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Dubai Kartdrome - Test Your Racing Skills

Posted On: 01-02-2023

Dubai is the position to recognize all your classy imaginations. You don’t have to glimpse differently if you expect to meet your fondness. For their racing adventure and fun in Dubai city. Merely create your tradition to Dubai Kartdrome. It is one of the territory’s out-and-out inducements to race go-karts on the world-best rotation. Nonetheless, don’t comprehend what to foresee on your tour here? Proceed with browsing through this position to teach yourself. Along with every single thing, you should be knowledgeable of this fascinating attraction in the city of gold.

Dubai Kartdrome - A Brief Overview

Dubai Kartdrome

Dubai Kartdrome is a fantastic arena where you can grope the fast-revving motor sound, racing enthusiasm, and super speed all in one location. It is one of the top fascinating components of Dubai Autodrome. It is a progressive and non-segregated motorsport intricate in Dubai Motor City.

The installation moves toward a cavalcade of top-end and admiringly secure go-karts (increased by state-of-the-art motors). You can hang them on both its outside and inside race channels. Also, there are outstanding for all sightseers above seven years old.

Key Facts & Highlights:

  • Dubai Kartdrome, developed by Apex Circuit Design. Also, it was extended in the year 2004 as a component of Dubai Autodrome.
  • It contains a 1.2-kilometer outside the base course and 620 meters inside trajectory.
  • The outdoor trajectory is available to all above 13 years old. Also, it moves toward 17 junctions, an overpass, and an underpass. By making it the simple channel of its variety on the planet.
  • There are first-class flood glares inaugurated throughout the rotation to improve nighttime racing.
  • The entire configuration of the trajectory may come across as demanding. However, it assures the complete safety of both competitors (of all levels) and observers.
  • The indoor channel is neighboring the outdoor path. It can serve up to 10 candidates at a moment. It also administers a flawless, bosom opening to fling-karting camps, racing education, and slight kiddie parties.
  • Dubai Kartdrome is the outlet of numerous races and occurrences, important standing the Dubai O Plate. Which is the gigantic karting race in the Middle East.

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Dubai Kartdrome is found in Motor City, which is located at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. That is a place between Sports City and Arabian Ranches.


Both outdoor and indoor courses are available on all days. From Sunday to Saturday, however the time ars from noon to 00:00 hrs. Race and Drive Hub is available from 9 hours to 17 hrs on every day.

Duration and Pricing:

This mainly hangs on the racing knowledge or deal you decide on. The package starts from 115 AED.

ideal Time to Visit:

With outdoor as well as indoor trajectories also a karting institute and many additional attractions. it is an inducement that you can explore during any component of the year.

How to Reach?

You can arrive here via a public bus such as RTA bus number - F29 or by grabbing a career or taxi. Directly if you intend to come here on your own in your transport. Then there is a great parking space accessible during the installation.

Top Encounters At Dubai Kartdrome

Arrive and Drive:

Dubai Kartdrome proposes an amazing package ‘Arrive and Drive’ for visitors. They permit candidates (of all abilities) to slam the race channels. While exploring the complete rapture and exhilaration of go-karting in the safest manner probable. After all, there will be an appropriate protection briefing trial and also cloak all important equipment. For example suits, helmets, balaclava's and gloves.

Following each go-karting session, you will be competent to detector your race outcome and lap moments. All the credit goes to the entire tech and tracking meshes available. Whether you decide on an outside or inside circuit, your ‘Arrive and Drive’ package endures for 15 minutes. From where 2-3 minutes strive and the remainder 12 minutes on your own.

Other Inducements At Dubai Kartdrome Karting Academy (DAKA):

The Dubai Autodrome Karting Academy is solely developed for children from 7 to 16 years old. These kids wish to evolve into professional racers. It mainly nourishes a 10-week agenda under the advice of championship-winner candidates and trainers. This authorizes your eager little ones to comprehend all vital aspects of go-kart racing. Ahead with its triviality, formats, steering guiding techniques, etc.


It is established from where you can merge a tremendous SIM race trial. Also, play against up to 10 companions in an effective motor racing environment. All credit goes to its front-line Raceroom Event Automation Software.

Laser Tag Encounter:

Laserdome is one of the significant tuggers of the establishment’s indoor composite. This 400-square-meter stadium includes a Middle Age labyrinth enhanced by man-made fog and embankment. Fetch your company of up to 10 individuals and play it in two squads.

Holiday Camps:

The holiday camp assemblies in the Dubai Kartdrome. They are obtainable throughout the year for kids aged between 7 to 15 years old. Every assembly survives for about 7 days from Sunday to Thursday. However, the timings are (9 hours to 13 hours). Those fun-filled Activities such as SIM racing, Laser Tag, and indoor karting. Among several more, are comprised in this camp hearing.

Packages for Corporate:

Kartdrome creates a fail-safe alternative to contemplate your vital visitors, customers, etc. It shows many packages for the meaning. For example Grand-Prix, Mini-Prix, Endurance Race, and Super-Prix. You can choose the suitable one as per your group's firmness. Its period stays from two to three hours. However, it is depending on the deal you pick.