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Emirates Park Zoo Abu Dhabi - The Ultimate Highlights

Posted On: 05-07-2023

The center of the Emirates Park Zoo, which is home to a wide variety of animals, is where the Emirates Oasis Retreat. It is the only refuge in the GCC and Middle East, is and located in (Al Shahama) Abu Dhabi. The refuge offers a unique experience in the United Arab Emirates because it is surrounded by beautiful natural flora and scenery.

Emirates Park Zoo offers a wide range of amenities, including an outdoor pool, free wireless internet, and free passes for the wildlife sanctuary. Also, free activities inside the sanctuary like interactive animal discussions, and avian shows. Besides, it is an enchanting performance by African percussionists, which is only accessible to guests traveling with three kids. This lovely retreat features an outdoor pool, a green garden, and air-conditioned rooms with balconies that provide views of the animal sanctuary.

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Activities to Explore at Emirates Park Zoo

Emirates Park Zoo Abu Dhabi

The Emirates Park Zoo started as a small nutrient estate in 2008, It developed into a complete menagerie by 2012. As a result, the management has made significant efforts to keep the zoo in immaculate condition.

Also, add alluring features, drawing a rising number of visitors every year. As one of Abu Dhabi's top destinations for families, it not only caters to children's entertainment. It also offers intriguing pastimes for adults, especially when one spends hours. That is immersed in the captivating storylines of National Geographic's captivating wildlife films.

Emirates Park Zoo Animals

If you enjoy wildlife, you will enjoy seeing the impressive variety of the approximately 1700 different species that live inside this complex. You get the chance to meet your favorite avian, reptile, or mammalian. Also, other inhabitants of the zoo in the various sectors are spread out within the enclosure.

In contrast to Sharjah Safari Park, the Emirates Park Zoo allows visitors to freely walk throughout its grounds. It immerses itself in an experience voyage among the magnificent animal tapestry.

Camel Farm:

The zoo in Abu Dhabi city has set aside a section for the residents of local desert wildlife. You will be given the chance to feed the camels in this realm and observe them up close. Remember that your children must keep a solid separation to prevent any unintentional nips. Their discriminating palates may impose unique requirements when it comes to the availability of grass. One can see other bovine residents, such as bison and jersey cows, nearby to these magnificent dromedaries.

Crocodile Pool:

The Crocodile Lagoon at the Emirates Zoo displays a display of powerful amphibious predators. Including alligators, Nile crocodiles, and a variety of other terrifying species.

Just before the area is occupied by spectacular bird predators, one may observe the sight of the local hippopotamus frolicking inside the watery realm of this region.

Birds of Prey:

The "Birds of Prey" exhibit at the Emirates Park Zoo features a fascinating collection of avian predators. An alluring collection of owls, buzzards, hawks, eagles, and vultures can be seen in this area. Your senses will be captured and enthralled by their piercing glance.

Primate Paradise:

This specific area encourages you to interact with a variety of fascinating critters while being submerged in the entertaining world of primate antics. A wealth of fascinating sights are waiting for you in this area of the grassland. It starts from joyful capuchin monkeys to captivating marmosets whose endearing look will undoubtedly charm your senses.

Mammal Cave:

Set out on an immersive tour of the diverse menagerie that calls the vast Mammal Grotto, a region teeming with a variety of species, home. Alabaster raccoons, vivacious fennec foxes, small wild feline species, and a variety of other hairy residents are among the inhabitants of this underground sanctuary. Raccoons are known to amusingly distort their faces in your direction. So be cautious as you enjoy watching them engage in mischievous antics.

Equine Enclosure:

A chance to encounter a variety of majestic equine beasts, including horses, ponies, donkeys, llamas, and alpacas. Besides, it happens to enjoy the pleasure of feeding them within this fascinating environment. Since their sociability knows no limitations, some of them may even spread their cheeks, welcoming amorous stroking. However, it is advisable to keep a safe distance and take into account their dental prowess. A second way to enjoy the exhilarating thrill of riding a noble horse. Or a feisty pony is to pay an additional fee, which adds to the attractiveness of this remarkable grassland.

Giraffe Park:

A chance to encounter a variety of majestic equine beasts, including horses, ponies, donkeys, llamas, and alpacas. Also, it is to enjoy the pleasure of feeding them that arises within this fascinating environment. Since their sociability knows no limitations, some of them may even spread their cheeks, welcoming amorous stroking.

However, it is advisable to keep a safe distance and take into account their dental prowess. A second way to enjoy the exhilarating thrill of riding a noble horse. Or a feisty pony is to pay an additional fee, which adds to the attractiveness of this remarkable playground.

The Bird Park:

The Bird Sanctuary is a sanctuary where the beauty of many avian species can be seen. It is tucked away within the boundaries of Avian Oasis. The ethereal world of ornithology offers a wide range of mesmerizing sights for the enthusiast to take in.

