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Al Bastakiya in Old Dubai Guide for Tourists

Posted On: 28-12-2022

In the contemporary countenance of Dubai city which is located tall with its edifices and stylish construction. It is problematic to locate paths of old Dubai. Besides, obtain a sign of the city’s record. The Al Bastakiya located in Old Dubai is a historically considerable setting.

Likewise comprehended as the Al Fahidi Historical District. It is the vicinity that relieves the glow of the routine of the people before the United Arab Emirates was created. If you desire to seize a flank of Dubai that indicates the condition of the metropolis before its beauty. As well as oil moguls and cloud-touching edifices were counted in the geography. They grab a pilgrimage to this old district. Nevertheless, before you stay in Al Bastakiya in Dubai. In this blog, you will find some fundamental knowledge about this historical setting.

Al Bastakiya In Old Dubai - A Brief Overview

Al Bastakiya Dubai


The Al Bastakiya narrative dates to the term of the maritime exchange in Dubai. The top marketing company of Dubai thrived out of the old district of Khor Dubai. Which was also guided to as the Deira creek or Old Dubai. The district was constructed in the 19th 100-year period by Mr. Qasim Bin Abdullah Al Bastaki. Also, the structure was supported by prosperous material and pearl dealers in Dubai.

Stretched over a region of 300 square metres, what was one time a boring, aged setting. But today is a labyrinth of age-old surprises. That nonetheless keeps up the natural meaning of Old Dubai. The myth tells that space was awakened for tremendous modernization. However, it was the stop from Prince Charles that ceased the destruction of the area. As he let out the area was too loved to be knocked over.

The Architecture:

It is initially planned by Mr. Qasim Bin Abdullah Al Bastaki. Meanwhile, the locale was remodelled in the early 2000s under the enthusiastic management of designer Rashad Bukhash. He accompanied the renovation of around 50 facilities in the locale. As well as arranged to build a duo of museums and accepted the modernization very privately. As his home members have declined target to the growth of Dubai city. It was retaining their traditional district.

The exterior and interior design is distinctive and one-of-a-kind. Grabbing motivation from numerous countries motivated and enabled Dubai into the municipality that it is today. Islamic longhand decorating the fences of the facilities. Besides the Aran Hijazi mashrabiyya, the North African style of quadrangles and Levantine decorations. These are some of the various techniques of architecture you will discover in Bastakiya in Old Dubai.

Walking on the streets of this community, with the sloppy highways and the rough textures of the walls of the facilities. You wouldn’t sense the fascination you discover in the remainder of the city. But it is like putting up with an excursion back through the numerous centuries and examining the considerably various civilizations that retained a consequence on the United Arab Emirates.

Al Bastakiya Location, Timings, and Entry Fee:


Al Hamriya - Bur Dubai - United Arab Emirates


The Al Bastakiya opening hours are from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening every day.

Entry fee:

There is no entry fee for the Bastakia quarter. Anyone can stop in and memorise the ancestry of Dubai.

Attractions of Al Bastakiya

1. Dar Al Nadwa:

The narrative of this construction dates back to the 19th century. The construction was assembled in 1925 by Mr. Abdul Rahman Mohammad Farooq. Besides, it is 463 square metres in the neighbourhood. Since modernization, it has given multiple critical circumstances. Such as art shows, symposiums, nationwide & multinational meetings, and conferences.

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2. Sheikh Mohammed Center for Civilized Association Facility:

Formed in the year 1944, this historical construction is an extraordinary criterion of time-honoured Dubai architecture. Also, after the modification in 2004, the construction has evolved the assumptions for the Sheikh Mohammed Center for enlightened Intercommunication. From where considerable multinational traditions and crucial groups are throwing. Circulating 300 square metres of locale.

3. Iconic Buildings section:

Assembled from the year 1930 to 1931, this construction circulates over a locale of 400 square metres. Also, three stone escalier relates to the two sagas. The construction is different from all the additional constructions in the community of the stunning picture of the creek the edifice furnishes. After the rehabilitation of the installation in 1999. It came to be the camp of the city's Historical Facilities Department.

4. Gallery Majlis:

This tower was formed in 1930 and is dispersed over an enclosure of 400 square metres. Later on, redone in 2002. Festoon in time-honoured Middle Eastern furnishing, the planning of Majlis puts you back to moments when period pieces were the movement. Today, it is manipulated as a supply of traditional art pieces, antiquities, and paintings. It has some of the top outstanding museum pieces in the golden city of the United Arab Emirates.

By Bus: If you’re grabbing a bus, you can disembark down at the top of Al Fahidi.

5. XVA Hotel:

If you want a lodging visit at Bastakia quarter, then reach this hotel. The construction was revived in 2003 and includes two footings. All the spaces dominate the lovely enclosure and are radiant with comfortable conveniences. This is your chance to earn an extraordinary hotel-stay occasion. That is diverse from all the different fortes you get to accomplish in the metropolitan. It is an occasion of a lifetime.

6. Bastakiya Nights Diners:

This is an impressive diner in the Al Bastakiya district, where you can partake in Dubai. Before it was a cafeteria, the facility was created in 1895. Besides, it is scattered over a locale of 649 square metres. It is a two-story facility with time-honoured interiors, dominating a creek. The cafeteria attends to formal Arabic eats. Also, you will give up the cafeteria feeling similar to having a homemade tasty feast.

7. Sahara Gate:

Assembled in 1954 and sprinkled over a locale of 310 square metres. This construction is in Al Bastakiya. The tower had undergone a modification in 205. Besides, it has onwards been devoted to the civilization and tourism of the city. Due to this reason, the inside designs have extremely traditionally scheduled interiors. Along with Islamic penmanships on the barriers. The entrance is a scenic criterion of Arabic plans and is a must-explore in old Dubai.

8. Architectural Heritage Society:

Completed in 1936 over a locale of 184 square metres. This is a slight edifice in the district. Nevertheless, it has one of the most promising architectural techniques in the unbroken Al Bastakiya district. Subsequently its modification in 2001, the construction has been retitled by the Architectural Heritage Society. It has been earmarked for maintaining architectural ancestry in the area.

Some tips:

  • Bring your designation with you at all times
  • Ensure you always maintain some money on you as you can’t ever depend on cards or ATMs
  • Make sure you put on lightweight clothes because it is an outdoor trip.
  • Full charge your phone or bring a power bank with you. Because you won't find charging points.
  • You can get a tour guide at the platform to give you a meticulous tour of the area.

Final Words:

There are many other things to discover at the Al Bastakiya in Old Dubai. So start intending your trip for your next holiday to the city of the future. As they declare, the tastes of a city can be established nowhere but in the ancient areas. So load your backpack and reach for a truly satisfying experience!