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Sunbathing in Dubai - Do's & Don'ts for Tourists

Posted On: 23-04-2023

it is crucial to understand the dos and don'ts of sunbathing in Dubai, As the beach season is upon us. Adherence to beach etiquette is essential not only to avoid offending others but also to evade punishment from the law. After all, Dubai has peculiar regulations that must be followed by tourists. So, put on your swimsuits and revel in the future sand, sunshine, and waves.

It's time to relish the pleasure of the sunshine! The period for enjoying the beach has arrived. The city of Gold is an excellent place to visit or reside if you want to experience the beaches during winter. This is the only season when the temperature is moderate enough to spend time outdoors in the sun.

Yes, to all Visitors & Locals! Dubai beach season is here! The current season is the most ideal period for both inhabitants and guests. As it is the only time of the year when the weather is tolerable enough to bask in the sun. Despite it being winter, Nonetheless, before donning your bathing attire. It is crucial to acquaint yourself with some basic beach customs to avoid offending. Or even triggering... get in trouble with the law.

Check out Do’s Things for Sunbathing In Dubai

Sunbathing in Dubai

Pick The Right Beach During Summer or Winter:

This holds immense significance when it comes to relishing the beaches for sunbathing. The city of gold boasts an abundance of beaches, presenting a multitude of options to choose from. Public beaches offer an array of delightful activities and picturesque vistas to explore.

Private beaches owned by hotels provide an opportunity to savor alcoholic beverages. Indulge in an assortment of water sports amenities, and relax on comfortable daylight loungers while availing of room services. Each beach boasts unique experiences. They are making it advisable to conduct thorough research before selecting a beach to visit.

This is a vital aspect to consider. It has an abundance of beaches, each with its unique style and ambiance. They are making it imperative to choose the one that caters to your preferences. Although public beaches in Dubai are picturesque and provide an array of fun-filled activities. If you desire to partake in alcoholic beverages, opting for a private hotel beach is advisable.

The same applies to those interested in engaging in water sports or lounging on sunbeds. Each beach in the city presents a distinct experience, making it imperative to conduct. It happens through thorough research before embarking on a beach outing.

Wear Sunscreen All Day Long:

It is imperative to bear in mind that the Dubai city is a desert, and hence, skin protection is crucial. Wearing sunscreen at all times is of utmost importance, as the city witnesses an average of only five rainy days per year. As well as it is usually devoid of cloud cover. Therefore, the UV rays are intense and shine brightly, making it desirable for those seeking a beautiful summer tan or sunbathing.

However, the harmful effects of direct exposure to UV rays on the skin are numerous, including

  • sunburns
  • heatstroke
  • even cancer

Therefore, even if you desire a tan, it is imperative to wear sunscreen when sunbathing in Dubai city.

This is an absolute necessity! It is not just because everyone should wear sunscreen regularly, but also because the city of gold is an Arabian desert. The region experiences a mere five days of rainfall annually and has minimal cloud cover. The results in the UV rays being exceedingly potent. This is particularly applicable to individuals who dare to seek a tanned appearance during the summer season.

Stay Hydrated:

Once more, it should be evident, yet numerous individuals tend to overlook the importance of keeping themselves hydrated while spending time at the beach.

If one is attempting to acquire a tan during non-winter months, the temperature in Dubai ranges from 30ºC to 50ºC. However, it makes dehydration a common occurrence. This can be hazardous, emphasizing the significance of drinking an adequate amount of water to stay hydrated while sunbathing.

Browse Don'ts For Sunbathing In Dubai

Do not take Sunbathe In Dubai Without A Top:

Dubai is highly receptive to Western customs, including the preference for certain types of swimwear. Despite tourists' reservations about wearing bikinis to public beaches in the golden city of UAE, it is entirely acceptable to do so.

Nevertheless, it is essential to bear in mind that Dubai is a Muslim country with religious practices that must be respected. It is crucial to dress modestly when departing the beach. Wearing a bikini on the road or in any area outside of the beach is forbidden. Further, sunbathing without closing is precisely restricted in Dubai, and women must keep their basic clothing on while at the beach.

In actuality, Dubai is quite lenient regarding swimwear. Many tourists may feel hesitant to wear a bikini in public, but it's perfectly acceptable. Nonetheless, it's vital to keep in mind that this is still a deeply religious country, so certain limitations exist. Going topless while sunbathing is strictly prohibited. Besides, the women must ensure they keep their tops on at all times. Moreover, it's important to change into regular clothes before leaving the beach. Since it's not permitted to walk around in swimwear on the streets.

Don’t Forget to Bring your Camera:

Dubai boasts spectacular beaches, which provide an excellent opportunity for taking photos. Including the typical touristy ones beside the Burj Al Arab. People can choose to visit Sunset Beach to capture a glimpse of the 7-star hotel. Or The Beach in JBR to snap some pictures of the Dubai Eye Ferris Wheel currently being constructed. This is an ideal time to capture some incredible shots.

Do not Fetch Your Pets:

The majority of Dubai's beaches have strict rules against bringing animals with you. While it may be tempting to bring your furry friends along, it is not permitted in the city. However, if you're looking for a dog-friendly option, Fujairah is a great option, although it is a bit of a drive from Dubai. If you want to bring your pet with you to enjoy the daylight and sand, heading out to Fujairah is your best bet.

Don’t Click Pictures of Other People:

While going to the beach in Dubai can provide an opportunity for beautiful evening photography. it's crucial to remember that taking photos of anyone without their consent is prohibited, particularly with local women. Taking pictures of others in Dubai is generally frowned upon. Besides, it can result in a 500,000 AED fine as well as a six-month prison sentence. This is particularly true when individuals are at the beach and when women are in their swimwear.

Don’t Drink Alcohol in Public:

Be mindful of the law to avoid serious consequences. While it's a common practice in many countries to bring and enjoy beers at public beaches, it's strictly prohibited in Dubai. Consumption of alcohol in public places can lead to imprisonment or deportation. However, there are several beach clubs in the city where alcohol is served. So it's advisable to visit these places if you want to enjoy a drink while sunbathing.


To sum up, it is crucial to abide by the guidelines mentioned above when indulging in sunbathing on Dubai's beaches. Don't forget to follow the rules to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Book your tour of Dubai with Happy Adventures Tourism now.