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Mazaya Shopping Centre Dubai Complete Guide

Posted On: 27-01-2024

Mazaya Shopping Centre is one of the best prime shopping facilities in Dubai. It lies on the vibrant Sheikh Zayed Road and offers a promising blend of shopping, dining, and enjoyment. This remarkably diverse complex hosts a well-curated selection of stores ranging from fashion and electronics to interior décor and ethnic Emirati handicrafts.

The attraction measures 130,00 square feet and has been in operation in Dubai since the year. This centralized location is home to a variety of eateries, shops, hypermarkets, and offices or flats at higher levels.

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Food lovers may enjoy a wide array of international cuisine, for example, Arabic, Indian, Italian, and Vietnamese with popular choices. such as Daniel’s famous restaurant along with the stylish Tipsy Lion bar. If you are looking for entertainment, then head to the 31 Lounge – a classy bar with live music and DJs or go see the latest blockbuster at Grand Cinemas just around in case.

Mazaya Shopping Centre, Dubai Detailed Discussion

Mazaya Shopping Centre Dubai

The shopping mall has apartments and offices in several sizes. This dynamic complex offers a vibrant ground-level shopping mall with different stores. It is an all-inclusive fitness center and many dining options featuring various delicious dishes. All the rental residential apartments and offices in Mazaya Centre are provided with facilities. Like car parking, access to gymnasiums as well as pool availability together with 24-hour purity.

For details about the attraction, including its location, contact information. Also, its operating hours, refer to the information provided below:


The attraction is located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai city.


It opens at 10 am and shuts down at 11 pm daily.

Shopping Platforms in Mazaya Centre, Dubai

Multiple retail units are attending in the shopping complex. Among the greatly favored stores at the attractions are

Reems Closet:

Conveniently located on the mezzanine level of Mazaya Centre, Reem's Closet welcomes shoppers who are exploring the bustling Sheikh Zayed Road neighborhood. The friendly staff at Reem is available to assist you, whether you're looking for a unique piece or need inspiration.

Your one-stop shop for opulent goods at reasonable costs is Reem's Closet. Imagine getting a pair of Louboutin heels, and a Burberry trench coat. Or a Chanel purse for a small portion of their original price. At Reem's Closet, where genuine designer items in superb condition await, this fantasy comes true.

Homes R Us:

Homes R Us has grown to be a beloved destination for UAE citizens looking to adorn their homes with comfort and design since it first opened for business in 2003.

This popular store is conveniently located in the Mazaya Shopping Centre and offers a wide selection of furniture, design, and household products. It is flawless to suit a range of needs and budgets. Entering Homes R Us is like discovering a hidden gem of living room ideas. You'll find what you need in its roomy showroom. Whether you're looking for a whole living room set, or a comfortable armchair for a reading corner. Or unique decorative accessories to add flair to your house.

Pier Import:

Are you looking to add some old treasures to your area or are you dreaming of upgrading your décor? Your preferred location is Pier Import, which is situated at the Mazaya Shopping Centre. Pier Import offers a carefully curated selection of modern and vintage furniture, accessories, and décor to suit every style preference. Let your imagination run wild and select the perfect accents to give your house a unique flair.

Dining Openings in Mazaya Centre

Danial Restaurant:

For those who enjoy fine Iranian and international food, Danial Restaurant is a haven. This buffet restaurant, which is close to Mazaya Centre, offers a unique culinary experience with its wide variety of flavors and cozy atmosphere.

The open kitchen of Danial Restaurant greets you with the dynamic energy of the open kitchen and the pleasant fragrance of spices. The large, modern space is adorned with décor that has Persian influences, lending an air of refinement and elegance.

Fresh & Premium Quality Products, Carrefour Hypermarket:

Located in the bustling Mazaya Shopping Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, Carrefour Hypermarket is a great place to shop. If you're looking for deals, variety, and convenience.

You can get everything you need for your home, electronics, and groceries at this large store. Fresh produce, meat, fish, dairy goods, and pantry staples are all available at Carrefour Hypermarket. Whether you're shopping for a big meal or just picking up some daily supplies. Savour regional specialties, indulge in international favorites, and find organic and healthful options to suit any dietary requirement.

Enhance Your Fitness Journey at the Mazaya Centre Gym, 360 Fitness Club:

Located at Mazaya Centre, Dubai, 360 Fitness Club is a health club. It offers a variety of fitness courses and facilities for men and women. The club offers thermal rooms, a spinning studio, a group training studio, and a gym just for women. The gym at Mazaya Centre emphasizes healthy living outside of the gym by taking a holistic, 360-degree approach to training.

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Parking Area:

Take advantage of free parking at the center, which has a large space that can hold up to 600 automobiles.

How to Reach?

The World Trade Centre metro station is the closest in Dubai. The Mazaya Centre 01 and 02 bus stops provide easy access to public transit.

Explore the Mazaya Shopping Center's Residential Apartments and Offices

Situated in the dynamic hub of Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road, Mazaya Centre delivers a remarkable combination of contemporary living and convenient workspaces.

There are 132 opulent residential apartments in the center, ranging in size from studios to large 3-bedroom homes on higher floors. The property also has space for about fifty offices.

One or two-bedroom apartments are available for rent; each is designed with contemporary features and finishes to provide a chic and comfortable living environment. Texpansive balcony floor-to-ceiliceilingngg windows provide an amazing view of the cityscape, making it the perfect place to unwind or host visitors.


Nestled in the heart of Dubai's vibrant energy, Mazaya Centre presents itself as a modern oasis of luxury and convenience. Mazaya Shopping Centre extends a warm welcome to everyone.

Be they a resident looking for a chic place to call home, a business looking for a thriving workspace, or a tourist taking in everything that Dubai has to offer? Discover the perfect blend of contemporary living and effective workspaces. Besides, it's varied shopping, all easily accessible from the city's most famous attractions. Allow it to serve as your entryway to a happy and prosperous existence in the center of Dubai.