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Dalma Mall Abu Dhabi - A High-Notch Shopping Encounter

Posted On: 31-01-2024

Enter into a realm of wonder where shopping is an art, plating brings forth symphonies of flavors, and entertainment writes stories that are made entirely out of joy. We’re at Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi, a fascinating crossroads between luxurious shopping and the Abu Dhabi grandeur. Dalma Mall would be that splendid palace.

Her beatitude of retail had one in times such as these and beset with such uncertainties. In this case, the newest styles meet old favorites along with coffee permeating the air while waiting for an order informing its world of beverages. Lace up your shopping shoes, follow the trail of culinary adrenaline, and see what this attraction does to your vision as a shopper. There’s more than a little chance that watching this place ‘doing its thang’, may make you grab another trolley and they have a go!

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Dalma Mall Abu Dhabi - A Brief Overview

Dalma Mall Abu Dhabi

Being treasured by the residents of Abu Dhabi city, it is Dalma Mall that under the form of a shopping temple becomes their choice. Being less than five minutes away from the airport, this mall is located next to Mussafah and MBZ City. So shoppers get a comfortable escape. With exquisite brands, trendy shops, or facilities that sell them electronics and stationery.

As well as some items for children to play with, the mall has emerged as a paradise of shopping interests. Whenever your stomach cries, there are dining options included in the Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi. It can take you on an incredible gastronomic experience.


Dalma Mall situated on Al Wazn Street, in the Industrial City and connected via Al Rawda Road is an easy-to-reach site in Abu Dhabi. Being framed on the corners of the intercé atonement between Funoud main Street and Yidaf characteristic street; this is perched at the best section of a connecting point in the city.


Use this map to help you navigate the shopping, dining, and overall enjoying of experiences. It gives you the look of stylings, tastes, and boisterousness charts thus making it simpler for you to investigate every nock. Approach the map like a pass to visit some mind-blowing destinations, from the main shops to the tasty places.

Besides it is amid major landmarks and areas of attractions in its neighbored towns.

  • Makani Mall – MBZ, just a quick 13-minute drive away
  • Mazyad Mall is also reachable in 13 minutes
  • Zayed Cricket Stadium is just a short 19-minute drive
  • Forsan Central Mall is an equally convenient 19-minute journey


Dalma Mall's hours are designed to accommodate your schedule, offering flexible opening times for both shopping and dining establishments:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 10 AM to 12 AM
  • Friday to Saturday: 10 AM to 12 AM

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Attraction to Unleash in Abu Dhabi’s Dalma Mall

The Royal Cinema Experience:

The colossal CineRoyal 14-screen cinemas located on its second floor are the house that makes Dalma Mall very humane by complementing the Cinema experience. This movie sanctuary allows 2,200 cinemas in a cushion to present more than simply movies. Uniquely, enjoy a VIP hall as you become involved with the unrivaled 3D screenings that each frame dances.

Retail Delights:

Calling you to an age of illustrious brands and worldwide elegance. All you would want can be found right here- Du, Damas, Emax, H&M, and many others- from technology to fashion. Put on your minds to get ready for a nonstop shopping frenzy, with apparel and other accessory items plus home furniture; pharmacies, and specialty shops coming in all under one roof.


There is the Carrefour Hypermarket on the first story, which is a good area for shoppers. The hypermarket operates between 9 am and 12 am. When looking to save some money, then this is your one-stop shop and you can find a wide array of products.

Banks & ATMs:

The bank outlets and cash machines can be found conveniently, attaining financial services without difficulties. It is ready for your transactions to the fast ADCB, Emirates NBD, and First Abu Dhabi Bank among other Banks.

Books and Stationery:

Such a beautiful range of books, toys, stationery items, etc is available at Borders and Jarir Bookstore. The perfect fit across all age groups and particularly during the back-to-(back to)school time of the year.


The best optics stores, with lots of selection for fashion glasses and prescription sunglasses. You are welcome at Al Jaber Optical, Rivoli EyeZone, and many more facilities.

Fashion Area:

Find genuinely different styles for men’s, women’s, boy’s, and girl’s fashions; also find maternity clothing and wedding dresses. Accessories, shoes, and handbags are focal too. La Morena Ladies, H&M Max, and other names are waiting for you.

Health and Fitness:

Step into the natural place with products based on natural ingredients and dietitians, herbal medications, and motivation for fitness. In case you need your wellness services, visit Dr. Nutrition, Diet Fields, and Fitness First for the purpose.

Household and Furniture:

Add more value to your home by shopping at the best furniture retailers, which offer everything. This makes Home Center, United Furniture, and the Mattress Store ready to meet your demands.

Beauty and Cosmetics:

Premiere ideas with beauty and cosmetics garments displaying make-up brands, perfumes, and skin care charms. Then from Abdul Samad Al Qurashi to Sephora, the whole world of attraction now lies exposed waiting for each one’s visit.


Whatever the location of house appliances or mobile devices, concentrate it all while providing warranties and repair services. Emax, Better Life, and so on promise quality.


Have a pampering session including haircuts, blowouts, manicures, and grooming for both males and females as well. There are also places like City Cut Salon, Easy Shave Gents Salon, and others that tend to add some luxury to their services

Clinics and Pharmacies:

There kaleidoscopic variety of pharmacies providing drugs and clinics that do facials, laser hair removal, cosmetology et al. You can approach Lumiere Skin Clinic, Bin Sina Pharmacy, and other notable pharmacies.


Find the best jewelry for him/her. Classics such as Damas, Lifestyle Jewels, Jawhara Jewellery, etc. personify timeless elegance.

Specialty Stores:

Outside of the retail loop, find more services and specialties like Du, DHL, Etisalat, and travel such as Shams Abu Dubai For Travel. Dalma Mall reveals a whole new world of shopping, services, and surprises that changes the way you shop. In every need, there is an option, and dazzles with its choice multitude redefining how you buy products.

The Final Thoughts:

As much more than just a traditional shopping mall, Dalma Mall is something special. It is where fashion and culture converge, that the traditions of dining and recreation also come together as before l never knew how behind they were on this.

For the moment you enter its circle, an Abode of hope emerges before your very eyes – a Garden where shopping, Dining, and entertainment are embodied through the nobility of Abu Dhabi. There is only one place, though, if you fancy a shopping paradise that spoils you with more deals Darin Dalma Mall welcomes visitors. Here, the pleasure of discovery combined with modernity’s luxuries to produce an orchestral tune of indulgence was guaranteed to ravish you.