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A Fascinating Guide About Human Waterfall in Dubai Mall

Posted On: 01-11-2023

Are you thinking of visiting the Dubai Mall Waterfall? This imaginative mall feature honors a long-standing UAE custom and is a truly amazing piece of art!

The Dubai Fountain, which is located just outside the shopping center, should not be mistaken for the Dubai Mall Waterfall, an artistic element inside the shopping center.

Unlike this appealing attraction, there is no performance at the mesmerizing waterfall in the largest retail attraction in the world. However, given its artistic and cultural significance, it's worth a visit.

When visiting this fascinating attraction, one of Golden City's most popular attractions, you should not miss this waterfall, which showcases a portion of the nation's rich past. Better yet, there is no fee associated with appreciating this work of art!

Interesting Facts on the Human Waterfall at the Dubai Mall

Human Waterfall in Dubai Mall

The waterfall located within Dubai Mall is 24 meters high and has a circumference of more than 30 meters.


Though there are no natural waterfalls in UAE's golden city, when people refer to the "Dubai Waterfall" or the "Human Waterfall," they are most likely referring to the well-known indoor water feature in the largest shopping center in the world.

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Inside this fascinating attraction is a magnificent creative piece called the Dubai Waterfall. It is made up of two enormous cylindrical walls that cross three shopping center levels. Each measuring 30 meters in diameter and 24 meters in height. It is therefore one of the shopping centers' most alluring features.

A particularly compelling sight is the fiberglass statues of synchronized diving men, and recycled water cascades down the walls.

This striking feature in the most prominent shopping center is eye-catching and dramatic. It's one of the most interesting features of the attraction, and it's worth seeing and taking pictures of. You might easily spend more time at the Dubai Waterfall because there are eateries and coffee shops close by.

Fascinating Interior:

Where to meet at the location, The Dubai Waterfall is a great site to meet, which is only one of its amazing features! However, because the waterfall spans a considerable portion of the shopping center. it's crucial to clarify the floor you will be meeting at when you make plans to meet someone there.

One striking example of indoor art is this appealing tourist attraction. It is comprised of two enormous cylindrical walls that span all three levels of the shopping center. They are each 30 meters in diameter and 24 meters tall. It is therefore among the mall's most prominent features.

A truly compelling feeling is offered by the fiberglass statues of men diving in unison. Besides, the repurposed water that cascades down the walls.

When visiting the largest mall in the world, make sure to have a look at this striking and visually arresting feature that will look great in pictures. You can spend more time at the Dubai Waterfall because there are plenty of eateries and coffee shops nearby.

The Waterfall at the Dubai Mall:

Not the cascade you were picturing? It may be mistaken for the Dubai Fountains. The fountain show is held at the foot of the Burj Khalifa, at Burj Lake, and outside the largest retail center in the world. Although these two sites are close to one another, it might just take a quick stroll of five to ten minutes to travel between them.

There's also a recently constructed waterfall in the UAE's golden city that empties into the Dubai Water Canal beneath Sheikh Zayed Road. When lit up at night, it's quite the sight to see when on a midnight cruise.

Because of the sculptures of diving men, the fascinating temptation is frequently referred to as the "Human Waterfall".

With careful engineering, the dropping water creates the illusion that the divers—rather than the water—are moving.

These fiberglass sculptures of pearl divers jumping into the water are made. The history of the United Arab Emirates was greatly influenced by pearl diving, which laid the groundwork for the founding of the Golden Region and Abu Dhabi.

It's one of the largest shopping attractions in the world most photographed sights and is commonly used as a gathering place.

Since there aren't many natural waterfalls in the UAE's golden city. This one is a great substitute if you want to see the beauty of falling water!

Investigating its Utmost Appeal:

This eye-grabbing spot is located inside the mall and is visible from every floor. It runs smoothly through all four floors, so you won't even need to look for it.

The largest shopping attraction in the world gives free entry. Therefore there is no need to pay an admission fee to visit the mall or see the cataract. The cataract is operational all year round.

If you want to take pictures of the cataract's splendor with your camera. Start your trip on the ground floor and go up to the second. Or the third story for amazing views from above.

Opening Times:

The largest shopping center in the world is the Dubai Mall Waterfall. Sunday through Wednesday, 10 AM to 12 AM, and Thursday through Saturday, 10 AM to 1 AM. They are the usual business hours for the Dubai Mall.

Please be aware that on holidays like National Day and Eid, hours may be extended.

How to visit?

There is no admission fee to enter Dubai Mall, and the fountains are always running from the mall's opening hours till its closing time. You may watch the fountains from the must-visit shopping Center ground floor. Or you can take the lift to level 2 for an amazing aerial perspective of the fountains.

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