Be prepared to be mesmerized by a tapestry of avian wonders, including graceful pigeons, enchanting ducks, and majestic geese. As well as a kaleidoscope of vibrantly colored parrots and melodiously singing lovebirds. Each of these magnificent birds contributes to the symphony of beauty that reverberates throughout this extraordinary sanctuary.

Reptile House:

Many fascinating lifeforms are hiding in the tranquil depths of the Reptilian Haven just waiting to be discovered. Turtles, iguanas, small serpents, chameleons, and a variety of other fascinating reptile creatures can be found here, amidst the chilly labyrinthine corridors. Be careful since some inhabitants of this world have a great capacity for cunningly concealing themselves. It is needing the use of keen observational abilities to discover their elusive presence.

Snake Alley:

Entrance to the Emirates Wildlife Sanctuary's Serpent Path, where a spectacular display of richly ornamented pythons, powerful boa constrictors, and even the fabled anaconda awaits, is free.

Explore Snake Alley's twisting hallways to take in these amazing reptiles' mesmerizing appearance.

If luck is on your side and serendipity favors you, you may find yourself near a lavish feast. besides, see the breathtaking scenery of a giant python devouring its helpless prey.

Bear Cave:

The bear, who exudes contentment and like a contented traveler, ambles gently around its expertly replicated den.

As the bear is known for indulging in protracted slumbers and embracing the tranquility of undisturbed relaxation. It may take several visits to get a sight of this endearing creature.

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Flamingo Park:

It is strongly advised that you stop by the magnificent Flamingo Haven when you are visiting Emirates Park Zoo. An amazing assemblage of extravagantly costumed avian beauties awaits your admiration within this intriguing enclosure. In Flamingo Park, ideally located next to the renowned bear den, the gracefully poised flamingos with their radiant pink plumage have gathered in harmony.

Wildlife Walk:

The enthralling Wildlife Trail at Emirates Park Zoo is a must-see. It is home to a group of playful lions, several majestic tigers, two exceptional cheetahs who overcame cancer, two lazing leopards, two dazzling white tigers, and several stately Asian elephants.

You will also see numerous species of attractive deer, elegant oryx, and other herbivorous animals in this area. Don't forget to read about the heroic journey of Jasper and Shazzly, two cheetahs who bravely underwent rescue and triumphed over leukemia and starvation. Notably, Jasper has found a talent for painting and is quickly known as a rising star.

Animal Theater:

A notable supplemental amusement is taking in the Sea Lion show at Emirates Park Zoo. Plan your visit to this Abu Dhabi menagerie to make sure you don't miss the chance to see the sea lion show. The native sea lion captivates onlookers with its playful antics, making it an incredibly immersive performance.

Petting Zoo:

In this vast area overflowing with a diverse array of goats, lambs, and several other tamed species, your kids will delight themselves beyond compare. They can actively engage with the animals, provide for their needs, and carefully observe their behavior.

Although the place is primarily outdoors, there are climate-controlled areas on its grounds. Snake Alley, Reptile House, and Wildlife Walk in particular have air conditioning. We strongly advise going during the first few hours of twilight for the best place experience. It is advised to follow for at least three hours on your visit if your goal is to engage in animal interactions and fully explore the park.

Emirates Zoo Timings

The Emirates Park Zoo's operating schedule is described as follows: The facility is available every day of the week, from Sunday to Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The Emirates Park Zoo provides a variety of tickets that include not just normal access but also a variety of experiences and activities. These add-on tickets provide guests the option to mix different immersive experiences on the property. The attraction's detailed entrance costs are listed below:

Entry passes to the Emirates Park Zoo:

Adults pay AED 35, children ages 3 to 16 pay AED 30, and children under 3 are admitted free of charge.

Enjoy a pleasant breakfast meeting with Jelly and his feathery friends at the place during the "Parrot-Packed Morning Meal." Access this experience for AED 99 per adult, AED 80 for children ages 4 to 12, and children under 3 are admitted free of charge. Entry to the park is also included in the breakfast package.

Breakfast with the Giraffes:

Take advantage of the chance to eat in the presence of the majestic, towering animals that inhabit the place. For a group of five, the cost of this enchanted experience is AED 1,048.95, which includes place admission.

A luncheon with the leopards has also recently been added to the menu, however, th,e cost of this experience has not yet been made public.


Tickets for Emirates Park Zoo are easily available on thInternetet. It is essential to put on comfortable shoes before beginning your visit.

The Emirates Park Zoo is a standout location for an engaging and educational tour. Enjoy a wide variety of fascinating critters and take part in several interactive displays. The amiable and knowledgeable personnel ensures a welcoming environment, and the exquisite maintenance of the zoo further improves the experience. All things considered, chchoosinghe Emirates Park Zoo for a day trip in Abu Dhabi is a great decision.