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Reem Mall Abu Dhabi - A Complete Guide for Tourists

Posted On: 01-03-2023

Reem Mall is a world-class shopping and entertainment destination located in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. The shopping center is owned and developed by Al Farwaniya Property Developments. However, it is a joint venture between Agility, Gulf Related, and Al Farwaniya Property Developers.

Reem Mall is strategically located in the heart of Abu Dhabi city on Reem Island, a fast-growing residential and commercial community. The shopping center is easily accessible from all parts of the city and offers ample parking space for visitors.

Reem Mall Abu Dhabi - A Brief Overview

Reem Mall Abu Dhabi

The shopping center spans an area of 2 million square feet and features over 450 retail outlets. Such as high-end fashion brands, luxury jewelry stores, home decor, and electronics. Some of the top international brands that are available at Reem Mall include Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Prada, Rolex, and Gucci.

Apart from shopping, it offers a range of entertainment options for visitors of all ages. The shopping center features a 14-screen cinema complex, which is operated by Cineplex, a leading entertainment company. The cinema offers the latest movies in a luxurious setting, with state-of-the-art sound and projection systems.

For kids, Reem Mall features a dedicated indoor theme park called Snow Park Abu Dhabi. The park features a range of snow-based activities. Including

  • sledding
  • snowboarding
  • skiing

These are making it the perfect destination for families and kids to have fun and beat the heat.


After several hesitations, the mega Reem mall has already made its delicate opening. Along with several of its supplies being available to the public. The attraction is available from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM, however, the days are from Friday and Saturday. While the other time is from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM and the days are Sunday to Thursday.

The shopping center's originators have been laboring tirelessly to assure that it happens upon the increased criteria of differentia and safety. They have also concentrated on producing an extraordinary and immersive shopping and relaxation encounter. That will put them apart from additional shopping centers in the region.


The Reem Mall is discovered in the new heart of Abu Dhabi named Reem Island. It is an extensively sought-after place. It is a realistic island encountered northeast of the main island.

The Island is conceivable through many bridges. it is positioned near some of Abu Dhabi’s legendary landmarks. Such as

Moreover, the mall’s background confirms manageable availability from all aspects of the city.

It also contains a breadth of cafeterias and eateries. That is contributing to a combination of cuisine, from Asian to fast food and so on. Visitors can decide on about 85 food platforms, including multinational brands like

  • KFC
  • Pizza Hut
  • McDonald's
  • Starbucks

In accumulation to entertainment dining, and shopping. Reem Mall also submits a breadth of services to its sightseer. The attraction features a baby changing room, free Wi-Fi, and a prayer room. It is creating a convenient location for families and international visitors.

Ream Mall Projects in Abu Dhabi

The structure of Reem Mall started up in 2017, and the attraction is predicted to unlock its gates in 2022. Once extended, it is selected to evolve into one of the gigantic & exciting shopping experiences. As well as the entertainment location in the territory, tempting travelers from all over the world.

The mega-shopping center of Abu Dhabi is considered to attribute 400 plus the finest global and local stores, entertainment venues, and restaurants. Along with around 85 dining opportunities. However, the place is still not completely operational. Also, simply a handful of shops and platforms are open to visitors.

Provided below are a few of the stores and joy venues available to the populace in Reem Mall Abu Dhabi.

Carrefour hypermarket:

The Carrefour hypermarket is the foremost shop that was unlocked to buyers in February 2022. It is one of the greatest retail supermarkets in the United Arab Emirates. The Carrefour hypermarket presently submits an extensive preference of outcomes for visitors to select from and buy from this amazing attraction.

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Vox Cinema:

A tremendous 10-screen multiplex in the Reem Mall, it contains signature theatre varieties at the intricate. Including the 20-meter huge screens with laser forecast and Dolby Atmos. That borders the sound cinema technology of MAX. Most significantly, the six middle screens with completely slouching seats are also worth indicating for visitors.

Papa John’s

The reasonable attraction to proceed for American Pizza is indeed Papa John’s. This prominent platform is available to visitors in Reem Mall Abu Dhabi. The Pizza fanciers have certainly established a spot to assuage their taste buds.


Separated from eating out, entertainment platforms, and clothing neighborhoods. The Reem Mall has currently unlocked the Ecco for visitors to decide on their footwear. With a various and expansive spectrum of footwear being shown. Ecco encourages visitors to choose from opportunities such as

  • brogues
  • trainers
  • velcro shoes
  • boots
  • gore-tex shoes
  • sandals

Other stores:

The Reem Mall has also unlocked some additional marts for visitors. Including prevalent labels like

  • McDonald’s
  • Subway
  • Samsung
  • North Face
  • Max
  • Better Life
  • furniture vendors

Such as Chattels and Under Armour, authorizing them to use up time and maintain themselves amused in theattraction.

The Finish Line:

In conclusion, Reem Mall is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Abu Dhabi. The shopping center submits an exceptional shopping and entertainment experience. Along with a range of international brands, entertainment options, and dining choices. With its convenient location, ample parking space, and world-class facilities, the attraction is set to become a leading destination for tourists and locals alike.