on the web and hovercrafts. The monarchs and the administration are attempting to earn the recent era's willingness for the future of various planets altogether.

This is a must-explore too. The pilgrimage to the future is depicted as a moment's trip. You will seek that you have dropped anchor at various alcoves completely. Everything emerges far canceled from contemporary existence. But that is where Dubai is presiding to. Its majesties are selected to arrange the city first to gain a future. That considerable others have not imagined yet.


You can visit any day from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM.

Regardless, the timing fluctuates during Ramadan and Public holidays. So make sure to check before a visit.

Entry Ticket:

The entry ticket costs Aed 50 per person. Meanwhile for kids aged between 3 to 12 years old costs 20 AED per person. However, those below 3 years old are free to enter.

Visitors with judgments and two simultaneous sightseers are ratified for free.

Handful Important Things to Memorise Before Visiting:

  • No pets are permitted to bring
  • No food or beverages from outside are permitted
  • Smoking is not allowed
  • You're not allowed to jump on the glass base
  • You must be supposed to dress respectfully.