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The New Sharjah Grand Mosque Fascinating Insights

Posted On: 26-08-2023

The UAE is renowned for its beautiful mosques and serene places of worship with exquisite architecture. The city has dedicated a new worship place in Al Tay that has a capacity for 25,000 people. The King Faisal Mosque has been surpassed in size by this attraction, which was built in the Ottoman style. It is a work of architecture that is accessible to non-Muslim guests.

Explore the pictures and insights of the brand-new mosque in Sharjah to learn what makes it unique!

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Sharjah Grand Mosque - Brief Overview

Sharjah Grand Mosque


At the intersection of Maliha Road (E102) and Emirates Road (E611) in the Al Tay neighborhood of the third Emirates of UAE, you can find this renowned masjid. For those looking to invest in villas in Al Suyoh, it is also at a handy location.

A Close-up: First Impressions Of The New Mosque In Sharjah:

The fascinating place, which measures 2 million square feet and cost a hefty AED 300 million to build, was ordered by the ruler of the city in 2014.

However, this magnificent building currently serves as the city's largest worship place, with space for 25,000 worshippers. The main prayer hall can host 5,000 people, and there is additional space for 6,000 in the front hall and side lobbies.

13,500 more worshippers can fit in the new masjid in the Third Emirates of UAE's surrounding gardens! It is also the second-largest worship place in the United Arab Emirates, only slightly smaller than Abu Dhabi's renowned Sheikh Zayed Masjid.

Fascinating Architecture:

Traditional Islamic architecture and Ottoman style are also present in the Sharjah Mosque. Intricate Arabic calligraphy and gold accents adorn the beautiful domed ceiling of the masjid's large main prayer hall. The attraction's splendor is further enhanced with a magnificent chandelier and a large mihrab, which shows the direction for prayer.

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The forthcoming Sharjah masjid, or mosque in Arabic, will offer more than just a place for prayer while still being under construction. To give visitors to this renowned worship place in the third Emirates of UAE a full experience. It will also have a large library with a variety of Islamic and cultural works, a gift shop, a museum, and a café.

This worship place in the third Emirates of UAE has two ablution rooms, 100 wheelchairs, and space for 2,260 cars and buses, making it accessible to all guests, including the elderly.

One of the few worship places in the third Emirates of UAE that welcomes non-Muslim guests will allocate areas and walkways for them. In addition, individuals who want to explore the area around the masjid can benefit from the open spaces, glittering fountains, and waterfalls that will enhance the peaceful ambiance.

Even though not all of its amenities are fully functional, the attraction's breathtaking decor and architecture are sure to make an impression! For some quiet thought and the chance to take beautiful pictures, we advise a visit here.

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How Long Had The Sharjah Mosque Been Open?

The first visitors to the new Sharjah masjid arrived on May 10, 2019, during the first week of Ramadan. His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, the Ruler of the city, honored the memorable Sharjah Mosque opening event by leading the Isha and Tarawih prayers at this magnificent worship place.

Fun fact:

The Central Bank of the UAE released two commemorative coins, one in gold and one in silver, to celebrate the opening of the new worship place in the third Emirates of UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Sharjah's Largest Mosque?

The King Faisal worship place used to be Sharjah's biggest masjid. But the new Sharjah worship place has asserted itself as the biggest in the emirate ever since it opened in 2019!

What Other Remarkable Mosques Are There In Sharjah?

The Noor Masjid, one of the famous worship places in the emirate, is distinguished by its unusual Ottoman-style design, making it a well-known and frequently photographed religious monument.

What Is The Major Mosque In The UAE?

The magnificent Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi forcefully asserts its dominance as the nation's biggest worship place! This magnificent attraction can accommodate more than 40,000 people and has 82 domes and more than 1,000 pillars.

The new worship place in the third Emirates of UAE inside look by Happy Adventires Tourism LLC, complete with pictures and planned amenities, has come to an end.

Consider taking one of the guided tours offered by UAE masjids for non-Muslim visitors if you're interested in learning more about these houses of worship. And if you're thinking of visiting the city's new attraction, don't forget to check out the region's historical landmarks for a taste of local culture.