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Explore the Guide of Al Madam Ghost Village in Sharjah

Posted On: 09-02-2024

In the middle of the UAE desert, you can find a mysterious place called Al Madam Ghost Village. Ghost stories are here told by the whispering wind. At sunset, the dunes get scary as they form odd shapes.

You might get the feeling that someone or something is spying on you. Yet don’t be afraid; even the ghosts here have their wits about them. It is rumored that if you listen very carefully you may hear them giggle together with the night whispers. And so, dive into the eerie ambiance and heed, in the haunted attraction, you are never on your own… Boo!

Al Madam Ghost Village – A Brief Overview

Al Madam Ghost Village in Sharjah

Inside the desert of Sharjah is Al Madam Ghost Village, a haunting trace of the past. Constructed in 1975, this village once housed multiple dwellings and a mosque. Nevertheless, a decade passed and the people had disappeared, their only reminders being several houses and a mosque.

Now it is about its creepy stories of jinns and supernatural entities. Legend says Umm Al Duwais, with eyes resembling those of a cat and thumbs like an open palm, making the image of this town more unnatural.

Other than just unusual real estate transactions, what we see here are probably the deeds of mischievous spirits. Or is it just us exploring the mysteries of Al Madam in Sharjah? Remember, our stories are as friendly as Casper's, and the mysteries are as delightful as a ghost joke!

Echoes of History: Al Madam Village Scary Story Sharjah

The story of the above-mentioned haunted attraction in Sharjah blends folklore and history. Nevertheless, the ghost stories. The village was established during the seventies to be part of the Sha'bi project aimed to accommodate the Bedouin population. Especially the Al Ketbi tribe. Nevertheless, by the mid 90`s the village became silent due to the advance of the desert sands.

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The village was deserted due to the stories of prankster "djinns" and the mystical sand encroachments. Secondly, hard living conditions, houses that were merely surrounded by howling winds. Besides, inadequate infrastructure made inhabitants migrate to cities like Dubai and Sharjah Which were growing.


Why did the ghost select Al Madam Village? To unravel the case, as a matter of course. Mystery fans need to flock to this eerie destination close to the Al Madam area on the Dubai-Hatta Road (E44).

Located kilometers from Dubai and Sharjah, this would be the ideal place to start a supernatural trip with many questions though.

What You Will See During Your Excursion to the Enigmatic Deserted Village?

Once you get to the haunted attraction it will take you a few seconds to realize no sound is there. Besides, the medicine of desolation has already been taken by the village! During your exploration, you will come across houses.

They are half buried in sand and their interiors are still furnished with furniture. Please do not forget to utilize this unique moment with pictures and videos to send to relatives and friends.

Reviving History:

The go-ahead for Dubai-based Responsible Tourism Consultant and have team has been given by His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, to preserve 'Buried Village.’ It seems that officials are currently preparing to open Ghuraifa Village to visitors and tourists.

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This message, to be broadcast at an event, relates to the increasing popularity of the village. It is regarded as a delightful destination in the tourism industry, exhilarating to the nervous-natured!

The town and its surroundings are all haunted.

Al Madam has two rows of houses and a faraway mosque that desert sands have overtaken and desert life has been the hurdle.

Although some parts still retain remnants of ornamental flooring and walls. Some sections have been closed by the encroaching sand. Varieties may be given to its unusual climate but most people consider it surprisingly calm.

A village once home to the Al Kutbi people, its desertion is yet to be explained. Some others cite supernatural beings such as "jinns" and others attribute it to the hostile environment. Al Madam Ghost Town, although not a major attraction, provides an interesting side trip for those with more time to spare.

What are the unknown mystery of Al Madam’s?

The Al Madam Ghost Town is conveniently located about an hour's drive from Downtown Dubai in Sharjah Emirate. You will find it at the intersection of Dubai-Hatta (E44) and Mleiha-Shwaib (E55) Roads.

Visiting this fascinating "ghost town" will take a short easy off-road drive, passable for most vehicles and drivers. Driving an SUV you’ll have an opportunity to experience some dune bashing in the nearby sands.

Best Time for Al Madam Ghost Town Visit:

While making a plan for your visit to Al Madam Ghost Town in Dubai remember that the weather is very hot there. The weather of 22 degrees Celsius in March is often surprisingly hot.

The Rhodie landscape can easily get you warmed up due to the numerous small dunes as you search the houses. Think about a more pleasant experience from October to March. If you decide to come at a later date follow this advice. Always wear shoes that cover your feet and bring a hat and lots of water to keep hydrated.


Now as we reach the end of this spine-chilling story of Al Madam take care of you. When sands whisper and the darkness of desert night envelops, the secrets of this deserted village stir.

Whether they are supernatural beings or just reverberations of former incarnations, the mystery endures. Hence, you should enter Al Madam Ghost Town despite the risk involved. But do so carefully for you may uncover what the desert wind has carried for so long. Happy haunting!