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Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary – A Paradise To The Twitcher

Posted On: 19-10-2022

The charming elegance of the wildlife picture in Dubai can persuade every international visitor beyond question. The indulgence and animated nightlife that Dubai city offers are incomparable. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary fabricates towards the edge of old Dubai and signifies a considerable modification from the buzzing city.

Ras Al Khor is labelled as the Cape of the Creek, and it includes many mudflats, salt flats, lagoons and mangroves. That has fulfilled residence to thousands of birds. Can you speculate that a marshland with over 100 varieties of water birds lies in the heart of Dubai? It is assigned against the environment of the Dubai skyline.

The saltwater creek that trickles through the town ends at Ras Al Khor. It is restored with flora and fauna. The territory overlies a 6.2 square km heaven and is the residence of 450 animals and 47 ancestries of plants. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary was announced as the initial Ramsar location in the United Arab Emirates in 2007.

The additional two Ramsar areas in the region are Hatta Mountain Reserve and Jebel Ali Wetland Sanctuary. Ramsar Site is a marshland site that conveyed widespread significance. Under an ecological agreement called Ramsar Convention.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife - A Brief Overview

La Perle Dubai

Just like the top of the attractions in Dubai, Ras Al Khor is one of the top beautiful places in winter. Thousands of nomadic birds throng to this spot every year in winter. Pink flamingos are the most gorgeous sensation for travellers or locals to this bird haven. Twitchers can effortlessly spend hours in this position while watching several varieties of birds.

As you know, the UAE provides a variety of things to do to its international visitors and locals too. Like, if you're an adventure junkie, there is a desert safari Abu Dhabi and Dubai available. If you're a beach lover there are different kinds of beaches to explore. But, this is a delight for those obsessed with bird species.

Not just flamingos but also you will also detect great egrets, reef herons, cormorants, osprey, grey herons, black-winged stilts and many other varieties of birds. Don’t miss to grab your camera as you can glimpse the remarkable birds in nearby districts.

Wildlife Sanctuary:

Ras Al Khor has over 500 varieties that contain exposed ones. There are over 180 lineages of birds. The birds contain Eurasian Spoonbill Greater Spotted Eagle and internationally urged variety. Such as a Ferruginous Duck, Socotra Cormorant and another animal. Such as Arabian Cape Hare, Red Fox and Ethiopian Hedgehog are also organised here.

Numerous lineages of fish and snakes are the additional protected animals, mangroves and plants at Ras Al Khor. To retain the neighbourhood’s environmental balance. The government is always carrying out detailed maintenance to protect the spot as such.

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Wildlife Nature Education:

The experience of RAKWS is not only for entertainment. They also furnish academic things to do to the travellers to appreciate the desire to protect nature. They also administer circumstances like World Migratory Bird Day and World Wetlands Day, which carry the guests nigher to individuality.

Thus, touring the location will be a considerable pleasure for the interested little ones. As they can gaze at the birds and discover foreign truths about them. There is also a choice to reserve a Protected Area Guide while getting on to the cases. It encompasses an evidence trial attended by tops to specify numerous birds.

When to get the Ras Al Khor Experience?

Winter is the Ideal time to get the Ras Al Khor experience. Program your excursion any moment but the sure your date lies between November and March. Then, you can discern a substantial volume of nomadic birds, such as flamingos and more.

What is the cost of the Entrance Ticket for Ras Al Khor?

The big announcement for bird lovers is that they can visit for free. Yes, there is no entry ticket required at Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. You can get to the entrance of the place and enjoy spending as much time gazing at the birds and admiring the natural magnificence.

How do I get to the location at Ras Al Khor?

luckily, or unfortunately, the top of the most glamorous spots on the planet is difficult to enter. There are no metro stops accessible close to the. The bare choice is to reach by taxi.

Ras Al Khor's Three Hides

Wilderness Sanctuary is not like a normal bird refuge that enables you to glance at the birds in an enclosure. You can gaze at them up near their voluntary environments from the prominent places at the sanctuary named hides. You will discover three hides at Ras Al Khor, like Lagoon Hide, Mangrove Hide and Flamingo Hide. All hides retain pointed field glasses to deliver near views of the birds.

1. Mangrove Hide:

Dominating the luxuriant mangroves, this perspective is where you can place the top of the relocating birds at Ras Al Khor. Here, you can discover Eurasian spoonbills, migratory ducks, shanks, raptors and various other birds.

2. Flamingo Hide:

This is possibly the greatly distinguished hide at Ras Al Khor. The stop amount of pink flamingos will achieve the hearts for sure. Flamingos are the celebrity birds at RAKWS. The enormous flamingoes established in Europe and ingredients of Asia & Africa are the winter guests in the United Arab Emirates. They will roam to foreign nations and sanctuary in the marshlands during winter.

3. Lagoon Hide:

Lagoon hide is excellent for the top interested bird spectators. It has all species of birds, starting from waders to raptors. This hide empties approaching the waters of the creek.