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Jumeirah Mosque – An Ultimate Dubai Travel Guide for Tourists

Posted On: 22-02-2023

Among the extensively widespread tourist things to do in Dubai is the Jumeirah Mosque. The attraction is a spectacular sight, and its architecture is extraordinary and stunning. Non-Muslims can also esteem it from the exterior or grab a guided excursion. So, this location is not just for Muslims.

If you schedule to tour the mosque during your Dubai tourism. Then, this guide will inform you of everything you require to address.

Jumeirah Mosque Dubai - A Brief Overview

Jumeirah Mosque

The Jumeirah Mosque Dubai is one of the legendary climacterics in the city of gold. The attraction was constructed in the delinquent 1970s by the former Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. It is a wonderful illustration of time-honored Islamic construction. Besides, it can acclimate up to 1,200 adorers.

This fascinating Masjid was constructed in the definitive Moorish fashion. While it is brought in wholly of white marble. It comprises six campanile and two crowns. The insight into the Masjid is elaborated with tangled Islamic handwriting and patterns.


Tourists will uncover an immense interior with a gigantic prominent praying area. The primary hall is bounded by two diminutive halls manipulated for cleansing before invocations. The barricades and canopies are ornamented with amazing Islamic art. Besides, the realistic light cascades through the enormous windows edging the walls.

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The mosque is available to non-Muslims as well on navigated tours. This allows them to comprehend Islamic confidence and adore the attraction’s amazing interior. The Jumeirah Mosque is a loved component of Dubai’s lineage and a must-explore for anyone touring the city of gold.


It is based on Jumeirah Beach Road in the compassion of Dubai’s shopping & tourist precinct. The attraction is one of the most widespread tourist things to explore in the golden city of UAE. Besides its entangled construction and stunning locale make it a must-explore for anyone who visits the city.

Entry Tickets:

The expenditure for a navigated tour of the Jumeirah Mosque is around 25 Dirhams per head (the expense may deviate with time). Excursions are completed on daily basis. Besides, they last roughly 30 to 45 minutes.

Opening Hours:

The Masjid is forthcoming for populace visits from 8:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the evening. Along with expeditions operating every half hour. These navigated expeditions are a simple manner for non-Muslims to penetrate the attraction. So be confident to schedule your visit consequently.

What To Wear?

Visitors are informed to dress respectfully by pursuing the dress code instructions. Such as their shoulders and knees must be covered. While women are also mandated to wrap a headscarf. Further, they must put on a loose-fitting Burqa or gown.

The dress code for males is additionally adaptable. However, it is nonetheless desirable to model long trousers and a long-sleeved shirt. Shorts are not allowed to wear inside the attraction. If you are insecure about what to model, you can invariably inquire of the Masjid entourage for recommendations. Following the dress code will help produce an optimistic and respectful environment at the Jumeirah Mosque.

Jumeirah Mosque During Ramadan:

The attraction is forthcoming to the multitude all year round. However, during Ramadan, it is only available for particular outings. Ramadan is a juncture of spiritual thinking and fasting. Besides, e are many Muslims spend an additional moment at the location during this holy month.

If you are calling upon Dubai during Ramadan, you are still eligible to make a tour of the Jumeirah Mosque. But you make sure to book an excursion in advance. The expeditions are completed by well-informed attendants who can respond to any queries about it or Islam.

This is an attractive illustration of Islamic construction. Also, its extent and grandness are confident to impress outsiders. Nevertheless, the place is additionally more than precisely a tourist interest. It is also a functional spot of adoration, and sightseers are requested to respect this existence.

Tips for Jumeirah Mosque Before Visiting

Here are a few directions to support you produce the most of your tour.

Modest Clothing

As noted above, dressing up properly when visiting the Masjid is necessary. Modest clothing means surface your shoulders and knees and putting on a headscarf if you are a female.

Remove the Shoes

Before stepping into the mosque, make sure to extract your shoes. You can take off them at the opening or bring them with you. There are established locales where you can take off your shoes when penetrating the house.

Respectful Behavior

The Jumeirah Mosque is a functional position of worship. Besides the visitors are anticipated to behave respectfully. It signifies being silent and not clicking pictures during prayer times.

Plan Your Outing Properly

You have to schedule your tour to get an extraordinary trip experience.

The fairest time to explore the attraction is during the navigated tours, which are operated daily. Nonetheless, it is also conceivable to glimpse the place at night to appreciate the stunning radiance of spotlights.

Keep the following things in mind, and you will retain a favorable and extraordinary experience.

Can we get a Jumeirah Mosque encounter without a tour?

There is a combination of tours functional that nourish wisdom into Islamic civilization and architecture. Nevertheless, it is also conceivable to experience Jumeirah Mosque without grabbing a fascinating tour in Dubai. Guests are welcome to examine the place grounds at their rate, Also, there is much signage that helps you to explain the distinct features of the facility.

You can take pictures inside the Masjid, so don’t overlook your camera smartphone. Always remember to put off your shoes before entering.

Final Words:

The Jumeirah Mosque is undoubtedly an extraordinary attraction to experience for both Muslims and Non-Muslims. If you travel to Dubai and hunt to encounter its authentic treasures. Then keep the following attraction on your list.

The mosque is manageable to come to and is heart-winning. So, schedule your next expedition to the Jumeirah Mosque and notice what it is all about.