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Flag Island Sharjah - An Ultimate Guide for Visitors

Posted On: 23-09-2023

The Flag Island, which was unveiled on December 2, 2012, proudly flies the ensign of the United Arab Emirates on a 123-meter-tall pole, making it the seventh-tallest structure in the world. With its majestic flagpole, this island represents the unity of the United Arab Emirates. It's a location where architecture, wellness, and leisure join together to offer residents of Sharjah and the UAE an unparalleled experience.

Tourists appreciate visiting this fascinating attraction in the Third Emirates of the UAE because it provides a peaceful waterfront location where they can unwind and have fun. It combines architecture, health, and leisure to provide you with a comprehensive and pleasurable experience.

One of the three groups of islands located in Khalid Lagoon is an eye-grabbing attraction in the Third Emirates of the UAE, also known as Flag Island. It can be situated in Al Layyah, directly opposite Souq Al Jubail, better known as the Sharjah Fish Market, close to the government department buildings.

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The island's most notable feature, the famed pole, is a proud tribute to the UAE. As the seventh-tallest pole in the world, it serves as a significant lure and identifier for the island.

Things to Explore at the Flag Island in Sharjah

Flag Island Sharjah

Flagpole Lighting:

The lighting of the flagpole and the area around it displays a unique design. It consists of 3-meter-high lights that round the pole. In addition, the pole is surrounded by seven mounted lights that are placed on seven GRC stands and stand in for the UAE's seven emirates. Lights are positioned at a height of 4.2 meters along the walkway leading to the pole.

It is distinguished by its recognizable pole. The pole proudly displays a gigantic UAE ensign that measures 15 by 30 meters and soars to an astounding height of 123 meters. The seven mounted lights mounted on the seven GRC stands surrounding the pole illuminate the entire island at night.

The Amphitheatre is a hub for artistic and cultural events

A large outdoor amphitheater in a breathtaking place is a widely sought-after venue for a range of live performances, concerts, and culturally enlightening activities. This 1,000-seat location is well-known for hosting celebrations for National Day and Flag Day as well.

The amphitheater on this spot serves as the venue for illustrious amazing events as well as live acts that advance culture. With seating for 1000 people, it provides breathtaking views of the city.

Jones The Grocer:

A walk-in cheese room, charcuterie, and deli are just a few of the specialty things available at the Culinaryiumum 1971. Family brunches or casual dinners with a delicious and varied menu are made possible by the trendy café atmosphere, which includes outdoor seating.

Jones The Grocer, a chic café known for its delectable and artisanal gourmet fare, is right around the corner. It's the ideal vacation spot for people who enjoy having quiet meals and family brunches in a pleasant environment while taking in the spectacular sea views.

1971 – Creative Hub:

1971, a flexible creative hub built for exhibitions and conversations embracing different areas of contemporary art, is located on Flag Island.

This vibrant area is dedicated to presenting and having discussions on modern design, which includes interactive design, graphic design, furniture, interior design, and developing technologies. 1971 offers a variety of carefully curated exhibitions and community programs in close collaboration with regional designers, architects, educational institutions, and universities.

Play Area For Children - Joyful Amusement

Don't miss this spot's children's play area if you're traveling there with kids; it's meant to keep them amused for hours. Slides that are thrilling and secure are among the fun attractions in this area.

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Huge Sea Views From A Lush Green Oasis:

The serene natural spaces that surround this lovely island are the perfect option if you're looking for privacy in a calm and inviting setting or just want to take in the breathtaking views. You can unwind here by reading, enjoying the weather, or even engaging in some meditation.

Tips For Your Trip To Flag Island, Sharjah:

  • Smoking is prohibited
  • Please refrain from picking up flowers or leaves and keep pets indoors
  • Biking and Skating are Not Allowed

Information Worth For The Visotors:

  • 3-meter-high lights encircle the pole.
  • The path to the pole is lined with 4.2-meter-high lights.
  • The pole's official debut occurred on December 2, 2012.
  • Under the direction of the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), this landmark project is being undertaken.

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It is situated near Al Montazah Parks, Sharjah

How to Get to the Attraction?

For those who are thinking of going to The Flag Island:

  • Start your adventure by going to 124 Sheikh Zayed Street
  • Enter Al Arouba Street/S103 and continue
  • Go through the Al Montazah exit
  • until you are to your goal, keep driving