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Dreamscape Dubai - Unleash Adventure & Enchanting Experiences

Posted On: 24-06-2023

Do you find the idea of exploring another realm appealing? Are you interested in learning more about the intriguing leisure opportunities that simulation technology has to offer? Discover Dreamscape's home at the Mall of the Emirates, the best virtual reality haven in the area. Additionally, Dreamscape Immersive maintains offices in Dallas and Los Angeles. Continue reading to have a deeper understanding of Dreamscape Dubai.

What Does Dreamscape Dubai Include?

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

Allow us to explain the history of Dreamscape before going into the specifics of this unique attraction located inside the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. To create the concept for an all-encompassing Play DXB experience, Ronald Menzel, a creative businessman, and Swiss computational expert, worked with Caecilia Charbonnier and Sylvain Chagué in 2016.

Innovative virtual reality marvels and motion-detecting technology combine to create the attraction, creating a unique and enhanced experience. Visitors are allowed to immerse themselves in an altogether new universe while actively engaging in the story that is being told in this immersive virtual reality sanctuary.

What Can You Expect from Dreamscape Dubai's Journeys?

Dreamscape Dubai's mysterious adventures offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore unexplored territories and partake in an exceptional virtual realitexperiencesce. Discover the unique appeal of each captivating trip and endeavorendeavordeavors Dreamscape Dubai, along with thorough insights into the price and other details.

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MIB: The First Purpose:

Explore the Men in the Ebony universe with MIB: The Inceptive Mission. You are a part of the team tasked with saving the day because the Zarthanian monarchal bloodline demands defending against a cunning Octopoid cabal that might have disastrous effects on the universe's future! With the help of the legendary Frank the Pug and several friendly extraterrestrials, you will be able to enter MIB's secret central command as a beginner. So, fledgling now is the time to hop on that hovering motorbike and stop the end of the universe! Do you firmly believe that you have the necessary mettle?

Price: 78.75 AED per individual

Departure times: Every day, starting at 11:10 in the morning (pods depart every 20 minutes; for further information, please see the official website).

Adventure in Subaquatic Salvage From The Azure:

You will participate in a significant oceanic rescue mission during this Reverie tour with the goal of bringing a pod of cetaceans back together. In reality, you will travel with a group of knowledgeable hydrographers as they negotiate dangerous shipwrecks and submerged ravines.

Price: 78.75 AED per person

Commencement times: daily, beginning at 11:30 a.m. (pods depart every 20 minutes; for further information)

A Hex of the Vanished Gem quest and an Enchanted Projection quest:

Action-adventure films like Indiana Jones and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider may have been seen by you. However, Dreamscape in Dubai city offers you the chance to set out on a similar journey. Find a lost jewel in an old temple hidden deep in the Mesoamerican rainforest, complete with obstacles erected by the vengeful Serpent Deity..

Price: 78.75 AED for each person (standard entrance)

Daily at 11:20 in the morning, starting at that time (pods leave every 20 minutes; for further information, please see the official website).

Academy Of Dragon’s Flight:

Fans of the movie "The Art of Taming Your Wyvern" might be delighted to learn about Dreamscape's Draconian Aeronautical Institute, an unmatched virtual reality experience that gives you the chance to participate in the dragon apprentice programme. You are free to select your own drake in this world, join the Nordic Institution, and go forth on a remarkable journey of salvation within the Veiled Realm.

Travel through EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL FAUNA HABITAT to embark on a cosmic zoo. Six participants are transported to a zoo in a distant galaxy via a levitating ship within the Extra-Terrestrial Fauna Habitat. Be prepared to see amazing, nearly destroyed creatures that defy your capacity for imagination.

The Alien Zoo expedition's immersive interactivity, which enables you to interact in tactile ways and have lively conversations with the amazing wildlife, is its key feature.

Please be aware that the Dragon's Flight Academy and Alien Zoo experiences are currently inaccessible. Please visit the official website for further details.

Dreamscape Expeditions' age restriction, duration, and prerequisites:

Please review the important information relevant to each remarkable project within the prestigious Mall of the Emirates' Dreamscape.

  • Duration: 35 minutes, including setup, setup, and breakdown procedures.
  • Visitors's height must be at least 48 inches high so they can enter.
  • Visitors must be ten years old to take part in. Anyone under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an authorised adult who has obtained a ticket and completed a liability release form.
  • Wheelchair access is available for all experiences and attractions. Upon request, wheelchairs and closed captioning services are instantly made available.


1. What Are The Suitable Timing For Dreamscape Dubai?

  • It starts from Sunday till Thursday from 10 am to 10 pm
  • Thursday till Saturday from 10 am to 11 pm

2. What Is Dreamscape based?

In Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road, just next to the Apple Store, Dreamscape Dubai is tucked away on Level 2 of the exclusive Mall of the Emirates.

3. How To arrive at Dreamscape Dubai?

Those driving cars should continue on Sheikh Zayed Road and exit at the fourth intersection.


The Mall of the Emirates metro station is where you may get on the Red Line of the Dubai Metro and exit.

RTA Bus:

RTA bus lines 81, 84, and 93 all have handy stops at the Mall of the Emirates, so you can take advantage of those services.

This brings to a close our in-depth analysis of the remarkable VR Park Dreamscape, which recently made its debut at the Mall of the Emirates.