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Love Lake – A Romantic Attraction in Dubai

Posted On: 01-10-2022

The planet appeared to learn about Love Lake Dubai when Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, the crown prince of Dubai, distributed a picture of this man-made lake on his Instagram account. After the share, Love Lake Dubai has been collecting thousands of visitors. Love Lake is an ingredient of a mythical attraction screen design. As a normal environment for desert animals, bush trees and birds. The whole beauty complex is remembered as Al Qudra.

Love Lake Dubai

love lake - A Romantic Dubai Experience

It is Tracked down in the middle of an Arabian desert. Love Lake and the leafy sanctuary encircling the neighbourhood have a magical look. When you glance in any direction from Love Lake. it is almost sand as distant as the sights can discern except for this mend. The location is broadly away from the occupied and compactly settled Dubai City. So the locals and the tourists coming across Dubai called it Love Lake?

The answer is it is an assortment of two lakes shaped through the connecting heart means love. It is objective-built to produce interest as well as a proposal to youthful heart visitors. So they could find the manner in their love. The waterholes are mapped over a neighbourhood of 550,000 square meters. So, what adequately label to name it then Love Lake? Also, there are trees here to highlight the phrase ‘Love.’ Devoted to each inch to love, it can effortlessly allow one of the top romantic attractions in Dubai.

Al Qudra Lakes:

The Al Qudra Lake network is on its normals to Al Ain from Dubai. However, in the Al Salaam Desert region. It is a fraction of Al Marmoom Conservatory. It is about a 30-35 minute ride or drives out from Downtown Dubai. As it is in the calm desert, away from the congested town. You desire to stimulate outstanding undertakings to appear here. Your promising alternative is to get on your vehicle and drive or ride to this spot or take a ride.

So select tactfully as you might prefer to redeem all your stamina to admire your evening out in Love Lake. Moreover, The stroll around it could exhaust you out. So prefer your choices reasonably and appreciate ultimate entertainment when you arrived.

Why Should Every Romantic Person Visit Love Lake in Dubai?

The waterhole is so extensive and more than barely a barbecue place. Or a point for an evening walk. It is one of the imaginative interests in Dubai. The location is so agreeable and peaceful, as well as far away from Dubai. Love Lake is your likelihood if you planning your vacation to spend an afternoon or evening. Not only romantic visitors suggested exploring but desert enthusiasts can also get them with their loved ones. Just like the evening desert safari, people also adore exploring it.

The Nature:

From here, you will glimpse the top eye-catching sunset in Dubai. The orange-coloured glow on the sun, greenery and golden Arabian sands are beyond what words characterize. Accordingly, the best time for the love lake tour is an hour before sunset. When the weather condition is favourable. You can spend as much as time you desired in the park. Just staring at everything around you and hearing peaceful birds’ sounds.

Marine Creatures:

You can make your feets wet by walking on the water. Besides, the signboards tag the simple fractions of the waterhole. One fraction of it is a fish pond soaking with Goldfish and Koi Carp. Koi Carp may frighten you with their huge jaws, but they are flawlessly safe to sense or touch. They won't harm you. There are also several Instagrammable places, you will find in Love Lake Park. Each is in varied patterns and features of the heart. Also kindly point out that fishing is restricted and punishable.

An Eye-Catching Heart Shape:

When you explore the whole lake from the coast. You won’t recognize the heart pattern but only curve-shaped waterholes. It would be amazing to bring the full image at least above 50 meters from the ground. From where your only choice is to shoot or capture via drone or get a view from a helicopter. The recent possibility is not available now. There is a simple workaround. Barely gaze at the satellite impression of it on Google maps.

Beautiful Birds and Desert Animals:

You must visit love lake in Dubai if you're obsessed with silence, calmness around the waterhole, the greenery and the variation of birds you get to watch. It is as distant from the substantial tangible jungle of Dubai City as reasonable. It is completely oxygen occupied and best for your lungs. Besides, best for your heart and mental health. It is also the residence of some desert animals, such as desert foxes & guzzles. It is similarly an area to remake family connections, romance, marriage proposals and prosperity of laughter. It is where the moment nearly stops.

Barbeque Session:

The Dubai government formulated an extremely favourable place. For a barbeque session, when in Al Qudra, the Love Lake ensued. On a day of the year, you will get to discover hundreds of visitors with families enjoying barbeque and camping fun. As the Love Lake Al Qudra has all the installations, such as a prayer room, restroom etc. It is an additional important locale for barbeque than the different spots of Al Qudra. Also, make sure that you prefer the district for the barbeque. Presently, you will find no barbeque pits so you must bring them by yourself.

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Whenever you are done with your dinner, must clean up the place. It is a service to your fellow visitors who reach here and discover the spot neat and clean. Educate your children to pick up the garbage and carefully throw it in the trash can provided.

There is one more thing, You don’t have trouble if you miss dry wood, charcoal, petrol and additional similar thing. While on the road to Al Qudra Lakes, you will get many sellers selling this stuff.

The Last Exit:

A trip to Love Lake Dubai is unsatisfactory without exploring the Last Exit. It is a different available food park idea by Mera’s developers. The Last Exit is a casual food truck park, from where you will get a new variation of cuisines. That is served to the cool setting of your vehicle. You don’t expect to come down from your vehicle. What is additional, there are tiny nooks compelled for children to rejoice.

In winter times, you will notice numerous children playing around in that small park. Meanwhile, the seniors savour flavorful food on casual stopgap tables & chairs. The environment is very chilled and comfortable. Near the food park, there is a big store and a petrol station for your camping demands. The Last Exit can also be a quick goal before you steer out of the forest of Love Lake in Dubai.

Overnight Camping Option in Dubai:

The gate of Love Lake in Dubai is unlocked 24 X 7 for the visitors to enjoy overnight camping in Dubai. It is one of the promising rivalries here. If you wish to have an understanding of arising with the sun, enjoy the sound of birds. As well as watching animals, then come and camp overnight near Love Lake. Admire the cool wind by sleeping inside the tent. Do not bother about any weird stragglers as there are none.

You are instructed to grab enough warm essentials if you are performing overnight camping during the winter months. You might be wondering how to wake up. You don't need to be worried as the birds will execute that duty for you. The noise of birds tremoring would wake you in the early morning. So, you could see the wonderful sunrise while enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea in your hand. Even when you do bye to Love Lake, hundreds of ducks, swans and other sea birds come across your eyes.

preferably, for overnight camping, you will need a light bulb, a tent, Torch for the night dark, pillows, water for drinking and sleeping bags. An easy night suite is best to wear for summer. However, you can wear a hoodie, if you're camping during winter.

Things You Acknowledge Before Visiting Love Lake in Dubai

  • The park entry is free.
  • If you design to shoot video via drones in the park. Then you need to take proper authorizations from the administrations.
  • Feeding fish and birds in the park are not allowed.
  • You won't find a wheelchair in love lake.
  • The Deserts during winter are much more frigid than in the towns. So dress properly and bring a jacket or shawl when you arrive.
  • Do not barbecue in places extra than those prohibited for the reason.
  • The scraps of burnt charcoal are dangerous to the wilderness. Particularly if they bring in the water creek.
  • Don't wear High heels in some spots of the park.
  • A 4X4 is the best option when you come across Love Lake. That being explained, there is no damage in driving a regular 4X4.
  • Littering to any corner of the park will make you pay a fine. There are a few containers in the sector, use them. This rule is followed by many Dubai parks to avoid any disgust in the environment.