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Explore Sunrise in Dubai at different Locations

Posted On: 18-01-2023

Nothing is extra praiseworthy or gratifying than the animation of the sun, i-e: sunset and sunrise in Dubai. As well as a quiet sea in the evening and exploring a snowy mountain. The “Golden Hour” exists as a golden color to grab. Besides, the orange, yellow and red palette brings in a life worth living. Every person understands that the accurate time of sunrise relies on where we are. However, some people may not understand that it is dissimilar for the public on a plane.

When the sun is soft, its light is unwilling to change course with slight particles. Besides, the water falls into the environment. This dissipates quicker wavelengths, such as blue or violet. They are vacating the colors of the protracted wavelength functional to the human eyes. Such as orange, red and yellow.

On the additional side, if the sun is grown larger in the sky. Then the blue glare is scattered with oxygen and nitrogen particles better than any diverse color. Also, that’s the reason, the sky seems blue.

Would you want to be there, to click your social media's heroic sunrise or sunset at the perfect moment? Well, if you’re curious about the satisfactory sunrise or sunset locations in Dubai city. Then don’t browse anymore. Here is a convenient list of the top fascinating locations in the city of gold. That esteems the awareness of your camera. The glorious skyline can now be caught by combining smoothly with the sun. Regardless, it is the most enjoyable specialty about Dubai is that you can admire the sun. Besides, the obvious skies top of the year. Sunset or sunrise is positively acceptable in chilly months from the terrace of your house or a close by neighborhood park.

Locations to Explore Sunrise in Dubai

Sunrise in Dubai

1. Desert Safari Dubai:

You can plan an early morning desert safari in Dubai to explore sunrise in Dubai. This tour is specially designed for the morning people and offers numerous sand activities. Along with the sunrise exploring opportunity. Besides, you can enjoy dune bashing, sandboarding, Camel riding, and Horse riding.

2. Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa ensures the number one position to explore the sunrise & sunset in Dubai. The top is comprehended for its LED light shows and fireworks display on New Year’s Eve celebration. The Burj Khalifa tour comes to be on the open-air balcony of the 148th floor. When finished, the scenic 360-degree sight of Dubai guides you to decks 124 and 125. There is no reasonable possibility that this famed Emaar evolved to celebrate the brilliant sky hues at sunrise or sunset. To evade any last-minute situations. We put forward that you book tickets for the tour of At The Top Burj Khalifa in advance.

3. Palm Jumeirah:

Certainly, Palm Jumeirah is a witness to the gloriousness of Dubai’s stylish construction. There is no deficiency of entertainment platforms on the fabricated island, which is known as a palm tree. If you simply wish for an enchanted sunset or sunrise. Then head to The Pointe Palm Fountain and witness the sunrise and sunset. Along with The Palm in the surroundings, the delightfully adorned Atlantis. The gigantic fountain on the planet is in a flawless position to scrutinize or fall into the skyline from a morning. Further incredible locales in Palm Jumeirah are not required to capture lovely photos. However, the Pointe suggests extraordinary dining alternatives and a peaceful walk away.

4. Creek Park Dubai:

Dubai Creek Park is another wonderful location for Sunset and sunrise in Dubai. As this significant saltwater body contemplates the sun, the picture you relish is a fantasy. With some fortune, you will discover a less packed space for a wilderness show. The magnificence of Dubai Creek will assumably delight you from all obstruction at sunset and sunrise.

5. Kite Beach:

There is so much to accomplish and appreciate at the seaside in Dubai, from adrenaline-pumping water sports to bistros and diners. But decline everything to appreciate a supernatural instant when it is a moment for evening or morning. The gorgeous atmosphere of the Burj Al Arab creates your picture unbelievably remarkable. A stop at the legendary beach will assure that your social media platforms have plenty of pictures.

The response is Al Jaddaf if you are peeking for stillness and a moderately sheltered place to scrutinize the sunrise in Dubai. generally, these considerable hotel corners aren’t overloaded with locals. Therefore, in comparable forsakenness, you can appreciate your moment here. The glamour of nature is one of the top attractions in the city of gold. Also, there are numerous other activities to explore in UAE's golden city.

6. Al Qudra Lake:

Al Qudra Lake is considered a desert watering place made by locals. It fetches together the seaside and the Arabian desert. In the city of gold, you can scrutinize the sundowns at the lake. As there are distinct delusions of the sunlight from the lake. It is a picture of the broad region of the Arabian desert. Attain the spot prematurely in the morning if you enjoy a birdwatching encounter at sunrise.

Sunrise Encounter in Dubai

If you are looking for a flawless place in Dubai to explore the sunrise. Then in the morning, head to Al Mamzar Beach to notice if you could be a spectator. Although constructions cover it, it is not destructive. Some locals also enjoy a family picnic here, which we will be adored by everyone. You must arrive early to ensure a spot, especially if you intend to have an enjoyable weekend. The entry is available to the beach and is also positioned after the Al Mamzar Corniche. Furthermore, it is perfect for walking, jogging, and cycling with eye-catching beach views.

No matter if you come by walk or by vehicle. you are eligible to take the vehicle inside for 35 Dirhams. if you enjoy entering the park with your vehicle. It’s a perfect place to relieve tension but also you can come earlier during the weekends. If you want to chill without the crowd. That place includes a swimming pool that costs 10 AED. You can also plan a family picnic and bring your barbeque grill to enjoy live cooking. You will also find an indoor restaurant/court.


Normally, the sunrise moment in Dubai is nearly 06:45 AM. Meanwhile, the sunset duration nowadays is around 05:53 PM.